The Best Grow Tent Kit for the Money | The Top 13 Reviewed

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Are you interested in starting a medical marijuana grow operation but don't know which grow tent kit to purchase? With all of the confusing and misleading information out there, we've taken the two best grow kit tents on the market, and have compared them for your convenience. Enjoy!

Today we will review the best grow tent kits for you to start planting your own marijuana plants:

13. GrowLab Indoor Grow Tent Kit with LED Light Kit - $ 829.95

The GrowLab Indoor Grow Tent kit with its thicker fabric (and the best zippers in the industry!) also comes with a viewing window. You don't even have to touch the zipper to see your cannabis growing inside. The fabric is thermally protected, and 97% of radiant heat is reflected for above-average insulation. 100% non-toxic, this fabric does not react to light or heat, and will not produce off-gasses that could harm plants. The light kit is patented and engineered to provide, healthy, strong light for growing plants, and bountiful harvests.
GrowLab Indoor Grow Tent with LED Light Kit

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12. Aviditi Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent - $ 165.96

Constructed of heavy-duty polyester, the Aviditi Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent is stretched over a steel tubular frame, and comes with two built in vent holes. With an Aviditi, you can bring your garden spot indoors, and grow all your favorites year-round in complete privacy and security. The Aviditi is tall enough that you won't have to get on your hands and knees to tend your garden, and using a hydroponic method to grow means you will not have the mess of soil or compost to deal with.
Aviditi Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent

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11. Gorilla Grow Tent - $ 242.81

The patent-pending design of Gorilla Grow Tents has impacted the entire industry. The Gorilla tent has the option of increasing its height, enabling the grower to produce plants up to ten feet tall, and features a sturdy flood pool that will hold water, and prevent damage to flooring. The large windows make it easy to monitor a plant's development without disturbing its controlled environment. Multiple doorways offer easy access from any point, and the roomy interior makes working within much easier.
Gorilla Grow Tent

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10. Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent - $ 99.17

This tent allows for either hydroponic or soil-based cultivation, giving the grower two options instead of just one. All you need is 36-inches by 20-inches of floor space, and you're on the way to your first harvest. Assembly is easy, and best of all, requires no tools. The grow tent kit itself is constructed of non-toxic material, and comes with a very handy, built-in metal ceiling grid for hanging lights securely. The tight construction ensures that no light comes in from the outside to confuse a plants light cycle, giving the grower total environmental control.
Aviditi Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent

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8. Earth Worth Mylar Hydro Shanty Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent Kit - $ 209.95

Earth Worth grow tents make good sense for beginners since they are designed by other growers, and can be set up or taken down in minutes because it is so easy to do. This tent is a roomy 78" x 48" x 48," providing plenty of space for a variety of crops, and its durable construction means it will last for years. This grow tent kit offers climate optimization perfect for bringing your garden indoors, and the extra-heavy duty; water-proof bottom saves your floor from any water damage.
Earth Worth Mylar Hydro Shanty Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent

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7. Milliard 100% Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent - $ 160.00

You can be the master of your plant's environment with this easy to assemble, free-standing grow tent. The sturdy metal frame has plastic, push-lock corners, and requires no tools for assembly. Tightly sealed construction prevents outside light from leaking in, and interfering with a plants necessary cycle of light and dark. With only 48" x 24" of floor space needed, this 60 inch tall grow tent kit with its tough canvas outer shell, and non-toxic, reflective inner Mylar lining is an excellent deal for anyone serious about "growing their own."
MILLIARD Mylar 100 Percent Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent

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6. Mylar Hydro Shanty Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent - $ 139.95

Another quality product from Earth Worth, with sturdy metal frame construction, and no tools needed with its push-lock corners. This hydroponic tent requires very little effort to assemble, and is manufactured to the industry's highest standards. A free standing grow tent; it is non-toxic, and enables the grower to maintain the perfect environment. Plants need a certain amount of darkness, the same as they need light. The Hydro Shanty's tight construction prevents any outside light from penetrating, and disrupting the light cycle needed for healthy plants. The removable, water-resistant floor tray means no worries about water damage on floors, and makes the job of caring for your hydro grow tent kit that much easier.
Earth Worth Mylar Hydro Shanty Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent

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5. Organic Grow Room Deluxe with Urban Grower - $ 429.99

This tent is perfect for the urban grower, or anyone who has to consider the space a grow tent kit will need. AT 2' x 2' x 4', finding a convenient spot to set this one up will be no problem. A big plus is it comes with everything you need to get started immediately on your first harvest. A growing container, soil separator, watering tray, gallon of pumice, seed trays, two gallons of dry coir with trace minerals, coir chips, and a brick of coir mulch are all included. But wait, there's more! It also comes with a 150 watt HPS light system, light yoyo, 4" air filter, 4" inline fan, ducting, thermometer/hygrometer, mini clip fan, and a light timer. This kit is perfect for a beginner who may not be sure of everything that will be needed to get that first plant on its way.
Organic Grow Room Deluxe with Urban Grower

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4. Virtual Sun Growers Grow Tent Box - $ 419.99

