The Top 35 Best Hookah Pipes For Sale Online | Hookah Pipes Reviewed

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Are you looking for the best hookah pipes for sale online? If so, we’ve got you covered! We’ve reviewed the Top 35 Best Hookah Pipes for cheap. To purchase a hookah pipe, simply click on the image!


35. Acrylic Mini Hookah for Shisha - One Hose - Assorted Colors - 11 Inches - $39.99


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  This beautiful hookah by NeverXhale is another one that doesn't seem to belong in the same sentence as cheap hookahs for sale. From their Elite Series, this 26-inch, 2-hose hookah looks good in mosaic tiles, and comes with everything (except the bud) you need to enjoy it the moment you unpack it. Some hookah pipes can be a complete pain in the butt to put together, but not this one. It's just as people friendly to assemble for use, as it is to take apart for cleaning; which makes it a good traveling companion. Featured are interior ball bearing air plugs, and a shaft hose valve that auto closes when you're not using it. Certainly some of the best hookah pipes for sale online!  

34. Large Hookah for Shisha with Carrying Case - 2 hose - Assorted Colors - 19 inches - $59.99


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Hookah pipes are so awesome, and this 2-hose, Egyptian hookah is an excellent example of how cool they can get. Midnight silver is the perfect color for this treat from Pacific Hookah, and this deal gets even better when you consider the hard-shell case that comes with it. Look around, and you won't see a lot of cheap hookahs at this price that are willing to give you a free case. The package includes everything you need to use your hookah, and if you were blind-folded before using it; you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this one, or a much higher priced one. Among the very best hookah pipes anywhere online!  

33. NeverXhale Party Series - 30" 4 Hose Hookah Pipes Shisha Set- $61.96


NeverXhale Party Series
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  Oh yeah, this deal from NeverXhale is surely going to make all the other cheap hookahs for sale work their behinds off to catch up. At 30-inches, it comes with 4-hoses, and is from NeverXhale's party series. The Exquisite Silverstone comes complete with everything you need to use it, and you get to choose between Infineon Black, or Macau Red. Both are beautiful, and at this price, it might be easier to just skip the decision, and buy one of each. Included is a rotating base, and if you've never used hookah pipes on a base like that, you are in for a treat. Featured are interior ball bearing valves, and stem valves that auto close when you're not using it. It's easy to put together, and take apart so traveling with this hookah is easier than you'd expect for something as big as it is.  

32. NeverXhale 18" 4 Hose Hookah Pipes Shisha Complete Set - Metallic Da Vinci Glass Vase - $37.91


NeverXhale 18" 4 Hose Hookah
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  Easy is good, especially when you combine it with high functionality. Some hookah pipes look like they need a rocket scientist to put them together, but this 4-hose wonder from NeverXhale's "Lounge Series," couldn't be easier to assemble, or take apart for traveling. There's nothing wrong with cheap hookahs, but sometimes, "cheap" is the world when you unpack it. NeverXhale has a good reputation in the hookah world, and they are not going to risk that by selling junk. This Hookah Shisha is a complete set; you won't have to run to the store when you unpack it because something is missing. Each of the four hoses feature interior ball bearing air plugs, and shaft valves that auto close when the hose isn't being used. Truly, if bongs had sex appeal, this one is loaded with it.  

31. Pumpkin Hookah - $8.49


Pumpkin Hookah
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  Wow, whoever finds hookah pipes for sale at a price lower than this, is one lucky stoner. This Pumpkin Hookah from Hometown General is well-done, not over-done. As far as cheap hookahs go, (that actually work like they're supposed to), you won't beat this deal. The main objective in owning a hookah is to burn your favorite smokeables. This one does exactly that, at a price even the tiniest budget can handle.  

30. NeverXhale 18" Deluxe 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Complete Set with Carrying Case - Floral Mosaic Tile Glass Vase (Raven Black Rose) -  $37.91


NeverXhale 18" Deluxe 2 Hose Hookah
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  The silver detailing on this 2-hose hookah from NeverXhale is way past simply gorgeous. These hookah pipes come with everything you need to use it, and a compartmentalized carrying case is included! You won't have to stuff rags in this case to keep things from rolling around. Hookah pipes for sale come in so many different designs, it takes uniqueness for one to really stand out in the crowd. The well-done mosaic work on the glass vase of this hookah will catch every eye that sees it, and it's so easy to put together, or take apart; it makes the perfect traveling companion. Featured are built-in air plugs, and stem valves that auto close when you're not using it. You'd think features like that ought to be standard in all hookah pipes, but they're not, which certainly makes this one a better than average deal.  

