Review of Billowby: The World’s Online Headshop

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Created on the historic Haight Street in San Francisco, California, Billowby is not your usual headshop. For starters, Billowby operates exclusively online via their e-commerce store at and puts a high degree of emphasis on customer experience, user interface design and branding. Unlike other headshops that target traditional cannabis market segments like the usual tie-dyed wearing hippie or red-eyed stoner sporting a Bob Marley shirt, Billowby chooses to go after the more tech-savvy mainstream market one might find in a hipster coffee shop in Manhattan. After stumbling upon Billowby, we've since tried out their service and have purchased numerous products on their store. Below is our official review of Billowby. Enjoy!   Billowby Logo    

Product Selection

Though a bit smaller than some other headshops (as of this writing Billowby has around 700+ products in their online store), Billowby obsessively curates each of their products to make sure that they fit within the overall "Billowby aesthetic." Along the same lines, Billowby prefers to sell products that are made from lesser-known companies who can spend more time on making sure that the products are both unique and of high quality. This can be seen in products like Elevate Accessories' Slim Inline Bubbler or  Grav Labs' Helix collection of products.  
Billowby does all of their own products shots, like this one of an Elevate Accessories' Bubbler.

Billowby does all of their own products shots, like this one of an Elevate Accessories' Bubbler.


Customer Support

Like many of our readers, we've been buying smoking accessories both online and offline for a long, long time now. However, we've NEVER come across an online headshop like Billowby that focused so much of their time pleasing their customers. Not only do that have a feature that allows you to chat directly with their customer support, they have an average response time of under 20 minutes! Even with larger e-commerce stores like Amazon or Zappos you don't get customer service as fast as Billowby's customer support. Case in point, when purchasing a lava pipe (yes, you read that right!) earlier this year, we began the process by chatting with a customer service rep from Billowby. Besides being extremely knowledgeable about the product, the rep helped us choose the color that was right for us (we ended up going with the 22k gold one) and gave us their personal email for other questions. We made the purchase and in received our beautiful pipe in just a few short days.  

Billowby's aesthetic tends to be a bit more quirkier than others.


Shipping Policy

As of this writing, Billowby ships to just under 20 different countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK and most other European countries. Though we're based in the U.S. the shipping rates to other countries seemed to be on par with other websites and oftentimes much cheaper than alternatives.  


Billowby's pricing of their products seems to be about the same as other online headshops and many times much, much cheaper. An example of Billowby's lower-priced items compared to their competitors can be found in many of their Grav Labs' products. While we don't know the exact reason for this, we suspect that it's because of the extensive line of products that they offer from Grav Labs out of Austin, TX. Either way, who cares! We love Grav Labs pipes and bongs and we love Billowby for selling them more cheaply than other competitors!  

Overall Experience

In conclusion of this Billowby review, we here at the College of Cannabis highly recommend if you're looking for a good user experience, low prices, unique and well-made products, and quality customer support. Billowby far outweighs the competition in these categories and is a much-need breath of fresh air for customers looking for their next smoking accessory. We rate Billowby 5-out-of-5 stars and will continue to shop there in the future. Check them out for yourself at! We hoped your enjoyed our Billowby review!  

More Information

For more information, follow Billowby on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr!        

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