The Top 25 Best Small Bongs Online | Mini Bongs Reviewed

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We’ve searched far and wide to bring you our complete list of small and mini bongs. Whether you’re looking for something that is durable and well-built, or beautiful and portable, our collection of small bongs is the perfect source for anyone looking to light up in style! To purchase one of these small bongs, simply click on the image. Enjoy your new bong! Most of them look great on furniture pieces! 

25. Swigg Egg Glass Bong by Purr - 9 Inches

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Weed hits are known for one thing, providing the strongest hits. Sadly, turbine percolating bongs of all sizes are often uncomfortable to carry around, basically, the opposite of portable. Not this swiss egg bong by Purr! Standing nine inches high, you can expect a full load punch and the wide round base ensures it won’t tip over easily. Attached is a small turbine percolator, which provides you with smooth draw hits. Unlike most small bongs with a perc, there’s no dealing with a carb-hole on this one. The awesome bowl includes is made in southern California and measures 14mm.  

24. Mini Round Base Bong by Grav Labs - 8 Inches

mini-round-base-bong-grav-labs Nothing beats small bongs made of glass, especially when it’s by Grav Labs. This round base beaker bong is designed in borosilicate glass for top quality and toughness, as expected. It’s fairly portable, for an 8-inch bong. With a slit right into its wide base is an 8-arm tree percolator with impressive power, considering its size. As if that’s not enough, this glass bong also features a downstem diffuser and 10mm funnel slider bowl. No wonder it’s one of Grav Labs’ best sellers!

23. Inline Dual Action Bubbler by Grav Labs - Dab Rig and Dry Herb Bong - 12 Inches

The dual action inline bong by Grav Labs is unlike any other. It combines elegant design with the functionality of a full-sized percolator, as well as the portability of a small bong. Its straight body and twisting honeycomb disc makes it an attractive smoking piece and a powerful bong for its size. The wide base offers excellent support for this mini percolating machine, which most small bongs seem to lack. Traveling with inline bong by Grav Labs shouldn’t be a problem either, since it’s made of lab-grade borosilicate glass.

22. Coil Showerhead Mini Bong by Grav Labs - 13 Inches


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Don’t let its simplicity fool you. The coil showerhead bong is an excellent water pipe for your collection. Like all small bongs by Grav Labs, you can expect it to be fully functional and travel-friendly. It features a direction intake stem, an X-cut downstem, and a healthy sized bowl. The 38mm beaker base ensures that the 10-inch pipe won’t easily topple over either. You get to choose from clear accents or black accents. And since it's a Grav Lab's piece, you can expect a few things - efficiency and durability.

21. Gravitron Gravity Bong by Grav Labs

Gravitron glass gravity bong by Grav Labs.

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The benefits of small bongs are indispensable for some people. This is especially true for those that are on-the-go. However, there’s nothing like a full-sized bong to satisfy your urges when relaxing at home alone, or with friends. Available in large and extra-large, Gravitron Gravity is the best choice for experienced users. That being said, new smokers won’t have trouble with this classic because of its simple and easy-to-use design. Its generous size means you get to enjoy as much tobacco or herbs as you want. Gravitron may be the first creation of Grav Labs but you can expect the same level of quality and function from their newer models.

20. Rubber Stealth Bong by Roll-Uh-Bowl - Unbreakable

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The unbreakable bong by Roll-uh-bowl will stop you from turning green with envy, and it’s not just because of its green color. This 8-inch bong is the epitome of small bongs. It is light-weight and portable, but made of tough glass so you can haul it along with you without much trouble. Its bowl has just the right size for a few hits, which makes it the ideal pipe for sharing wherever you go. Each hit with this silicone mini bong is guaranteed to be smooth and clean.

19. Slushy Cup Mini Bong by Grav Labs - Black/Clear Accents - 6 Inches

slushy-cup-bong-grav-labs The best small bongs for sharing are the ones that will get your friends talking, and what you have here is just that! This Slushy cup mini bong by Grav Labs has a cool design that will surely catch your buddies’ attention the moment they walk into your room. It’s made of heavy glass, so it won’t tip over with the littlest nudge. The thick shaft allows for good grip, making it less likely to slip out of your hands. It’s only 6 inches, but this mini bong is fully functional, economical and radical.

18. Jane West Beaker Bong - Cobalt - 10 Inches


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These beautiful Jane West mini bongs are great for users who want a quality bong but aren’t willing to splurge the extra bucks. Made of borosilicate glass, they are more resistant to impact and scratches than any other bong made of “tough glass”. These cobalt bongs come in a handy 10-inch size and a wide variety of bright colors for added personality. It’s a perfect beginner bong for those who expect a functional water pipe at a decent price, although experienced smokers still appreciate its worth.