29. 19" 2-Hose Blue Sapphire Hookah with Case - $37.95


2-Hose Blue Sapphire Hookah
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  The 2-hose, Blue Sapphire, by Pacific Hookah is a good example of hookah pipes at their finest. It comes complete with a case, and if you've been looking around at hookah pipes for sale, you know cases are usually extra. This 19-inch hookah comes to you with everything you need to enjoy it except the smokeables; including an instruction sheet for people who may not be used to how a hookah should be put together. Some people like to vary the mix occasionally, and one popular way for this hookah is 70% ice, and 30% of whatever your chosen liquid is. It doesn't have to be water; try a few shots of your favorite alcohol, and really flavor it up.  

28. NeverXhale Premium Series: 11" 2 Hose Hookah Pipes - Psychedelic Butterfly Garden $16.96


NeverXhale Premium Series
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  It's a good day when you see cheap hookahs for sale from NeverXhale. The Psychedelic Butterly Garden is from their Premium Series, and is available in four colors; you choose which one. It's not chosen for you. Some hookah pipes can be a real let-down when you open the package, but this one comes with everything you need to assemble, and enjoy it. A big plus is it's just as easy to take apart, so traveling with it isn't a big deal. Ball bearing air plugs are featured in each hose, along with valves that auto close when you're not using it. Other than its tiny price tag, the next-best thing about the Psychedelic Butterfly is its universal design. Whatever your favorite shisha, and charcoal is; this will work with it.  

27. Kaya Shisha - Hookah Pipes - Crossfader 2.4 - Red and Black Glass Base- $84.23


Kaya Shisha
(Click to Purchase)

  Cheap hookahs for sale that look good enough to eat are worth a click. The coloring on the Crossfader 2.4, looks kind of like vanilla ice-cream, with lucious, thick swirls of cherry dribbled over it. Kaya Shisha hookah pipes are some of the most popular around for good reason. The strict quality control followed in the making of this hookah shows in the end result, and the price won't put you in the poor house. Featured in this package is a rust-resistant, stainless steel smoke column, a metal cap on the base, and of course, a complete set of seals. The suppleness of the simulated leather hose is a pleasant surprise, end pieces are made from natural wood, and coal tongs, plus an ash poker are part of the deal. The glazed, black ceramic bowl adds that little bit of extra class that makes you proud to fill it. Certainly some of the very best cheap hookahs for sale anywhere!  

26. LGI Custom Made Hookah Pipes - $59.95


LGI Custom Made
(Click to Purchase)

  Here's a good one to add to your hookah pipes collection. The XLL, Burg Al Arab Design is for anyone who needs quality for their cash. Custom made by LGI, this Luxury Hookah is done pumpkin style, and comes with a useful, protective storage box. Unlike some hookah pipes for sale, this one actually does come with all you need to smoke from it. Most people look for quality, function, and affordability in a hookah; this one has all three of those, and then some. If you click only to see that dreaded "out of stock" notice, no worries. It'll be back in stock soon, and when you receive your order; it won't take long to see why this hookah sells out so fast. Definitely check out the amazing hookah pipes!  

25. Never Exhale 20" Premium 2 Hose Hookah Pipes Shisha- Mosaic Tile Art Glass Vase- $53.98


Never Exhale 20" Premium
(Click to Purchase)

  The fantastic detail of this Hookah Shisha doesn't have a word that describes it, other than awesome. This 2-hose hookah is a complete set by NeverXhale, and even comes with a travel case at no extra charge. You won't find manycheap hookahs willing to offer a freebie like that. Hookah pipes all have the same purpose in common, but sometimes, after you've seen a few thousand of them, they all start to look alike too. Not this baby. The mosaic tile on its vase is detail oriented to the maximum, and built-in features like ball bearing air plugs, plus hose valves that auto close would make it a good deal even if the price wasn't as low as it is. It comes apart as easy as it goes together, so you can take your new best friend with you anywhere hookahs are welcome.  

