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 In the market for a new glass water pipe for the collection? We've reviewed some of the best glass water pipes for sale online and picked our favorites, take a look! If you find something you like you can click any image to purchase.

10. Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong by Grav Labs - 16 Inches - Assorted Colors

Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong by Grav Labs - 16 Inches - Assorted Colors

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The Honeycomb Disc Percolator in this Straight Bong by Grav Labs, has made a big impression in the world of the glass water pipe. The amazing bubble capacity of the Honeycomb Perc, combined with a showerhead cut downstem provide the ultimate in filtering power. An ice-catcher cools every draw, and also doubles as a splash guard to keep bong water in the tube where it belongs. This stylish, sturdy glass water pipe is fashioned from borosilicate, and the toughness of that substance is legendary, so the durability of this Bong is a given. Grav Labs has been in business over ten-years, and according to many satisfied customers, anything that carries their name on it is worth owning. The quality control, and pure artistry that have gone into this Water Pipe will speak for themselves the first time it's used.  

9. Nano Direct Inject Honeycomb Bong Dab Rig by Grav Labs - Mini - 8 Inches - Aqua

Nano Direct Inject Honeycomb Bong Dab Rig by Grav Labs - glass water pipe

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The Nano Direct Inject is another fine example of the quality to be found in a Grav Labs glass water pipe. This Water Pipe was designed for dabbing concentrates, and at only 8-inches, it's a comfortable size to hold securely with one hand. When you do set it down, the Nano rests securely on a stable round base. Even if were to be tipped over, there are no worries about breaking it because the borosilicate it's fashioned from is very durable. Slitted, 8-arm tree percs in bongs this size aren't that common. The bubbling, filtering power of the Honeycomb in this glass water pipe puts it far ahead of any competition. The Grav Labs decal, APPLIED to the clear glass in a variety of colors, adds a touch of class that makes you proud to own it.  

8. Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Nano Bong by Grav Labs - Mini - 8 Inches

Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Nano Bong by Grav Labs - Mini - 8 Inches - Assorted Colors

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Even if money isn't a problem, when it's spent on something that falls apart, or breaks after just a few uses, that can be very frustrating. This stylish glass water pipe, the Nano Bong, comes from Grav Labs, and with just minimal care, it will never let you down. Quality control still means something at Grav Labs, and they are a well recognized name in smoking accessory's. You might not expect something only 8-inches tall to have the kind of percolation power this bong does, and if that's the case, the first draw through its Honeycomb Disc is going to be a very pleasant surprise. Grav Labs is famous for never using less than the best borosilicate to fashion a glass water pipe, and the durability of this substance, plus the convenient size of the Nano make it very easy to travel with. The artistry, attention to detail, and pure function of this bong make it the kind of smoking accessory you can be proud to add to any collection. It can be a very satisfying thing to own the kind of pipe that once it's been passed around, everyone asks where they can get one.  

7. 8-Arm Percolator Glass Water Pipe With Ice Catcher - Assorted Colors - 18 Inches

8-Arm Percolator Bong With Ice Catcher - Assorted Colors - 18 Inches

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This glass water pipe has the perfect combination of a pleasing appearance, powerful function, and durability. The 8-arm Percolator Bong comes with an ice catcher that adds cooling to all that filtering power, and few, if any, other brands currently on the market even come close to this 18-inch tall masterpiece. Thick, glass on glass construction gives this bong strength you can trust; it is made to be used, and with just minimal care, this glass water pipe will be around for years, ready to work when you need it to. Two 8-arm percs provide the kind of filtering power that make it hard to settle for less once you've used it, and they are the biggest reason it sells out so often. If you are seeing a "Sold Out" notice, don't give up, it will be available again soon, and make you glad you waited.  

6. Helix Nano Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs - Mini - 10 Inches - Assorted Colors

Helix nano flare base bong.

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The Helix Nano Flare Base, by Grav Labs, hasn't been around long, and it's already setting new industry standards. The color work is so well-done, some claim it actually adds to the pleasure of using this glass water pipe. The pure functioning power of this 10-inch Mini Bong comes from a direction intake stem, plus a matching x-cut downstem. It only takes one hit from the Helix Nano to prove you made a good choice. Any glass water pipe that carries the Helix name, and comes from Grav Labs, brings an extra touch of class to any collection it joins. This Mini Bong shows that craftsmanship, function, and durability still mean something at Grav Labs.  

5. Helix Nano Beaker Base Bong by Grav Labs - Mini - 10 Inches - Assorted Colors

Helix nano beaker base bong.

