The Top 50 Best Weed Pipes Online | Weed Pipes Reviewed

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Are you looking for some new weed pipes for sale to add to your collection? If so, look no further! We've searched far and wide to bring you the top 50 best weed pipes for sale online. To purchase, simply click on the image. Enjoy your new pipe!


50. Thick Glass Rainbow Pipe


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These handblown glass spoon pipes are pieces of beauty with their swirl designs. At approximately 4” in length, you can take this anywhere you go. Its shape, appearance and price make it one of the best weed pipes around, but the most prominent feature is this pipe’s functionality – pure and simple. Each pipe is handcrafted and unique which for serious pipe collectors is very attractive. Get one of them down and have the only one of its kind.  

49. Glass Gandalf Sherlock Pipe with Rasta Colors

Long stem black Gandalf pipe.

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The Long Glass Gandalf Sherlock Pipe will surely transform you from an ordinary Middle Earth dweller to a wizard of Gandalf’s caliber! Of all the fantasy weed pipes, this one is truly magical. Using it, one can easily imagine smoking in the Hobbit Hole of Bilbo Baggins in the Shire. Anybody who is familiar with the Lord of the Rings trilogy will find this 14-inch pipe an excellent conversation starter. This Rasta-colored Gandalf Sherlock pipe is made of the finest materials in the United States. As part of your collection, it will surely be ‘precious’ to you. Also, great if you're looking for grow tents.  

48. Colorful Glass Wig Wag Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs

Colorful Glass Wig Wag Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs - 4 Inches - Assorted Colors

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Wig Wag spoon pipes from Grav Labs are always popular and get the most attention when they get passed around. These eye-catching colorful spoon pipes are immaculately constructed. Each pipe has a featured, inverted cone ash catcher mouthpiece, which is a major draw for customers because it combines functionality and power. This is feature that an “average” spoon pipe does not have. What gives these spoon pipes strength and durability is the thickness – 32mm- and the superior quality of the borosilicate glass they are fashioned from. You can discretely bring these spoon weed pipes with you anywhere. They easily fit into any pocket or bag, and you do not need any special safekeeping case either. Start your Grav Labs collection with these 4-inch wigwag spoon pipes.  

47. Inside-Out Color Changing Latty Weed Pipe


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The inside-out latty pipe is proof that with creativity, true beauty can be made from glass and crafted fashionably into weed pipes that look amazing. This pipe is a standout from among works of hand-blown beauties with color work that you seldom see anywhere else. The mastery that goes into this 4.5-inch swirls is truly awesome. With its size, this pipe can be conveniently and discretely transported without notice. This hand pipe has a generous bowl size, which is ideal for sharing good times with friends. What’s more, it can stand on its own, this allows you to set it down quickly if needed and then come back to it later.

46. Saxophone Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs - 5.5 Inches

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Most weed sherlock pipes are more aesthetic than practical, but this adorable sherlock pipe is a rare combination of function and art. It might be 5.5 inches long, but you can hardly notice. It’s definitely a weed pipe you would hate to part with once you’ve held it. And, it has an easy draw that guarantees customer satisfaction. This cute animal pipe was made to make sure you will not feel disappointed or cheated. For those who are into collecting weed pipes, the sherlock pipe is a must-have.

45. Pocket Bubbler by Purr Glass - Assorted Colors


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These beautiful glass bubblers by Purr are some of our favorites! Despite its meager height of 6 inches, it’s no less useful than a large bubbler. It has all the features of a regular bubbler stuffed in a tiny, travel-friendly, and tastefully designed package. For starters, it has an excellent grip and is more robust than most weed pipes. The hand-blown material gives every pipe its unique identity of rich colors and psychedelic patterns. This mini glass bubbler doesn’t need a separate stand like many weed pipes do, saving you some money on accessories.

