What is Dabbing, Anyways? The Beginner’s Guide to Dabbing

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Still wondering "what is dabbing anyway?" If so, we've got you covered! By the end of this guide you should have a thorough understanding of what dabbing is and how it works. We've even include some links to quality dabbing gear for you to check out as well.


Introduction to Dabbing

More people every day are starting to ask the question "what is dabbing?" The process of dabbing is a simple, low-tech way to enjoy wax concentrates by dabbing them against a super-heated "nail" or "skillet." The instant a concentrate is "dabbed," it will then flash into a vapor which is inhaled. The best way to answer the question what is dabbing and why is it so popular is, of course, to experience it for your self. You will know what dabbing is, and why it is so popular, after your first session using this method produces an immediate effect. People who have to deal with chronic pain want to know what dabbing is for that very reason. It can take several minutes to begin feeling the benefits of meds that are smoked, and when you dab the same meds in concentrate form, you feel the pain begin to fade almost before the vapor even leaves your lungs. Simply put, if you need to know what dabbing is, it's a very effective way to get the most out of a concentrate, in the fastest method available, with no waste. The effects of a single dab that has been dabbed have been compared to smoking an entire bowl of dried herb on your own, or several joints, all at once, and the results do not creep up on you by degrees -- they flood your senses instantly. No one seems to know who invented dabbing, or exactly where it originated, but everyone agrees it is the most efficient means of using weed concentrates they have ever tried. Some claim dabbing is a fairly recent development, others say it's been around since as early as 1960. However, there are people involved in the medical marijuana industry that say the process of dabbing concentrates began much later than the 60s, and that it didn't actually put in an appearance until about summer time of 2010. These same people will also tell you that the first concentrates were an American idea, and that they originated in either Northern California, or Colorado. One important thing to remember about how dabbing got started is the reason it's been spreading like a fire in dry grass ever since; it was always a good idea, it still is, and no one argues about its powerful effect. Regardless of when, or how dabbing got started, it's only been in the last few years that questions on what is dabbing have come up in the world of medical marijuana. Dabbing takes only a tiny bit of material to do its job. Anyone with high medication bills will appreciate how much further their supply goes when it's been dabbed, rather than smoked. It's only been since 2012, that industrialization basically took over the process of manufacturing marijuana concentrates. And the question "what is dabbing" became mainstream. According to statistics gathered at events sponsored by High Times magazine, and from the general public itself, there are far more people smoking concentrates than dried herbs these days. Then there are those people who claim that with something as potent as concentrates can be, the potential for abuse is there. That may be so, but due to the intensity of the effects when one dabs, most human beings would not be physically able to dab more than is good for them. The dabbing industry continues to grow at an amazing rate, and regardless of what the skeptics are saying that will not change. The voice of positive public opinion on the what is dabbing question speaks loudly in its favor.  

Dabbing Tools

Not many tools are actually required to answer the "what is dabbing" question. However, one of the most important items to have is a dependable torch. To really answer the question what is dabbing  for yourself you will need a flame you can count on to sustain long bursts of use without wearing down, or becoming too hot to handle comfortably. When the nail, or skillet, is heated enough that's when you will need the dabber wand. The best wands are made from high quality, heat-resistant material; such as glass, quartz, or titanium. Even though all you need to answer the question “what is dabbing” really all about are the hand-held torch, and a dab nail, there are accessories available you will appreciate once you realize their usefulness.

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The whole reason behind most people asking “what is dabbing” are the concentrates being so effectively consumed when using this method, and the immediate gratification of a need. Generally referred to as oil, errl, earwax, wax, budder, or shatter, concentrates come in more than one form, and most of them are either damp, or sticky substances that can be difficult to manage without the proper container to store them in. Each variety has its own unique consistency, and method of production. Safe storage for any unused portion of a concentrate can be the difference between saving money on expensive supplies, or losing it. There are concentrate jars available made of substances nothing is going to stick too no matter how tacky it may be. Using jars specifically fashioned for concentrates are the best way to ensure you get the benefit of every particle because none of it will be wasted by being stuck to the sides of a container. What is dabbing to the modern world can be answered in four short words; efficient, powerful, and cost-effective.

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Dabbing Bongs

Once you've got the technical part of the “what is dabbing” question answered, the next step is gathering the proper equipment to enjoy it with. There are bongs available in many different styles specifically designed for dabbing concentrates, and Black Leaf's Oil, Hot Hit Slide Bowl is one of them. A bong isn't strictly necessary for dabbing, but why not filter a dab the same way you would a bowl load? You can easily answer the question what is dabbing with the cheapest of equipment, but remember to keep in mind that whatever brand or style of dab rig you choose, it has to be heat resistant or it will quickly become useless. Black Leaf is a big name in the smoking accessory's business, and that includes dab rigs.
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Pulse Glass is another good brand of dab rigs, and the winner of several High Times awards. Machine made bongs can certainly help you answer, but it's hard to beat the quality of something made by human hands like Pulse Glass bongs are. When you've tried it, you will agree, the awards this bong has received have all been justified. The glass on dab rigs should be thick, and if it comes from Pulse Glass, it will be 5mm-thick German Schott glass. Pulse Glass offers a gridded tongue perc vapor bubbler that works outstandingly for concentrates by utilizing a built-in dabber holder (with the dabber included), a tray for oils, clear glass nail, and a vapor dome with a convenient glass handle.

