Top 26 Most Interesting Facts About Marijuana

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Interesting Marijuana Facts              

It's been well established throughout the years that the marijuana plant is a fascinating and complicated one with interesting applications. From medicine to art to entertainment and culture, the cannabis plant is truly a beautiful thing to revel in and be amazed by. It's with these things in my that we have compiled the top 26 most interesting facts about marijuana. Enjoy!


1. Each day in the United States, around 6,000 new people try weed for the very first time (and this number is growing!)


2. By most measures, it takes 800 joints to kill a person. Fortunately, no human has ever been capable of smoking 800 joints in one sitting!


3. There are almost 2,000 slang terms for cannabis in the United State alone (i.e. weed, marijuana, pot, ganja, etc)


4. The primary ingredient in marijuana is THC

5. At least one acre of marijuana product will equal out to about two to three acres of cotton product.


6. Products such as clothing and backpacks are oftentimes made  of hemp materials. So the next time that you put on a pair of pants and a shirt it could be made from cannabis leaves!


7. Marijuana leaves are much softer than cotton leaves and that they hold up twice as long.


8. One acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as at least 4 acres of trees.


9. Hemp paper is actually much more economical and a better upgrade than say actual paper products.


10.Hemp paper will also last over a hundred years without downgrading and losing its worth.


11.Most trees take many years for them to be able to produce paper and wood items. But with hemp it can produce things within at most 120 days.


12. Hemp seeds actually contain a protein that is more economical and healthy than any of the soy beans products out there.


13. Hemp can be used to produce a flour that bakers can use to make breads and cakes. Hemp is also used to make any soybean product out there. So the next time you sit down and have a veggie burger or a tofu scrabbled than it might be fun to know that hemp was involved in the production of that food that you are not eating.


14. Hemp is not toxic in the slightest. And it also is used to create certain fuels. Fuels such as ethanol and other ingredients.


15. Some of our former presidents have grown hemp. And during their life and time they praised hemp and it's production in their writings.


16. Now of course things are much different today, but back then many of our former and originating presidents fought for hemp production. And they believed that hemp production was doing a service to so many.


17. Marijuana aids the human brain in the production of dopamine.


18. Hemp is the originating formula for marijuana and it can be come very addictive for certain people. So be careful with how much you take in and how often.


19. At least 14.6 million men and women smoke hemp on a regular basis. And that is not taking into account those who simply do it for an occasional trip.


20. When you ingest marijuana it can stay in the body for up to several weeks before it is completely out of your system. So if you are need if a drug test for any reason, please avoid hemp at all costs. Because the testing will pick it up without a doubt.


21. The original reasoning behind hemp becoming illegal is that farmers fought against it's production. They figured that the competition was too much and they didn't want anything taking away from their profits. But now that arguments has been put to rest. And the true reason that marijuana is still illegal is that it's considered to be more addictive than other products out there, products such as coffee and alcohol.


22. The next time you look at bird seed you just might be looking at hemp seeds. There are many hemp seeds that have been sterilized and turned into bird seeds. So if you see a massive amount of birds around it you might just have answered the question.


23. And here is an interesting and yet freakish law. In Oregon you can't buy or sell the product at all. If you are caught doing so you will be fined and or jailed. But and here is the kicker, you can smoke it on your own property. I know, it doesn't make sense, does it?


24. If someone ingests hemp of any sort they are less likely to get brain damage, as opposed to those who drink alcohol on a regular basis. And according to survey results on a worldly basis, at least 160 million people try this drug at least once a year. And over 22 million will consume in daily. Hemp also has over 400 compounds inside. And for all of those who study addiction statistics at least 9% of the world population will become addicted to the drug soon after starting it. I won't say they will be addicted right away. But given enough time and depending on home much they consume, occasional use will turn into permanent use.


25. Hemp leaves have been known to help out with cancer patients. And with those who are suffering from AIDS the leaves will help to increase the appetite, even if it's just a little bit.


26. Though the state of Washington has made it legal many still question the validity and safety of that. Many states are still on the fence on whether on not the production of hemp and the consumption of hemp is actually helping or hindering it's residents. 


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