44. Classic Helix Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs

Grav Labs-Helix Steamroller

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The Helix Steamroller is a classic in its own right. It fuses Helix technology and a steamroller in a simple form that’s easy to use. The 9-inch long body means it is more portable than standard-sized Helix weed pipes. Made of high-grade borosilicate, you can be assured of its quality. Borosilicate is a tough glass suited for traveling and extended usage, perfect for weed pipes. Helix Steamroller has a one-hitter bowl that promises a quick fix, though it can be used much longer than that and will last you many, many years of service.

43. Lava Stonewear Smoking Pipes by Celebration Pipes

Celebration Pipes

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Celebration Pipes produces some of the most gorgeous weed pipes. This beautiful piece is no exception. Lava Stonewear is a smoking pipe that’s been handcrafted to the last detail. It’s made of real lava and baked in a kiln to a crisp perfection. The ceramic bowl effectively burns weed and it does so with style – it is available in a variety of colors. The package includes a gift box, a luxurious satin and velvet pouch, and a certificate of authenticity.

42. Luxury Wood Dugout Kit with Glass One-Hitter by Elevate Accessories

Elevate Accessories Kit

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Think of it as an all-in-one travel set that’s especially made for pipe smokers. This dugout kit includes a one-hitter glass pipe with a fancy wild olive tip. The wooden accent on the pipe is not just for show – it’s intended to keep you from getting burned and make smoking a pleasant experience. There’s also a small compartment inside the kit for storing enough extra weed, which is very rare among weed pipes. This item is made of luxurious wood and easily slips into a pocket.

41. 3-in-1 Glass Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs

3-in-1 Glass Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs - Bubbler, Spoon, and One-Hitter

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It only takes two to party, but three’s a crowd you’d love to hang out with. This Helix Multi Pipe brings you 3 weed pipes for a sweet deal of one. The kit includes three detachable pipe heads and a Venturi Chamber. This unique funnel-shaped chamber promotes optimum aeration and promises a top notch smoke. You can switch between the bubbler, spoon, or one-time hitter however you like it – package includes a safety clamp to keep it in place. The 10 mm pipe is made of laboratory-grade borosilicate glass to ensure top quality.

40. Chiller Multi Kit by Grav Labs - Glycerin Mouthpiece, Bubbler, One-Hitter - 4 Inches


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If you are traveler, or someone who likes to get around, then you must have considered an easier way to have a puff, rather than trying to find a discrete place to load your pipe with herbs. Thankfully, there are some creative people who sat down and figured a way to design a quality multi-pipe with a glycerin center for cooling off. This Grav Labs' chiller multi-pipe is not only versatile but, colorful and convenient as well. When you’re out and about, that’s six hits you won’t have to bother loading up. Not only that, but the circular size of the pipe is only 2.75 inches around, which makes it one of the most stealthy weed pipes that exist.

39. Rasta Frit Hand Pipe with Stand


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Some things are designed strictly for comfort first, and then for functionality. Well, these colorful fancy Rasta frit weed pipes are all about comfort. At 4.5 inches, it doesn’t just fit into the human hand; it was designed to meld with it. It is so comfortable to hold, smoking from this pipe is a true pleasure. Although some weed pipes may be very colorful and uniquely designed, that doesn’t guarantee that you will enjoy using them. However, a pipe such as this glass spoon pipe feels so natural to hold and use, once held, you will wish you had one for yourself.

38. Black and  Yellow Illuminati Spoon Pipe


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Marbles and beads can be very colorful, and there is something fun and attractive about colorful swirls that draws people’s interest. Well, this little 4 inch heavy beaded smoking pipe has that same fun allure to it. Not only looking at its colorful swirls, but holding it makes putting it down difficult. Truly original craftsmanship make this is a pleasure to look at and use, and among the many weed pipes out there, this is an original gift idea that is sure to be appreciated.

37. Chubby Spoon Pipe by Purr Glass - Assorted Colors


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If you like small weed pipes, then this one is for you. It’s a chubby weed pipe that measures 3 ¼”, which make it ideally discrete for traveling because it can be stowed away effortlessly into a pocket or bag. These weed pipes are unique in that no twhand blownwn pipes are ‘exactly’ the same, and that makes them special. Shades and colors vary slightly, but yours will be uniquely your own, and it is very durable. Going on a trip? Then, this is a little rugged partner to take with you.

