The 7 Best LED Grow Lights

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Are you thinking of starting a medical marijuana grow operation but don't know which are the best LED grow lights? Look no further! In this post, our experts have review the 7 best LED grow lights for your next indoor grow operation. If you find the lights that you like, simply click on the image to purchase. Grow on!

7. 11 Watt LED from Lighting EVER - $32.95

For those that have a florescent grow light system and are thinking of converting to LED while on a budget, the T8 LED Daylight or Warm White Fluorescent Tube is engineered for home or office lighting. While not specifically designed for growing could still resume the work of fluorescent bulbs for much improved energy costs and less heat output. It's because of these reasons why we added it to our list of the best LED grow lights out right now.  

11 Watt LED Light from Lighting EVER
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  These lights, which are definitely some of the best LED grow lights out at the moment, could practically lay on top of the plants with little worry about drying or burning; the only drawback being that, like the fluorescent lights, only around 15% of the light may be actually used for photosynthesis.The input is 120v, will save over 60% on energy costs offering a 36 month warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee. It's because of these great standard features that we consider it be one of the best LED grow lights on the market right now. Price: $32.95  

 6. Illuminator UFO 5-Band Tri-Spectrum LED Grow Light - $139.99

Designed to replace a 400-600w HPS or MH grow light, this eLoofa product is relatively compact at 11.5x3.5 inches, weighs 7 pounds, and provides a powerful 90w Red & Blue glow in the ranges best suited for photosynthesis that covers 9-16 square feet of indoor growing plants. Featuring “Peak Targeting”, the 5-Band system achieves what many tri-spectrum lights do not with high levels of photosynthesis as needed though “Intelligent” Balancing covering the Red, Infra-red, and Blue spectra.  
Illuminator UFO LED Lighting System

Illuminator UFO LED Lighting System
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  A plug-n-play device, these lights, which are certainly among the best LED grow lights online, have virtually no setup involved beside placement though the three clips on the back to be used to suspend the Illuminator roughly a suggested 8-14 inches above medical marijuana plants. Tech specs call for 12-24” to prevent damage for seeds and young plants when they're the most vulnerable. Due to the LED light producing less heat than HPS/MH lights it may be replacing, there is little need to provide ventilation for even small rooms. The Illuminator boasts an 80% energy savings versus the HPS/MH lights it may be replacing, an 'easy to remove' feature for its fans in the case they need swapped out, a 50,000 hour rated life span, and comes with a 3 year warranty. Talk about one of the best LED grow lights on the market, the Illuminator is a favorite among cannabis growers far and wide! Price: $139.99  

5. TaoTronics TT-GL05 90W - $149.99

Known for being some the best LED grow lights out there, the TaoTronics are are perfect for growing from seed to plant to fruit/flower, the TT-GL05. Furthermore, they use a trifecta of optimal color ranges of red, blue & orange Spectra that all plants perk up to. At 12.4x12x5.4 inches the TT-GL05, similar to the Illuminator, is designed to replace HPS/MH lights with a strong 90w 3 Band glow with 120 degrees beam angle for every indoor gardening and growing need. With a Ratio of 7:1:1 with the Red LED at 620-630nm (nanometers), Blue LED at 450-460 and Orange LED at 610-615nm Spectra for the plants to soak up, the PAR is supportive of every stage of fast growth from stages cloning/seedling through mature flowering/fruiting/budding plants and vegetables.  

TaoTronics LED Grow Light
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  Possessing three thermostatically activated fans, this UFO can be used in small spaces with no real need for ventilation or risk of burning and drying out the plants. 80% more energy efficient than HPS/MH lights with 50,000 hours life span, it comes with a 12 month warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. The TT-GL05 package includes a power cord, hanging kit and a user manual. By far some of the best LED grow lights out there currently! Price: $149.99  

4. Lighting EVER Brightest 20 Watt LED Grow Lights - $36.50

Again, converting the fluorescent grow light system already in place to LED, the red & blue Fluorescent Tube Replacement is specifically engineered for growing by providing the range of spectra that plants thrive on. While a bit more expensive than the White Light tubes, they are just as energy efficient while also bringing a more serious minded approach to your indoor garden or medical marijuana arrangement. Certainly a good choice in terms of the best LED grow lights.  