24. NeverXhale Premium Series: 11" 2 Hose Hookah- Cheetah Leopard Tiger Animal Skin Art - $16.96


NeverXhale Premium Series
(Click to Purchase)

  If you're into wildlife, or even if you aren't, this kind of deal on cheap hookahs for sale is hard to pass on. You don't really have to decide which "beast" is for you, the Golden-Brown Cheetah, or the White Snow Leopard. At this price, just get both, and keep the extra one as an "emergency gift." Hookah pipes by NeverXhale like this 2-hoser from their Premium Series is an honestly good deal. It comes with all the necessary parts, and they go together as easy as they come apart, which makes this the perfect traveling companion, because you don't have to feed it, or talk to it. Its got more than looks, convenience, and a decent price though. This hookah features built-in, ball bearing air plugs, and hose valves that auto close when you aren't using it (a very good feature that allows you to keep the smoke left inside for that next hit, instead of letting it drift away in the air.)  

23. NeverXhale 18" 1 or 2 Hose Convertible Hookah Shisha - Pantheon Swirl Glass Vase- $37.96


NeverXhale 18" 1 or 2 Hose Convertible Hookah
(Click to Purchase)

  This 2-hose offering from NeverXhale proves hookah pipes for sale don't have to be boring, or plain, and thathookah pipes can look good even at prices this low. It is possible to get looks, and function in the same deal without getting robbed. The black swirls on white look like something Beetlejuice would smoke from, but it is available in Red or Blue if you prefer. This Convertible Hookah Shisha comes complete, all you have to do is put it together, load the bowl, and enjoy. No running to the store because something is missing or broken. It comes apart as easily as it goes together, so you can take it anywhere, hassle free. Built-in air plugs, and stem valves that auto close when you're not using it would make this an excellent find at twice the price.  

22. Mini 5" Mini Hookah with 100 Brass Pipe Screens- $12.97


Mini 5" Mini Hookah
(Click to Purchase)

  Hookah pipes like the Mini, have this special look that makes a person want to say "Awwww," when they see it. Then they see the tiny price, and go "that can't be right," but that is the correct amount. People don't expect a lot of durability from cheap hookahs like the Mini, by Fujima, or to get 100 brass pipe screens included. Point is; it burns your herbs to smooth perfection, it's well-made, it costs next to nothing, and after all that, you get a load of screens. Colored glass like this hookah has, with its skilled detailing isn't going to shame anyone's collection.  

21. 2 Hoses Pumpkin Hookah - Color Varies- $12.99


2 Hoses Pumkin Hookah
(Click to Purchase)

  This is a well-done little hookah by Rock Bottom Traders. Cheap hookahs for sale that work as well as this 2-hose, Pumpkin Hookah are always a pleasant surprise. For a price this small, to get hookah pipes that actually work like they're supposed to is not what most of us expect. That's okay, nice surprises are good for you. It delivers a solid, satisfying hit, and due to the double ball design, you don't have to remember to plug the hose when you put it down. These hookah pipes couldn't be more budget friendly, and it's portable.  

20. New 24" Hookah Skull Skeleton Huka with Briefcase - $85.89


24" Hookah Skull Skeleton
(Click to Purchase)

  If you're looking at hookah pipes for sale, you may already have seen hundreds, but don't give up. The finely done detail on this work of art by INHALE is enough to get your attention, and the 70-inch hose means you don't have to get right on top of things because you got shorted on hose length. The Skull Skeleton Huka comes with tongs, a ceramic bowl, stainless steel briefcase, stem, and the large, durable, glass base. A few other hookah pipes come with cases, but this one has compartments so your hookah parts are secure, not rattling around loose inside the case. Considering how easy it is to assemble, or take apart, and with a safe case to travel in, this is one for the road.  

19. Wild Heart Hookah + Case Modern Hooka Shisha NARGILA- $39.99


Wild Heart Hookah
(Click to Purchase)

  It's a good thing to find hookah pipes for sale at this price for obvious reasons. Everyone appreciates a decent deal, and the affordability of the Wild Heart Hookah by Mini Modern Hookah, means you can get a few extra, and stash them back for those times you need help getting off someone's "list." The sizes, shapes, and colors available in today's hookah pipes seem to be endless, but out of them all, nothing says "I Love You," or even, "I Sure Like You A Lot" like a hooka with a heart-shaped base.  