Grow masters choose this tent for a reason! It is the largest available at Virtual Sun, measuring at 96-inches long x 48-inches wide, and is a whopping 78-inches tall. The interior has a waterproof, highly reflective silver Mylar lining, and is manufactured to exacting industry standards. The large door gives plenty of access to the inside, making setup and maintenance easy. With an exterior of industrial grade, heavy-duty Oxford Cloth, you won't have any worries about wear and tear from use or storage when you choose this model. Not everyone is handy with tools, and for those that aren't, the tool-free assembly is going to be a major plus. By far one of the best grow tent kits on this list!
Virtual Sun Growers Choice Grow Tents

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3. Gorilla Grow Tent - 4 Feet Length x 8 Feet Width (Adjustable Height!) - $ 849.98

The patent-pending adjustable height feature makes this tent a good choice for the serious gardener. Imagine being able to adjust the height as your plant grows, all the way up to 9ft tall! Large windows make it possible to check the interior without disturbing the delicate environmental balance, and when you do need to get inside, the doorways have 360 degree, easy access. The extra dense threading of the grow tent material, and a tight seal keep any odors inside, and also form a reliable flood pool that won't leak. This grow tent kit is perfect for the beginner, or an old pro!
Gorilla Grow Tent Four Feet by Eight Feet

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2. LEDwholesalers Grow Tent Kit - $79.53

If you want a basic grow tent kit, you can might want to take a look at what this model has to offer to you. It is a medium sized tent that measures 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. This means that it will have an adequate amount of space for plants to grow to a considerable height inside. It also features a privacy screen, in case you need to store these plants in another room or location within a building. There are a few advantages and disadvantages of this grow tent kit that should be considered, however. One of the best things about this grow tent kit is that it can likely be used in just about any home. It is a stand alone grow kit, meaning that it doesn't have anything to plug in to the wall inside of it. You may want to add your own equipment later, but the basic grow tent kit will give you incredible freedom. Another advantage is that it is simply easy to construct and set up. All of the pieces are made of PVC, which is a lightweight material that still remains sturdy. You can just snap these pieces together without even needing any tools. As a base model, this grow tent kit will only cost $79 for the entire set.
Grow Tent from LEDwholesalers

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There are a few disadvantages that you might want to consider. This model does not include any sort of LED lighting or exhaust fan system. It is simply a bare bones model that you can put together anywhere. It may be cheap, but it also doesn't provide you with many tools that you can use to grow large plants. You may find that you will need to purchase some additional pieces along with this kit. Unfortunately, that will end up costing you some extra money and time to get it all together. This grow tent kit may be best for casual growers who don't plan on generating a high quantity of plants.

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1. Hydro Grow Room Complete with Emily's Garden - $499.99

Some growers may want a little more advanced technology when they purchase one of these grow tent kits. This Hydro Grow Room model will give medical marijuana growers all the tools that they could possibly need to get their operation off the ground. The set includes a functional heating lamp that will provide the perfect temperature in which young plants can grow. There is also a powerful vent fan that will suck impurities out of the air within the tent. You can even utilize the novel hydroponic system that is included in this package. Taken together, this can provide an optimal growing environment that will help you generate some large and impressive specimens.
Grow Kit Tent

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You might notice that this model is slightly smaller than others on the market. It is only 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide. You actually may not be able to fit many plants at once in to this device. But the plants that you do grow in here will be able to grow large at a much faster rate than another grow tent kit that you might find on the market. You might even opt to buy multiple units of these grow kits and place them side by side. With the right storage area, you could be generating large Marijuana plants faster than you ever had before. lighting systemgrow tent kitpump for grow tent kittemperature
The downside to this grow tent kit is that it is fairly expensive and is sometime complicated to set up. If you buy the entire model, it will usually cost around $500, which might seem a bit steep at first, but it's worth it if you are considering a serious grow operation. Because of the investment, this should only be undertaken by growers who will be committed to producing a lot of plants in the future. The assembly of this kit can be a bit difficult as well. There are a lot of complicated pieces that will need to be carefully put together. It may require some tools that the average grower might not have around their home. This grow kit may have everything you would need, but it will take your time to set it up.

So what is a grow tent kit, anyways?!

In a nutshell, grow tent kits are essentially small tents that provides the perfect growing environment for cannabis plants. Because a grow kit tent is specifically designed for indoor grow operations, they are the optimal piece of equipment if you need plants in a hurry or at sizes that you have never dreamed of before. This post will help you understand some of the basics of how to use a grow tent kit in your daily operation. It will also help you compare two of the most effective grow kits that are available for purchase online. Grow tents continue to increase in popularity for very good reasons. If you have a medical marijuana license, or live in a state where marijuana is now legal, using a grow tent kit is like growing your own vegetables in a greenhouse. The grower has total control of what, if any, supplements or fertilizers are used on the crop. You will always have access to medical marijuana that you know is clean, and safe. Location and climate are also two very good reasons for grow tents. Outdoor crops are a bounty for thieves, and climates such as mountain country that have short growing seasons, don't give plant's time enough to mature. Ultimately, the grow kit that you buy should reflect who you plan to be as a grower. If you plan to just do this as a hobby or on a small scale, then the LEDwholesalers Grow Tent Kit may be the best option for you. But if you want to produce large plants at a high quantity, then you will likely want to put down the money for the Hydro Grow Room. You could opt to start with the simpler version and gradually work your way up to investing your time in the large scale version. This could be a worthwhile investment of your time if you plan to be a skilled grower.
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