Linx Hypnos Zero Review

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Introducing the Linx Hypnos Zero, the newest edition to the Linx Vapor family.

Linx Vaporlinx is a Los Angeles based vaporizer company that has been on the forefront of innovation.

The Linx Hypnos Zero is their newest vaporizer and the atomizer has the industry talking. Theatomizer design of the Zero is a ceramic disc and packs a punch while delivering unrivaled flavor.

This is an innovation that we absolutely love!


4 Temperature settings

The Linx Hypnos Zero has four distinctive temperature settings; blue (low), green (medium), yellow (med-high), and red (high). Most vape pens have only three temperature settings with very little difference between them. The Linx Hypnos Zero offers an amazing variety between the four settings offering lower low temps and higher high temps. This makes for connoisseur quality taste at the low setting and monster cloud production on the high setting. In contrast, the Linx Hypnos original will give you a different experience, with even lower coil heat for full flavor hits! Now, that's not to say that one atomizer is better than the other, in my opinion, its a decision of preference; some like the coiled atomizer and some don’t. The best part is that the Linx Hypnos and the Hypnos Zero are completely interchangeable!

The tag line for the Linx Hypnos is “Hypnos is the god of sleep, he will leave you in a trance” and this couldn't be any truer. I was using this the Zero on the red setting and this pen literally put me to sleep! If you want to fight sleep problems, CBN Oil is the best cannabinoid for sleep, and has no side effects. 

The red setting is no joke!


The Linx Hypnos Zero is easy to clean and maintain. The ceramic disk atomizer does a very good job of efficiently vaporizing all of the concentrate, leaving little to no reclaim. The Hypnos Zero breaks down into four pieces, making it very easy to clean compared to most other vaporizers. I think I saw a couple of cleaning videos circulating on YouTube somewhere.


Air Flow

The air flow of the Linx Hypnos Zero is amazing! There are four large air holes inside of the ceramic chamber, which are offset to the four air holes on the outer shell. These air holes are situated in a way that prevents clogging. My main displeasure with most vape pens is that they clog fairly easily. Not the Zero, this guy hasen’t clogged yet!


Battery Life

The battery life on the Linx Zero is truly unrivaled. I find that this battery keeps going and going. Charging time is a little over an hour and lasts all day! This battery hasn t failed me yet when out and about.


The Build

The Linx Hypnos line is made of surgical grade stainless steel, which is another industry first. The care that Linx Vapor puts into its products is apparent. The fact that they use 0 paints, 0 plastics and 0 fibers reaffirms this fact. The best part is the glass mouthpiece. Kandy pens and the Dr. Dabber use either a metal or plastic mouthpiece which can impart a weird taste. The Glass mouthpiece on the Linx Hypnos Zero gives a clean and pure flavor, truly “taking your wax to the max”. The cannabis industry is heading in the direction of healthy, toxin free consumption and Linx Vapor seems to be leading the way.



The size of the Linx Hypnos Zero makes it easily the smallest wax vaporizer on the market. The Hypnos Zero is approximately 100mm long and 14mm wide, making the Zero sleek and very portable. The Linx Hypnos Zero goes for $79 and is worth every penny. I love everything about this pen and can’t find any flaws in its design. This pen is made for true cannabis connoisseurs who love to taste the subtle nuances of different Terpenes! The Zero is also perfect for inexperienced users that want to get into concentrates but are intimidated by dab rigs and blow torches. I give the Linx Hypnos Zero two green thumbs up.

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