20 Watt LED Light from Lighting EVER
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  This 20w T8 light tube provides a Red and Blue ratio of 5:1 LED with a 2 year warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee. With its price and durability, this is definitely one of the best LED growlights on the market! Price: $36.50    

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3. Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar Flowering Best LED Grow Lights - $278.95

Revamped for 2013, the popular BlackStar 240w measures 15.8x2.6x8.4 inches with a coverage of 6 square feet radiating on 6 Bands as opposed to 3 Bands. Those bands being Red: 630, 660nm, Blue: 425nm, Infrared: 730nm, Ultraviolet: 380nm and White: 12000k produced by 80 3w LED's over a 3'x2' area. The words 'love' and 'amazing' are often associated to the BlackStar 240w concerning its exceptional efficiency at an affordable price as well as how each unit can be stacked next to one another for an uniformly expanded growing experience with bright and brilliant colors. The only con mentioned being that it doesn't come with a hanging kit.  

Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow Light
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The BlackStar comes with a rated 50,000 hours of life and a 1 year all-inclusive warranty. With all of these combined, this is definitely one of the best LED grow lights on the market at the moment. Price: $278.95  

2. G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light - $319.99

Similar in dimensions to the BlackStar at 16x8.5x2.5 inches with a coverage area of 3x2', the G8LED 240w ranks as number two for its 8 Bands of light for even greater photosynthesis and growth by adding real infrared (IR) and ultraviolet light (UV-B) to it's array giving a higher PAR than its competition for all types of indoor gardening and growing. Having said that, this is an obvious choice for one of the best LED grow lights out right now.  

G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light
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  The G8LED 240w comes with the standard life rating of 50,000 hours, hanging wires, power cord, and a 2 year warranty. Price: $319.99  

1. Medical Marijuana LED Grow Light by Urban Grow System - $1,250

Designed specifically for medical marijuana cultivation by Urban Grow, this waterproof 3 spectrum system has a brain making it the Cadillac of grow lights for the absolutely dedicated growers. One of the best LED grow lights around, this light is fully programmable via Wifi devices to mimic the weather and light patterns of hundreds of geographical regions to provide “light recipes” for immediate use. This smart LED lighting system produces exceptionally well for a low 200 watts making it very energy efficient as well as putting off such minimal heat that the light bar can be placed inches above the plants with no ill effect. Spreading the red, white and blue Spectra: This Urban Grow System medical marijuana lighting system provides complete light control with 60 degree angle beams for half the cost of using T8 fluorescent tubes covering.  

Medical Marijuana All-in-One Grow System by Urban Grow (Click for More Details)

  At 48.8x2.9x2.5 inches covering a 2'x4' area weighing in at a combined 10 pounds between the light and control box, the set-up is easy as is the software installation of LightSnap! with the provided CD (Windows 7) also including a Quick Start Guide and a User Manual including toll-free and online support. With all of these great features, it's obvious that is one of the best LED grow lights one the market! Price: $1,250

The Best LED Grow Lights Comparison

  Where LED technology stands above the light systems result from the intelligent designs of the top seven that follow in the obvious energy efficiency which can be well over 50%, the resulting savings that brings, built-in optimal spectra for various encompassing stages of growth with is extremely little waste of the energy used and the fact that they produce so little heat that could burn or dry out the plants. While most plants can grow from any light source, different plants thrive in different light systems. With regards to some of the best LED grow lights for medical marijuana, LEDs are engineered to emit making for Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) best utilized for optimized photosynthesis and growth. Made from non-hazardous materials, they are safe, and have exceptional product life spans averaging around 50,000 hours. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps such as Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) emit light that promotes flowering and budding in plants require a great deal of energy, heat and produces light largely outside the ranges that the plants need and use making them expensive, inefficient and a fire hazard. By and large replaced by fluorescent lights either by the most common T8 four feet tubes or compact fluorescent lights (CFS) typically used in homes and offices. While there are CFS's designed to cast light in ranges that the plants can use with better power consumption than the HIDs there are still questions about how efficient they truly are and require manual ratio changes between the Red and Blue spectra at different stages of growth. Except for ranges beyond the visible, if the color of the light is other than required for the plant such as visibly white, a portion of up to 85% of that light is being wasted. Green, for instance, is completely reflected by medical marijuana although, conversely, if needing to enter the room during the plant's sleep cycle, using a green light will leave them undisturbed.  

What is a LED Grow Light, anyways?

The LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is a light fixture that produces light through energizing a semiconducting diode and is commonly used in many familiar devices such as flashlights, watches, cell phones, and computer screens. In recent years, this technology has become the  standard among indoor medical marijuana growers. There are many reasons for this but the most important is that the best LED grow lights provide greater energy efficiency and tend to produce the best results in terms of yield of crop and value of product. We hope you enjoyed our post on the 7 best LED grow lights on the market. Good luck in your search for what you consider to be the best LED grow lights!  

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