18. NeverXhale Premium Series: 11" 1 Hose Hookah- Psychedelic Butterfly Garden- $14.96


NeverXhale Premium Series
(Click to Purchase)

  Universal hookah pipes are good sellers because they allow you to use your favorite Shisha and Charcoal. This one from NeverXhale's premium series, is 11-inches tall, and comes with everything necessary to use it. Cheap hookahsare everywhere, but the Psychedelic Butterfly is right here, and it has features some of the other hookahs out there don't; such as built-in air plugs, and shaft hose valves that auto close when you're not using it. You don't need to remember to plug the hose, all you need to do is remember where you stashed the marijuana, load it, and enjoy.  

17. NeverXhale Starter Series: 18" 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Combo Kit Set w/ NeverXhale Charcoal, Hydro Herbal Molasses, and Screen- $29.96


NeverXhale Starter Series
(Click to Purchase)

  This 2-hose, Hookah Shisha, complete combo kit is from NeverXhale's starter series, and comes with their own brand of charcoal, plus four of their most popular flavors. Hookah pipes for sale aren't unusual, but one with freebies included is. If you've never tried flavors in hookah pipes before, this is a good one to start with. Included in this frosted, metallic blue beauty is one 50gram pack each of Hydro Herbal Molasses, Blueberry, Mango, and strawberry; all of them purely yummy. As a bonus, a Free, stainless steel, shisha bowl screen is included. Some freebies don't really amount to much, but stainless steel is not a cheap gift.  

16. 4 Hose Hookah Shisha Pipe MIDNIGHT CHILL Black 22" Sheesha Narghile Party Smoking Set- $49.98


Midnight Chill
(Click to Purchase)

  Cheap hookahs for sale are all made for the same purpose, to burn that herb. This 4-hoser by Hookah4sale, does that better than most. The Midnight Chill is a party set, and it won't let you down. Pro quality hookah pipes don't have to be budget breakers if you know where to shop, and the finely crafted, silver-colored stem design on this hookah looks like it belongs on a much more expensive model. No one has to know what you really paid for it unless you tell them. Imagine the freedom 70-inches of hose length gives a person. You can lean all the way back, and not be forced to sit all hunched over because the hose is way too short. All hoses are washable Hookah Lounge style, and come with laser-cut mouthpieces.  

15. Hookah 2 Hose 18.5" Smoking Black Flower Smoke Pipe Narghile- $14.99


Smoking Black Flower Smoke Pipe
(Click to Purchase)

  If you've never considered cheap hookahs before, take a look at this one by NewClue. They know how extremely frustrating it can be to take your new hookah out of its packaging, and find something missing. The 2-hose, Smoking Black Flower comes ready to go with everything necessary to enjoy your new toy except the herb, and a lighter. Some hookah pipes feel so fragile; it seems as if you look at them wrong, they will shatter; but not this one. The thick glass of the vase on this baby makes it very durable, and you don't have to be afraid to touch it. This is a good one when you need to come up with a decent gift but don't have a lot of cash to spare, or if you just want to treat yourself to something different.  

14. NeverXhale 18" 1 or 2 Hose Convertible Hookah Shisha - Majestic Glass Vase- $21.23


NeverXhale 18" 1 or 2 Hose
(Click to Purchase)

  Cheap hookahs for sale that offer choices are rare, but that's what you get with this 1 or 2-hose convertible Hookah Shisha by NeverXhale. It looks like hookah pipes royalty in either Tuscany black, or Santorini Blue, and you choose which color. Your hookah, your choice. Everything you need to put your money to work is included in the package, and you don't have to be Einstein to put it together, or take it apart for cleaning, and travel. Built-in air plugs are featured in the package, as well as stem valves that auto close when you're not using it. A bonus travel case is offered with this deal so you can safely take your new friend with you, and introduce it to all your friends.  

13. 10" Ice White Pumpkin Hookah w/ Briefcase- $19.05


Ice White Pumpkin Hookah
(Click to Purchase)

  Sometimes, you can look at cheap hookahs for sale, and you have to wonder "really?" Yes, hookah pipes do exist in the world that the average, broke person can afford, and still have money left over for something to burn in it. This Ice White, Pumpkin Hookah by HookahSmokePlus, comes with a case, and the ability to deliver a hit you should sit down for. For its size, this hookah has no problem keeping up with the big boys.  