17. Fancy Water Bong with Assorted Colors - Handblown Glass

Fancy Water Bong with Assorted Colors - Handblown Glass - 10 Inches

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Here’s a water bong that is guaranteed to give you what you want, a relaxing experience. Its colorful details will leave your eyes wanting more even as you feel the smooth smoke leave your lips. It’s true, it is a bit larger than most small bongs at 11 inches, but it is portable nonetheless. Made of rubber and glass, it is more durable than bongs made purely of glass, and thus, it’s more resistant to breaking. This handblown water pipe is practical for everyday use, and with its many features, the lovely design is an added bonus, you won’t easily get bored with it.

16. Glass Mini Bong with Hook

Glass water pipe.

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The clear glass material of this mini bong leaves little to the imagination. And yet, it has an unconventional design that makes it easily stand out among most small bongs, which can’t match its purposeful finesse. As a water pipe, all you have to do is add some water for a smooth smoke, and then sit back and relax. The catcher lets you put in a few ice cubes for an even cooler toke. While its design is uncommon, it is user-friendly even for those new to small bongs.

15. Straight Mini Bong with Ice Catcher

Small Bongs - Clear Glass with Ice Catcher

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If you’re an avid traveler, this wonderful nine-inch straight mini-bong with a built-in ice-catcher is perfect for you when you find the time to relax. It is a true ‘must-have’ item for every smoker on the go. This little wonder is made of durable lab-grade glass that is sure to withstand the rigors any traveler would encounter. The added feature of rubber on glass guarantees that this bong will be spillproof no matter how many bumps you experience on your next road trip! Available in clear, amber, pink or green hued accents, this is a loyal travel companion that won’t let you down like other less expensive small bongs.

14. Glass Beaker Bong by Purr - 8 Inches

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Whoever said water pipes needed to be plain and boring? If you’re looking for a cool, satisfactory smoke that never disappoints, the glass beaker is the perfect choice for you! Crafted from the finest and most durable laboratory-grade glass, this bong is sure to last a long time, even with regular use. Known for its powerful cooling capacity, maximum percolating power, and its impeccable filtering system, this is a bong that aces all other small bongs in the market today.

13. Pleasure Point Ceramic Bong by Summerland - 10 Inches

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Any discerning smoker would be lost without this gem, the Pleasure Point ceramic bong by Summerland. Made from high-quality ceramics, this wonderful work of art stands at a convenient 10 inches tall and is designed with its famous shape. The design guarantees the best draw possible. It also comes a large ceramic bowl to ensure smooth, clean, and cool hits with every puff! Don’t miss out on one of the best small bongs available, it’s definitely a keeper!

12. Helix Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs - 9 Inches


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Only rarely do you ever encounter a bong that smacks of class, but Helix flare base bong is definitely one of the more beautiful small bongs available. Yet, it’s not the classiness of the bong, or the fact that it is discreet and easy-to-carry that makes this 9 inch bong a true stunner. It is specifically designed to provide truly unbeatable smoking pleasure. Made with a 38mm flared base that guarantees stability, a specialized x-cut downstem and bowl that produces clean, flawless smoke, and a sizable intake stem that ensures huge, gratifying hits every single time!

11. Hourglass Honeycomb Dab Rig by Purr Glass - 7 Inches

hourglass-honeycomb-dab-rig-purr Sometimes you have to go beyond mere aesthetics with small bongs and focus more on function that provides top-notch satisfaction. The hourglass honeycomb dab rig by Purr is exactly that piece. Made of their standard top-grade borosilicate, this features a unique two-hole downstem that not only ensures cool smoking, but intensifies and emboldens each puff for large, satisfying, intense hit each and every time. A specialized pendant insert also provides you with the leverage to control the intensity of the smoke, for a stronger or mellower toke.

10. Fancy Water Bong with Assorted Colors

Fancy Glass Bong

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Small bongs are fine, if they’re all about function, but some people hanker for a little bit of flair with their smoking apparatuses. And, this Fancy Water Bong definitely counts as functional, and fancy! Its unique design features concentric orbs that collect the smoke and provides it with ample body, and its discreet nine-inch size makes it perfect for on-the-go usage. Available in a wide assortment of vibrant colors, this is most certainly a great addition to any pipe or bong collection!

9. Zig Zag Water Bong with Elbow in Assorted Colors

Zig Zag Water Bong with Elbow and Colorful Base - Handblown Glass - 10 Inches

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Some bongs are just too unique or one-of-a-kind to simply pass up. This zig-zag elbow design bong is definitely one that fits that category perfectly. More than just looks and appeal, this bong features a unique ice catcher that helps to cool your each and every toke, and the specialized ‘elbow’ bend not only helps to ensure smooth hits, but also produces a full-bodied, yet subtle medley of flavors. Functional and stylish – this is one of the small bongs you really shouldn’t miss.

8. Circuit Dab Rig Mini Bong by Grav Labs

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This one is a real wonder to look at, hold, and use. Grav Labs presents it’s very unique circuit dab rig! Made in the shape of a – you guessed it – slushy cup, this one is sure to guarantee looks of pure envy, while it provides you with unbeatable smoking perfection. Made with a specialized four-hole downstem pattern and a unique angle-cut dome, this system is guaranteed to not only provide cool, refreshing smokes, but puffs packed with body and flavor. A handy counterpart to its big bro bongs, this is one of the small bongs, which is easy-to-carry at only 7 inches tall.