36. Long Glass Gandalf Pipe with Black and White Swirls

Long Glass Gandalf Pipe with Black and White Swirls - 14 Inches

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The longer the pipe, the greater depths of contemplation is possible, so some have said. Look at Gandalf, he wise words and long pipe went hand-in-hand. This handblown glass pipe, made in the USA, is good enough for any would-be wizard. The sleek 14 inch length of this pipe, along with the black and white coloring, will invoke the wisdom within you. Among Gandalf weed pipes, this is definitely sleek and classy.

35. Long Gandalf Pipes with White Footers - 10 in, 13 in

gandalf-white-footer If you are a fan of the Gandalf weed pipes, then you will quickly recognize the awesomeness of these simple but elegant pipes. They are one-of-a-kind weed pipes. Most standard Gandalf weed pipes only have one color, but these all come with white footers. With the help of the force, master craftsmen have created these Gandalf pipes to be the ultimate travel companion for smoking Jedi on the road. For people who travel much, small mini weed pipes like these are a blessing… in disguise. Choose from either 10 inches or 13 inches, but as Yoda would say, “Size, matter it not.”

34. Mini Cactus Pipe with Flower


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Mini weed pipes are gaining popularity with today’s younger crowd off smokers, and this little cactus pipe is sure to please. At only 3 inches, it can fit in the smallest places. A jean pocket, a purse, inside a jacket or in the palm of your hand, this little glass cactus pipe fits comfortably. Unlike other types of mini weed pipes, the deep bowl of this pipe is as deep as any standard pipe. Which is another reason cactus pipes are so popular, you don’t have to refill them as often. Handmade, these borosilicate glass pipes are rugged and come in various colors to suite all types of personalities.

33. Rainbow Wig-Wag Spoon Pipe with Grip


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Here is a wig-wag spoon pipe that has psychedelic flower swirls that even the Beetles would be proud to own. Decorative weed pipes like this are rarity, and any pipe collector or avid smoker would find it hard to resist owning one. Only 4 inches in length, it fits comfortably in any size hand. Discreet smoking is the new norm, with a colorful and uniquely handblown designed pipe like this, being stealthy is a breeze.

32. Solid Glass Gandalf Pipe - 11 Inches - $39.99


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Are you looking for a quality Gandalf pipe, one that is dedicated to marijuan? Then this clear solid glass Gandalf pipe is what you’re looking for. Measuring 11 inches in length, you can expect long soft draws each and every time. Among weed pipes, this one is a must-have for dedicated concentrate.

31. Dichro Inside-Out Spoon Pipe - Black and Purple


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Elegance is one word to describe this gorgeous purple glass spoon pipe, which is adorned with darling colors on its side. However, don’t let the dainty look deceive you; this 3.5 inch dichro spoon pipe is as durable as any glass weed pipe. With the majority of weed pipes designed for men, it is a refreshing sight to see a feminine spoon pipe like this. This handblown purple spoon pipe will make a unique gift statement for any lady who enjoys a toke, now and then.

30. Glass Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs

Glass Steamroller by Grav Labs

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Here is a pipe that is back in fashion, and now it is bigger and better than before. From end-to-end, it measures 18 inches. It has a well placed carb hole and two glass feet to stabilize it. This glass steamroller is one of the best weed pipes Grav Labs have produced, and the 18.8mm funnel bowl provides smokers an easy means to share their herbs with friends. Grav Labs is a well known brand, and you are sure to get the attention and respect of your friends when you pull this beast out at your next gathering.

29. Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs

Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs - Large - 6 Inches - Assorted Colors

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Grav Labs, they know how to make weed pipes that work, and work well. This little 4 inch Sherlock pipe is a prime example of the company’s simple solution to necessity. It’s small, highly portable, efficient, durable, and comes in an assortment of attractive colors. And, it’s affordable. There is nothing not to like about this little glass Sherlock pipe.