12. NeverXhale Deluxe Series: 18" 2 Hose Hookah - Retro Mosaic Seurat Glass Vase- $38.96


NeverXhale Deluxe Series
(Click to Purchase)

  NeverXhale has a lot of faithful followers for their hookah pipes, and this 2-hose offering from their Deluxe series is one example why. This Hookah Shisha is a complete set, all you need to use it is something to fill the bowl with. Designed in a retro mosaic style, whoever thought this pattern up is a true artist. Some hookah pipes for sale are nothing but complicated, pains in the butt to put together, or take apart. NeverXhale keeps things simple, and this hookah goes together just as easily as it comes apart. Featured are built-in air plugs, and "smart" hose valves that close if you're not using it. Maybe best of all is this hookah is universal, and will work with your favorite charcoal and shisha. Certainly among the very best hookah pipes for sale online!

11. 32" 4 Hose Rotating Queen Rotator Hookah Silver Pearl -  $38.78


Rotating Queen
(Click to Purchase)

  If you've never smoked from rotating hookah pipes, here's your chance to try one by Texas Hookah. The silver pearl color of the Rotating Queen suits her perfectly, and at 32-inches tall, this 4-hose monster has what it takes to thoroughly wreck four adults at once. It's a real disappointment when you buy hookah pipes for sale online, and you can't use it when it gets to you because maybe they didn't include a bowl, or forgot the hose. That's not a problem with Texas Hookah. When your order arrives, all you have to do is unpack it, and invite three friends over to break in all four hoses at once.  

10. Beautiful 10" Heavy Duty Glow in the Dark Polyresin Super Hookah - $39.99


Heavy Duty Glow in the Dark
(Click to Purchase)

  As children, some of us had glow in the dark rings out of cereal boxes, now as adults we can have cheap hookahsthat glow in the dark. Hookah pipes can't be too delicate or their useless, and this heavy-duty little guy by Hookaz is anything but useless. Made of top quality, polyresin, this hookah is going to be around for a very long time. It's airtight, hits like a freight train, and the silver skeletons on the body really highlight the blue hose, and bowl. It definitely knows its job, has looks that won't shame your collection, and the price is right. What else does an herb burner need?  

9. 7" Rasta Mini Portable Hookah Pipe- $13.96


Rasta Mini Portable Hookah Pipe
(Click to Purchase)

  The price tag is what most people look at first on cheap hookahs for sale, but in this case, they notice the adorable little rasta dude on the body first, and then are pleasantly surprised to find out they can easily afford several; definitely, a good one to add to your "gift stash." Hookah pipes don't have to be 3-feet tall to work. The mini portable rasta, by EdgeCutter is only 7-inches, but it will kick your butt the same as any of the bigger models, and it's easier to stash in a hurry if you need to. It comes with all the accessories you need to use it; the workmanship is first class, it doesn't cost a lot, and it looks damn good; so why not?  

8. 4 Hose Hookah Pipe Party Set JOY RIDE Huka Shisha Nargila + Four Pro Hooka Hoses- $29.17


Joy Ride Huka
(Click to Purchase)

  This simple, 4-hose party set by Hookah4sale, is what hookah pipes are all about. Cheap hookahs like the Joy Ride leave plenty of cash left over for something to put in the bowl, and take it for a test run. The hoses are professional quality, and at 57-inches long, you don't have to crowd in when all of them are in use; there's plenty of elbow room for four people. Included are mouthpieces made of real wood for lip friendly comfort, a heat resistant, ceramic shisha bowl, metal tongs, and a poker. This one is a keeper, but be careful who you invite over to try it, in case they don't want to leave later.  

7. Premium 11" Black Hookah Pipes, 3 Boxes of Beamer Hookah Molasses Flavors, 30 Charcoals, Beamer Card and Accessories- $29.99


Premium 11" Black Hookah
(Click to Purchase)

  Hookah pipes for sale by Beamers are always worth your time to look. This premium 12-incher looks good in black, and in this case, size definitely doesn't matter. If you blind folded someone, and put the hose in their hands, they wouldn't be able to tell if it was a mini hookah, or a much larger, more expensive model. This is perfect for those who may not be familiar with hookah pipes, and it comes ready to use. Just add water, grab some foil out of the kitchen, and your all set. Included in the package are 3-boxes of molasses flavors, 30 premium charcoals, a Beamer card, and accessories. Take your time, and enjoy, it will be worth it.  

6. New Black 18" 2 Hose Hookah with Briefcase- $22.99


New Black 18" 2 Hose Hookah
(Click to Purchase)

  Here's something better than you might expect to find in cheap hookahs. This black, 18-inch, 2-hose hookah, by Jernin, comes with a case for safe transport, and unlike more expensive hookah pipes, you don't need a bank loan to afford it. The hoses are a comfortable 40-inches, and of course, it comes with tongs, a ceramic bowl, tray, stem, base, and all rubber grommets. It has everything you need to enjoy your new hookah, including an instruction sheet for those that have no experience putting one together.  