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Glass water pipes with a beaker base are fairly common, but what puts the Helix Nano in a class of its own is a direction intake stem, and matching x-cut downstem. This Helix sets industry standards for others to follow, if they can. A Mini Bong like this is a definite "must have," and can't help but improve any collection it joins. If quality, function, and durability are important to you, this 10-inch wonder has them all. One thing that keeps Grav Labs at the top in glass smoking accessory's is the fact they do not cut corners by trying to use low-grade materials. All their glass merchandise is made from borosilicate, including the Helix Nano Mini, and you can trust it to be strong. Obviously, not all glass water pipe brands are created equally, and some of the "cheaper" ones often feel as if they could shatter in your hand. You'll be able to feel the quality, and strength built into this Nano the first time you touch it.  

4. Nano Beaker Base Bong by Grav Labs - Mini - 8 Inches - White

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This Nano Beaker Base, from Grav Labs, has the potential to become a new favorite after just one use. a glass water pipe can be found almost anywhere you look, but if they aren't made from the same lab-grade borosilicate this Nano is, some aren't worth the postage to return them. One thing that keeps Grav Labs at the top of their profession is they refuse to use low quality material in any of their merchandise, and that policy really shows in this awesome little Mini bong. A slitted, 8-arm tree perc, plus the downstem diffuser in this little wonder produce a well-filtered, comfortable draw, and the funnel slider bowl allows for easy clearing of any left-over smoke so nothing is wasted. Quality, durability, and dependable function put this glass water pipe forward as a market favorite, and make you proud to display it with the Grav Labs decal in plain sight for all to see, and admire.  

3. Twisted Glass Double Honeycomb Glass Water Pipe - Assorted Colors - 15 Inches

Twisted Glass Double Honeycomb Bong - Assorted Colors - 15 Inches

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Shopping for a glass water pipe can be a frustrating experience because there are so many of them crowding the market these days. The popularity of the Twisted Glass, Double Honeycomb Bong speaks for itself with a very long list of satisfied customers. The whole point in owning a bong is a cleaner, better-filtered hit. The magic behind the power of the Honeycomb is dozens of tiny holes which help produce the kind of silky smooth draws bongs were invented for in the first place. This 15-inch bong is made from lab-grade borosilicate (pyrex) glass so you can count on its durability, plus, the strength of this substance makes it easy to transport without fear of damage. Some glass water pipes feel so thin, it can be difficult to relax and enjoy them. That is never a problem with this thick glass water pipe; you'll be able to feel its comforting strength the moment you pick it up.  

2. Glass Beaker Base Bong with Tree Perc by Grav Labs - 16 Inches

Grav Labs tree perc beaker base glass water pipe.

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A beaker base glass water pipe like this is a staple in most collections. It doesn't really matter how many of them you may already have, a lot of smokers would agree if they don't say Grav Labs, the collection is in-complete. The 16-inch Beaker Base of this bong won't tip over easily which makes it a good one for table top use. It is possible to knock it over, but even then, the lab-grade borosilicate (Pyrex) all Grav Labs glass merchandise is made from means durability. You would have to go out of your way to damage this bong, and it wouldn't be easy. The tree perc, and downstem do everything you expect, and more. It is from Grav Labs after all, and they are famous for their filtering systems. Once you draw a hit through this glass water pipe, what you inhale is tastier, smoother, and cooler than you will get from any of its competition; if you aren't already a Grav Labs fan, smoking from this bong just one time will make you a believer.  

1. Helix Straight Base Bong by Grav Labs - 18 inches

helix bongs for sale

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The Helix Straight Base is, at 18-inches, one of Grav Labs finest glass water pipes. Made of top-quality borosilicate, this glass water pipe has a comfortable thickness you can feel. It's easy to see the skill that went into producing this big beauty, and once you've tried it, the extreme function is obvious. A generously sized funnel bowl allows for plenty of time to enjoy it before reloading becomes necessary. This is definitely the one to have for larger gatherings where smaller bowls can be very inconvenient. The ice catcher/splash guard ensures that every hit will be a well-chilled, dry pleasure. Anyone who has ever used a bong that does not have a splash guard will appreciate this feature. The potential for color work on glass water pipe is one thing that makes them so popular, and the well-done, tasteful shades on the mouthpiece, and foot of this Helix are a good example of the talent on the Grav Labs staff. The etched Grav Labs logo is going to draw attention to the fact you know quality, and class when you see it.

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