28. Full Reversal Rainbow Spoon Pipe - 4 Inches


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The word ‘unique’ is effectively used when describing this amazing full reversal handblown glass rainbow pipe; among weed pipes, it is truly unique. For those who enjoy collecting weed pipes, then this should be on the list of those to get. This is a true masterpiece. Once smoke passes through this rainbow pipe, even the harshest hits are tamed. Coughing is an option and not necessary when using this pipe. If you want a clean full toke, without coughing, then this is the pipe for you.

27. Sesh Supply Sherlock Pipe

sesh-supply-sherlock-pipe When it comes to weed pipes, one is truly a Sesh Supply. This uniquely designed hand pipe has the universal Sesh Supply logo as its theme. It is unusual, which makes it a must have item for those who like to collect weed pipes. Whether it is for dry herb or tobacco, this unique glass pipe will get the job done! Even if these pipes are not manufactured by a machine, it’s “Okay”, many smokers prefer handcrafted glass pipes. At 5.5 inches in length, this glass pipe is easily concealed, this makes traveling easier.

26. Upline Taster Pipe by Grav Labs - 3 Inches


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Weed pipes aren’t just for men; this 3 inch Upline taste pipe proves it. If you are looking for something special to give a friend, then this is a great gift idea for any occasion, one that is both attractive and discreet. Glass hand pipes are ideal for smoking, and this pretty pink hand pipe will surely help to solve life’s mysteries with the flare of Grav Labs Upline weed pipes. Don’t let the size fool you, no functionality is lost. This dainty pipe draws as easily as any larger pipe.

25. Handblown Rainbow Spoon Pipe


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Here is a little rainbow machine that will get the job done. The rainbow swirl glass smoking pipe is only 4 inches in length, however, it’s attractive design and uniquely rainbow look makes it as appealing as any of the larger weed pipes out there. If appearance alone could improve the smoking experience, then this pipe would be a best seller. Smaller pipes are ideal for travel. They are easy to stow away in a pocket or purse, and are hardly noticeable when in hand.

24. The Steamroller Pipe by Jane West - Cobalt


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Are you looking for a tough steamroller pipe? Then give one of these little 4-inch weed pipes a try. Their borosilicate glass ensures durability and no special carrying case is needed when transporting it around with you. Blown-glass pipes like these are a pleasure to look at and use, and their small size makes them an ideal choice as a mobile weed pipe. There are attractive multi-colored designs to choose, which makes ordering only one difficult.

23. Upline Basic Bubbler by Grav Labs - 5 Inches - $74.99

upline-basic-bubbler Here are some spoon weed pipes that will take you on a swirl of a good time. Not only is the bubbler-shaped design easy to hold and to load, it is a pleasure to look at. With uniquely designed swirls and color combinations, everyone one of these 4-inch bubbler-shaped weed pipes are a pleasure to own and use. The small size makes it easy to conceal quickly. The smoothness of the Upline bubbler makes it effortless to slide it into a pocket or purse. Sometimes, being stealthy or discrete is appropriate, and that’s when you’ll be happy you bought one of these hand-blown spoon pipes with swirls.

22. Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs

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If there is one type of pipe that is famous, then it is surely the Sherlock Holmes designed weed pipe. It’s elementary, there's something uniquely special about this style of pipe that draws people to it. What? It’s character, and the incredibly well-made 6 inch Grav Sherlock pipe that can’t be resisted. It is perfect for social events, relaxing with friends while pondering over the mysteries of life, or as a faithful companion while traveling. Although it is larger than most traveling weed pipes, this quality class pipe is easily concealable and stealthy. And you won’t need to be overly concerned about it breaking easily as the company that makes it is known for their lab-grade borosilicate, which is highly durable material. When you’re feeling up to solving the mysteries of life, grab one of these Grav Labs Sherlock pipes, they come in assorted colors.

21. Indestructible Piecemaker Silicone Pipe

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This is one of those weed pipes that looks too good to use, but you won’t be able to pass on the opportunity to try this glass pipe out. It’s an attractive looking silicone pipe that captures the colorful appearance of flowers effectively. It is 5 inches in length and crafted with thick, durable glass. And, it doesn’t disappoint because it functions as well as it looks! The attractive design can be seen inside and out, which is a testament to the perfect handblown craftsmanship of its maker. It is an ideal smoking pipe for casual users, however, because it is fumed glass, heating it prior to use is recommended for best results.  