5. NeverXhale 22" 2 Hose Hookah with Optional Carrying Case - Smoke Swirl Glass Vase- $54.98


Smoke Swirl Glass Vase
(Click to Purchase)

  Hookah pipes for sale by NeverXhale, are never boring, and the swirls on this 2-hose, complete set look like they would taste good if you could eat them. When you see hookah pipes that make you think of desert before you've even sparked the bowl, you know it's going to be a winner. NeverXhale keeps their hookah's people friendly, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to put this one together. It comes apart just as easy, which makes it a really good traveling companion. Featured are hose valves that auto close when not in use so you don't have to plug the un-occupied one. Both hoses can be used at once, and that way you don't get accused of "bogarting" the hookah.  

4. Never ExhaleTM 10" 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Narghile Complete Set - Pumpkin Glass Vase Design - Pick Your Color- $13.13


Pumpkin Glass Vase Design
(Click to Purchase)

  One thing is for sure about this complete set from NeverExhale, as with all their other products, you always get more than you really pay for. They are known to deliver some of the coolest cheap hookahs for sale you will ever find. No doubt there are other hookah pipes out there that might cost less, but they won't have what this pumpkin styled one does as standard. This 2-hose, 10-inch hookah features built-in air plugs, and "smart" stem valves that auto close when a hose is not being used so you don't have to worry about plugging the other one for a solo smoke. It goes together, and comes apart easy enough to make it the perfect traveler. Color can be a personal thing, and this hookah has four different options; Black Flame, Black Oasis, Blue Oasis, or Green Oasis, all are beautiful shades that will compliment your collection no matter which one you choose.  

3. NeverXhale Hookah Combo Starter Set - 18" 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Charcoal Kit featuring Hydro Herbal Molasses - $31.96


NeverXhale Hookah Combo Starter Set
(Click to Purchase)

  For those who are not familiar with hookah pipes, this combo starter set from NeverXhale is perfect. With somecheap hookahs, you're lucky to get one hose, and this Deluxe Hookah comes with two. It has everything needed to work like it's supposed to, including a couple of freebies not necessary to function, but cool anyway. Free with the purchase of this worthy hookah is one stainless steel, shisha bowl screen, and a case for safe transport. Look around, and you won't see the word "free" attached to very many hookahs with a price as small as this one. Included in this deal are three of the most popular random flavors of Hydro Herbal Molasses (one 50 gram packet of each), and 30 charcoals. Now go back, and look at that price tag one more time. NeverXhale makes it possible for even the poorest among us to afford something work smoking out of.  

2. NeverXhale 22" Premium 2 Hose Hookah Shisha Complete Set with Carrying Case - Smoke Swirl Art Glass Vase - Pick Your Color- $59.98


Smoke Swirl Art Glass Vase
(Click to Purchase)

  You can count on NeverXhale to come up with winning hookah pipes. This premium, 2-hose Deluxe Hookah Shisha, is gorgeous in thick swirls of lucious, rasta colors. If glass could be tie-dyed, it would look like this. Caution is recommended when you shop hookah pipes for sale, but as long as it's a NeverXhale product, you can relax. They care about what you think, and would never risk your good opinion by selling you a piece of junk. Assembly of this complete hookah system is people friendly, and it comes apart for cleaning or storage just as easily. Featured are built-in, ball bearing air plugs, and hose valves that auto close when not in use so you don't have to plug the un-occupied one. On top of all that, this package comes with a Free, branded travel case, so you can safely take it anywhere.  

1. 10" Mushroom Garden 1-hose Hookah - $39.99


Mushroom Garden
(Click to Purchase)

  This little 1-hose hookah is perfect, and looks like it came out of a Garden Knome's collection, or like the kind ofhookah pipes a Hobbit would enjoy. Cheap hookahs with the kind of detailing the 10-inch Mushroom Garden has would be worth it at twice the price, if not more. This masterpiece is by Garden Hookah, and rates a shelf of its own. Or, you could just leave it on the table as a centerpiece, and enjoy the detailing, whether you're using it or not. This is one of those "must haves" that make you glad you clicked when you bring it out, and show it to people for the first time.      

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