7. Helix Beaker Bong by Grav Labs - 9 Inches

helix-beaker-bong-grav-labs If you’re after one of the small bongs that are cheap, functional, and that doesn’t disappoint, the limited edition Helix beaker bong is an excellent choice. Not only is it made for top-grade materials that guarantee years of lasting service, its filtering system is also top-notch. For a very affordable price, you get an aesthetically elegant smoking piece of craftsmanship that combines contrasting hues with pure function. Whoever said you had to skimp if you were on a budget? As far as mini bongs go, this Helix beaker from Grav Labs is definitley among the best.

6. Swiss Honeycomb Bong by Purr - 9 Inches - Assorted Colors

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Bong-making has transcended mere glass artistry and has become a science in its own right. If you’re looking for one of the small bongs of the future, Swiss honeycomb by Purr definitely fits the bill! Made with their trademark workmanship, this aerodynamically designed bong is specifically made for a blast of full-flavored hits, with your choice of bent or straight-necked options for direct or smoother tokes. Made with only the most impeccable filtration system in mind; its accommodating loading chamber easily fills with your choice of room-temperature or iced-water. A tribute to old-school bongs; this has a modern twist, one that should be in every serious toker's bong collection.

5. Beaker Base Mini Bong by Grav Labs

Glass Beaker Base Mini Bong by Grav Labs

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There’s more to ‘scientific glass’ small bongs than just their lab-grade glass. The making of each bong is a science in itself, and it should be. This stands true with the Grav Labs beaker base mini bong. Made of top-notch borosilicate, it ensures you of maximum durability. Another ‘cool’ feature, it has a built-in ice catcher, which chills each bowl you smoke, and when you couple that with a built-in splash guard, well, it guarantees that you get clean hits without the nastiness of perc water hitting your lips! This is one bong that melds functionality with beauty, and does it flawlessly. Another must-have for every enthusiast, it may well your new favorite.

4. Grav Labs Flare Base Bong - 8 Inches - Clear/Black


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Flare bongs are always a wonder to look at, and even more of a wonder if one considers the sheer finesse of small bongs and their functionality. This limited edition tree perc with specialized sprocket discs is the crème de la crème of flare mini bongs! This 65cm beauty features a stable base that guarantees spill-proof solidarity. And the specialized built-it sprocket discs for that little extra bit of refined filtration that provides flawless, cool, clean, and crisp tokes with maximum flavor.

3. Ceramic Mini Bong by Purr Glass - 12 Inches


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If you’re after a simple, colorful, functional ceramic mini bong that does a good job of providing you with heavy, heady tokes without being too harsh or biting, then this heavy glass bong with swirling spirals is a good investment. A built-in threaded shaft helps to cool each hit, preventing that unpleasant burning sensation that otherwise comes with poorly designed small bongs. A sizeable bowl adds to the cooling factor with the addition of your choice of room-temperature or iced-water. A good, affordable beginner’s bong, this is also an excellent addition to more old-school themed collisions, and definitely a quintessential pipe to have!  

2. Land Yacht Ceramic Bong by Summerland - 12 Inches

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If you are looking for a bong to rule all bongs, this ceramic bong is the one to invest in! Specifically designed to be the be-all and end-all of small bongs, the Land Yacht by Summerland features all the things you could ever imagine a perfect bong should have. Equipped with a solid, stable, accommodating ceramic base, an ergonomically designed mouthpiece that fits perfectly, and a built-in two-hole stem that helps to improve aeration, cooling, and airflow, this is a bong that is custom-made to please. The addition of external pendants and nano-joints helps to improve on the highly-vaunted billowing effect, and provides cool, full-bodied hits! Try this Summerland bong today!  

1. Deluxe Bubbler Bong by Elevate Accessories

elevate glass bong

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You can never go-wrong with multitasking small bongs. This multipurpose bong is perfect for smokers who like dry herbs or waxes. Made from a beautiful marriage of wood and glass, this bong boasts custom attachments for dry herb and waxes, and is made of high-quality laboratory-grade glass. It possesses an ample, stable base, with stylized inserts that help to cool and refine each puff. Simple in its design, but purposeful and versatile, this bong is indispensable for smokers who want to have only one bong to cater to all their smoking needs.

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What is a small bong, anyways?!

A small bong also called a water pipe and dozens of other names is a circular tube in shape that is a filtered device normally used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, flowers and other herbal substances.

In the small bong, gas flows from the lower port through a liquid, normally water contained in the tube part of the device. The bong is similar to a hookah in use and construction except slightly scaled down in size. A bong is made from most any air and water tight material then adding a bowl for the product to be smoked and a stem for guiding air downward to below the water level where bubbles rise during use. The word bong originates from Thailand and was adapted from Thai’s own version of the bong made from bamboo. The small bong has been in use for centuries by the Thai, Africa, and many other part of the world including the United States.
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