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The lists of possibilities for good dab rigs to help you answer “what is dabbing” are almost endless, and here is another one to keep in mind. Paranoia Glass has a model they call the "Dog House Vapor Swing," and it can be added to any bong you already own. This vapor curve can turn ordinary bongs into dab rigs simply by adding it on. The borosilicate glass it's made of will be resistant to high heat, and breakage so it couldn't be more user-friendly. To really answer “what is dabbing” you need the right equipment, and Paranoia Glass can certainly help you with that.  

Beniffits Of Dabbing

The benefits of answer “what is dabbing” are solid, and easy to measure. What some consider to be best among them are the health benefits. When you dab, what you inhale is pure vapor from the trichomes, not butane from a lighter, or smoke from burning dried substances. What is dabbing to someone with insomnia? It's the path to pure relief, and healthy rest without any of the harmful side-effects some pharmaceutical sleep-aids have shown. Pills, although necessary in some cases, aren't always the best, or healthiest option. Dabbing brings sleep easily without any help from potentially harmful, more socially acceptable chemicals. What is dabbing to anyone who suffers from chronic pain? It's the quickest way yet found for instant relief. Chronic pain can be at the heart of other physical issues, and when you have a way to control the pain, those "side-issues" will tend to fade right along with it. Manufacturers of Morphine certainly do not approve of dabbing because it makes their addictive meds look nearly useless in any comparison with dab concentrates. Depending on how they are consumed, sometimes the best of medicines don't do as well as they could. The potency of a single, tiny dose of concentrate can honestly be compared to a much higher portion of the same material in its natural form. The average concentrate contains 70% to 90% THC, and also has a higher than normal CBD content, which greatly enhances any pain-relief factors. Butane, CO2, and isopropyl alcohol are often used in the process of making concentrates. Of course, by the time its ready for consumption, those solvents will have been completely purged from the concentrate, and you will not be dabbing any harmful chemicals. There are other ways to make concentrates that don't require the use of solvents; such as ice water or dry ice methods. It may be difficult to find concentrates made with the use of solvents in some dispensaries, as most of them seem to prefer the chemical-free way of producing a healthy dab. Other than the obvious health benefits, and needing to use less of your supplies due to potency, another consideration to the benefits of dabbing is a purely financial one. Most people have to look twice when they see the price of concentrates, but it's important to remember why this process is known as "dabbing" to begin with. The price for one gram of wax is going to be more than for a gram of dried herb, but not when you think how fast the dried herb will disappear, and how long the wax will last. It truly takes no more than a tiny dab of wax to achieve the same effect as an entire bowl load of dried herbals. Now look at a gram of wax, and just imagine how many of single dabs it contains. When viewed in that light, concentrates are the obvious winner. To anyone on a budget answering “what is dabbing” means re-supply doesn't have to impoverish you, and you will actually end up with more for your money.  

Popular Concentrates & Their Appearance

We can't answer the question “what is dabbing” without thoroughly addressing the substances you actually dab. Many of us already know what a concentrate is, but if you have never actually seen them, appearances may surprise you. Some look exactly as they are called, and some not. Oil, or Errl, has the consistency of good syrup, and is usually what people think of first when they hear the words "concentrate," or "dab." Ear wax concentrate is the perfect example of matching looks with the right words. It may have an unappealing name, and it does closely resemble that namesake, but one dab of it is all you'll need to get past both looks, and consistency. Shatters concentrate gets its name from the fact that when cold, this substance is as hard, and transparent as glass. Being solid doesn't affect its power in the slightest, or make it more difficult to use. Just scrape off a few flakes, and enjoy! Budders concentrate has the look, and feel of the dairy product it takes its name from, and even though you could spread it on a piece of toast if you chose, doing so is NOT recommended. It may have an innocent, appealing look but never forget the reason it's called dabbing in the first place. There's no way of knowing for sure what path the dabbing world will take next, or what it will look like in a few years, or even in a few month's time. One thing is certain, dabbing will evolve and advance just like anything else as it continues to grow in popularity and someday no one will be asking “what is dabbing” anymore. Watching dab history unfold before your very eyes is bound to be interesting, and considering how far its gone in five short years, imagine the possibilities of the next decade. We hope this guide has been helpful and next time one of your friends ask “what is dabbing anyway?” you'll be able to answer with a knowing smile on your face.  

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