20. Crystal Voyage Ceramic Pipe by Summerland

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A little color goes a long way, especially on this cloudy white 4 inch pipe. Weed pipes are made to be appealing, and highly functional. This standard size pipe is a good example of a well made ceramic pipe. Against the white color of the pipe, this simple but elegant designsets the mood for a good time. Although it is 4 inches in length, it is still small enough to tuck away discretely when needed.

19. Purr-2-Go Poly Carbonate and Glass Bubbler

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There are some weed pipes that are meant to sit on shelves for display, some that are meant solely for smoking and some others that are smoked because of the added pleasure they provide. Glass pipes are known not only for their ability to provide a ‘clean’ smoke, because glass does not offset the flavor of any smoke-able herb, but for their wonderfully whimsical designs. Polycarbonate and glass pipes have become popular of late, and this one-of-a-kind pipe definitely meets the cut. Made of wonderfully vibrant heat-proof glass and polycarbonate, it comes as a charming work of art with its ‘shell’ body bowl and neck-head stem. This is one pipe you’ll definitely want to always carry with you!

18. Ceramic Pipe by Miwak

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There is nothing like a simple ceramic pipe to keep in handy whenever you feel like puffing some good weed or tobacco. While weed pipes now have the tendency to be extremely elaborate, there are still the rare, simple exceptions wherein function becomes an aesthetic in itself. The ceramic style pipe is one of these examples. Made from extremely tough heat and shock resistant tempered glass, this small pipe is discretely five inches in length. It features the iconic serpentine stem and copious bowl of the great detective’s briar. This is available in a bevy of assorted colors, all tastefully accentuated by well-placed knobs and ridges on the stem and lip of the pipe. If you’re looking for a pipe that is indispensable for your regular routine, choosing the Miwak is elementary!

17. Fruity Fantasy Ceramic Pipe by Summerland

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Ceramic weed pipes continue to redefine the boundaries of pipe-making. Ceramic blowers establish new standards of craftsmanship and finesse that never fails to startle or amaze. If you thought glass pipes couldn’t get any more intricate or detailed, especially if we’re talking small weed pipes, this new glass fruit pipe will challenge your preconceptions.Featuring a tastefully done and detailed depiction of a cute parrot, it has a vivid yet subtle lime-green with blue eyes and a red amber beak. This is unlike any pipe you’ve ever seen or owned! Though standard in every respect with its body-integrated bowl and tail-connected stem, it also features two quaint feet that allows it to literally stand on its own after you’ve done smoking. If you’re a collector of unique or unusual and well-crafted weed pipes, don’t pass off on this one!

16. Glass/Wood Mini Hitter by Elevate - Assorted Colors

glass-one-hitter-elevate The mini hitter culture has become more than just a thing for lovers of the reggae genre, evolving from a minor ideology into something of a spirituality movement. If you’re a mini hitter fan or if you find some kernel of truth in their ideologies and want something to show your affiliation, or if you simply like reggae and everything to do with it, this chunky glass spoon pipe is an excellent choice! Unique amongst all other wood-themed weed pipes, this simple yet elegant hand-blown glass pipe features a jet-black base with a generous bowl and detailed frits all throughout the stem. This starkness is highlighted by an elegant stripe boasting the colors of the Rastafari movement from bowl to stem-tip, which stands out beautifully against the background. This simple yet undeniably elegant pipe is sure to make a statement when it’s time to pass the ganja!

15. Pocket Dual Chamber Bubbler Pipe by Purr - 6 Inches

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The design possibilities of glass weed pipes are just mind blowing – with every shape or form imaginable, from the most simple to the extremely intricate, becomes possible in the hands of a master glassblower. If you’re looking for a great handmade glass blown pipe to gift to a friend or loved one, this hand-blown glass animal pipe will make an excellent choice! Made in the quaint shape of a cute elephant, with its lugubrious body as a bowl and its trunk as the stem, this durable yet handy pipe is chock-full of minute details and a unique burst of color. If you’re an avid pipe-smoker who’s looking for something extra special, don’t miss out on this little wonder!

14. Helix Basic Bubbler by Grav Labs - 6 Inches - 32mm

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One of the most wonderful things about glass weed pipes is their ability to be shaped into whatever fanciful form the glass blower or designer envisions. This benefit is what makes them more than functioning works of art, but also one-of-a-kind smoking masterpieces. This bubbler-shaped glass pipe combines functionality with whimsicality, and it does a great job of it! 100% handmade from the finest heat-resistant glass, this is a pipe that is sure to leave a statement. If you’re an avid smoker who’s looking for a unique pipe to add to your collection of weed pipes or use on a regular basis, this one is for you!

13. Portable Glass Blunt by Grav Labs

Portable Glass Blunt by Grav Labs

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Blunts are the most common means to smoke medicinal or recreational marijuana. Blunts are easily obtainable as well as disposable, although they can be a huge hassle. This is true when you don’t have the time to roll up a joint each time you need to light up. Weed pipes are an excellent alternative to blunts, and here’s one that combines the simplicity of the latter with the convenience of the former – enter the Portable Glass Blunt by Grav Labs. This four inch mini-wonder, made from only the finest in lab grade glass, makes for a great reusable no-roll-no-hassle alternative to typical blunts. It is a handy pipe to have on the go!  

12. The Spoon Pipe by Jane West - Cobalt - 4 Inches


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While spoon pipes may be an excellent alternative to puffing rolled paper tubes, loading weed pipes can be a hassle, especially if you’re after more than just a quick smoke break. It can also be quite difficult to transport both your choice of herb or tobacco along with your pipe wherever you go – but not anymore! With the all-new spoon pipe by Jane West, you can easily travel with your herb and pipe both at the exact same time! This cobalt wonder not only promises ease-of-access, it also provides the convenience of being pipe and pack simultaneously! Truly a one-of-a-kind pipe, a must-have for smokers everywhere!

11. Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs - Mini - 5 Inches

If you’re looking for a convenient pipe to always have around but won’t settle for metal or wooden weed pipes, this clear glass spoon pipe might just be the solution. Made from tough and lasting high-grade heat-proof glass and decorated with quaint yet stylish green beads in select areas around its glossy jet-black surface, this is a pipe that seems small, but one which will no doubt become indispensable for daily use! Whether you’re an avid smoker, a die-hard collector of smoking paraphernalia, or even a little bit of both, this is most certainly a pipe for you!  

10. Papa Hammer Bubbler by Purr Glass - 9.5 Inches

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Why stick to boring weed pipes when you can fly with a butterfly? This artfully handcrafted bubbler pipe has a clear overlay on the stem, it is a playful design that provides a good grip and prevents slippage. And because it measures only 9.5 inches, the pipe will fit in your hand nicely. The Papa hammer bubbler pipe is available in a variety of eye-popping colors including red, orange, yellow, and blue. These bubbler weed pipes may be made of glass; however, they can take a slight beating and are perfect for travel.  

9. Sandblasted Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs

sandblasted grav spoon pipe

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Here is a sandblasted spoon pipe that will blow your mind. It is a product of thoughtful handcrafting by Grav Labs, a well-known maker of top quality weed pipes. The spoon pipe has a humble length of 4 inches, so you can tag it along anywhere. It is made of borosilicate glass, a tough variety that could handle heat better and excellent for prolonged smoking. Sandblasting gives it a stunning matte finish that doesn’t smudge like glass. Its handle is accented with glossy patterns for better grip. This sandblasted spoon pipe is available in blue, black, and green.  

8. Papa Pipe by Purr Glass - 7 Inches - Clear


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Don’t be fooled by its size – this Papa pipe by Purr is far more useful than you think. It serves the dual purpose of getting you stoned and a smoking pipe which you can stuff with dry herb or tobacco. Measuring only 7 inches, it’s extremely portable and ideal for daily on-the-go use. It comes with a comfortable top design for storing leftovers until the next use. These Papa weed pipes are made of glass and are available in an assortment of decal colors and patterns that are sure to please.

7. Pocket Sherlock by Purr Glass - 6 Inches - Assorted Colors


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A long Purr pipe is a good investment, especially if it’s made of glass. Here is a 6-inch Sherlock that will win you over in one puff. The bowl is shallow but wide so you wouldn’t have to load it frequently. Its entire inside is made of hand-crafted borosilicate glass in a rich, dark color. Even though it has a glass stem, the length alone will prevent tongue burns common in short-stemmed weed pipes. The fact that it requires minimal care makes this traditional Sherlock a keeper.  

6. Dual Color Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs - 4 Inches

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You won’t be opening wine bottles with it anytime soon, but this dual color spoon pipe is indispensable nonetheless. Typical spoon pipes have a fluid design. Dual color weed pipes such as this rare item have a twisted contour that prevents smoke from escaping quickly for extended fun. The see-through glass and swirling paint add even more fun to this pipe – you get to have a peak at the smoke in action! This corkscrew chillum is portable as well, measuring just a little over 3.5 inches. It’s hand-blown both inside and out for durability and resistance to breakage.  

5. Helix Steamroller by Grav Labs - 6 Inches


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If weed pipes had parents, they’d be proud to have a child like this one. This Grav Labs Helix steamroller pipe is capable of standing on its own – really. It doesn’t need a separate stand to stay upright whenever you’re not using it. It has built-in support and gives you the freedom to do anything between smokes, and then get back to the leftovers in the bowl later. This standing Grav Labs steamroller pipe is available in dark blue color with contrasting white swirls. The thick glass material makes it sturdier than standard pipes its size, a definite must have pipe by any standards.

4. Upline Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs - 5 Inches


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Simple and functional, this handcrafted Grav Labs Upline spoon pipe is made to please. The glass pipe feels natural in the hand and will make any purist proud. Modernists won’t be disappointed with its avant-garde square-shaped bowl. It’s made of aromatic glass with a luscious deep shade of brown. This Upline spoon pipe includes a clear stem, making it a lightweight option even if it measures a full 5 inches. The pre-installed glass swirling enables for quick cleaning, which is a rare feature in glass weed pipes.

3. Full Sherlock Pipe by Purr Glass - 7 Inches - Dry Herbs or Concentrates


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There’s no chilling like a sherlock pipe. Its small size and fluid form makes it the perfect companion for on-the-go travel. But this is no ordinary sherlock pipe, its interior and exterior is made of hand-blown glass from Purr's facilities in LA. It’s durable than most handcrafted weed pipes and with extra care, has minimal risk of breaking. The pipe has a beautiful transparent design and swirling pattern. When in use, you get to see twirling smoke as it makes its way out of the chillum.  

2. 32mm Glass Bubbler by Grav Labs

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  Smoking weed has never been both trippy and sophisticated. This bubbler pipe combines clear glass patterns with the classic look of a Sherlock Holmes’ pipe, minus the hefty price tag. The unique design adds a modern touch to this glass pipe and gives it a textured appearance, but it has a smooth finish that is pleasing to hold. Even if you don’t plan on doing some detective work, its pocketable size will definitely come in handy! Glass bubbler weed pipes are made of tough glass and come in a variety of rich colors to choose from. Get one for yourself or give it as a gift.  

1. Helix Spoon Pipe - 7 Inches - by Grav Labs

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Let’s face it – few weed pipes can live up to the infamous helix spoon pipe by Grav Labs. This unqiue pipe is the closest thing you’ll have to pefection. Made of handblown glass that’s been crafted to unique perfection, each piece is guaranteed to have a distinct look. It comes in a compact 7 inch design, which makes it easy to carry around. The clear glass gives it an elegant look. And, unlike most weed pipes currently sold in the market, it’s made from high quality glass and won’t break easily.  

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