Top 15 Best Weed Shirts for Sale Online

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Are you looking for the best weed shirts for sale online? If so, we've got your covered (literally)! We've found and reviewed the Top 15 Best Weed Shirts for Sale online. If you find one that you like, simply click on the image to purchase. Smoke on!

15. Just Hit It Weed Shirts - $14.99

Start the next new trend with this hip shirt. Imprinted with the iconic "swoosh" with a herb montage twist, this marijuana shirt sports the new catch phrase, "Just Hit It." Enough said about this sleek 100 percent cotton, short sleeved shirt with green lettering on black field. A great work out shirt, be the new hip person at your local gym. Definitely a shirt that will make anyone's list of the best weed shirts for sale online!  
Just Hit It

Just Hit It
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14. Cartoon Hands Roll A Joint Men's Weed T-Shirt - $12.99

Go looney toons with your friends, with this weed shirt adorned with white gloved hands demonstrating the proper "hold and roll" technique. No instructions are needed with this cannabis shirt. A great party favorite this is the perfect ice breaker for those in the know! If you like bright colors in your weed shirts, this is the shirt for you!  
cartoon hands roll a joint

Cartoon Hands Roll A Joint Men's T-Shirt
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13. TeeShirtPalace Men's Weed American Flag T-Shirt - $19.95

Your allegiance is known as soon as you walk through the door as you sport your patriotic support of your favorite hobby. Your shirt will give new meaning to the term "stars and stripes!" a quick double take is all that is needed before one realizes what constitutes the elements of the wearer's weed American flag shirt. Do your patriotic duty and buy this American flag marijuana shirt! Great for holidays and sporting events. Definitely one of the most creative weed shirts for sale online!  
weed american flag

TeeShirtPalace Men's Weed American Flag T-Shirt
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12. Albert Einstein Smoking Colors Men's Black Weed T-Shirt - $16.05

Weird science just got weirder! This weed shirt poses the question, "what was Einstein really smoking when he thought up all those wonder theories?" These weed shirts also represent the notion that nerds can have exotic hobbies as well. Being studious does not mean you have to be dull. Books on the theory of relativity are not included with this marijuana shirt! Love weed shirts? Then you'll love this weed shirt!  
einstein smoking

Albert Einstein Smoking Colors Men's Black T-Shirt
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11. Ugly Christmas Sweater - Marijuana Christmas - $20.00

The holiday party that mandates holiday themed attire will be rethought with this marijuana styled Christmas tree designed long sleeved shirt. Turn your "ho, ho ho" into "high, high, high," as this festive weed shirt is the perfect holiday party ice breaker. Sport your own fashion statement and enjoy! One of our favorite of the best weed shirts for sale online!  
marijuana christmas tree

Ugly Christmas Sweater - Marijuana Christmas Tree Adult Black Sweatshirt
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10. Marijuana Cat - Pot Cat Catnip - $15.99

Weed shirts just got cuter! This simple designed weed shirt for all cat lovers is the cat's meow! Like owner like pet! Who needs catnip is reflective of the expression on this little kitty's face. A purrrfect gift for that special person. Just make sure that none of your friends are members of PETA when wearing this weed t-shirt around!  
marijuana cat

Marijuana Cat - Pot Cat Catnip
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9. Marijuana T-shirt Friend w/ Weed Is Friend Indeed - $19.99

Your next "rolling" party should be your testimony that weed and friends do indeed go together. A basic design with the universal symbol for the recognized herb, this weed shirt is hip as much as it is simple in its design and its message. A great "everyday"weed shirt, the message on this stoner shirt never gets old. Definitely makes anyone's list of the best weed shirts for sale online.  
friend with weed friend indeed

Marijuana T-shirt Friend w/ Weed Is Friend Indeed
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8. Marijuana Caduceus Pot Leaf Shirt - $14.99

Support the medicinal purposes of your favorite hobby. Adorned with the caduceus design universally known to all medical technicians, show your friends that you support medical marijuana movement and weed shirts. Simple in design but clear in its message, this medical marijuana shirt is a keeper for anyone interested in weed shirts!  
caduceus pot leaf life saver

Marijuana Caduceus Pot Leaf Shirt

7. White Glove Rasta Love Marijuana Shirt - $13.95 

You don't have to be a rasta lover to love this marijuana shirt which creatively presents a design within a design within a design. The rasta lovers will quickly recognize the rainbow pattern of red, yellow and green. The lovers will see the heart shaped design expressive of "one love" for all as the two hands come together as one. Certainly one of the best weed shirts for sale online!  
white glove rasta love

White Gloves Hands Heart Rasta Flag Love Weed Zion Mary Jane Men's Size T-shirt Tee
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6. "Faded" Tank Weed Shirt - $16.36

A tank top with a subtle message for those who desire to sport their hobby but maintain a degree of discretion. This weed shirt can be part of any sexy wardrobe and can be dressed up or dressed down. It can be a comfort shirt to just be worn around the house and its sleeveless design is also quite sexy!  
faded tank

Faded Tank Top
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5. Legalize Freedom Marijuana Shirt - $15.36

Turn your favorite hobby of pot smoking into a political cause with this simple and elegant weed shirt. While sporting olive drab military style colors, its message is respectful but also forceful. A great addition with a pair of jeans, this shirt is comfortable around the house as well as around the town. Join the movement or at least show your support with this neatly designed but still very hip marijuana shirt.  
legalize freedom

Legalize Freedom T-Shirt
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4. Mary Jane Tank - $18.85

Coming in at #4 on our list of weed shirts, this is a cute, simple tank top for females and males alike. The message is sexy as it is simple: Mary Jane. Who needs lingerie when this can be sported by your girlfriend or that special someone as the two of you indulge in your hobby of mutually interests? Like many of the weed shirts on this list, this stoner shirt can also be dressed up with jeans and a pair of boots. The message is non offensive and is actually a very cute stoner shirt.  
mary jane tank

Mary Jane Tank Top
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3. Medical Marijuana Cross Weed Shirts - $14.99

Bearing the sign of a medical cross this cut through design also shows your favorite herb in full blossom. Whether you are a provider or a consumer, this weed shirt simply says that help is on the way. The pattern is not so obvious that those with a more discreet taste may find it suitable for their casual wear. This stoner shirt projects comfort and caring and should be a favorite for all enthusiasts. Definitely one of the Top 10 on any stoner's list of weed shirts!  
medical cross

Marijuana Shirt - Medical Cross Pot
(Click to purchase)

2. Ugly Christmas Sweater with Marijuana Leaf - $20.00

 If you just have to attend a holiday party you do not want to go to or even like, then this ugly Christmas Sweater with a Marijuana Leaf is just the proper attire. While ugly, only to the trained eye will one observe what they may think is mistletoe but is actually a tribute to your favorite hobby. Its festive holiday colors almost masks the subtle design. Regardless of how many glasses of egg nog one consumes, this is one of the weed shirts that will be talked about for a long time to come!  
marijuana christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas Marijuana Sweater
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1. Cheech and Chong "Up in Smoke" Weed Shirt - $19.95 

A reference to Cheech and Chong's infamous movie, "Up in Smoke," this marijuana shirt is more iconic for its subject matter than for the cannabis joint on the front. Remember your favorite movie lines with your friends and just kick back and enjoy this weed shirt! This shirt makes a great gift idea for all of your friends anytime of the year. Gift this shirt to that certain someone who you know needs to "lighten up" and relax. Coming in at #1 on our list of weed shirts, this amazingly wonderful stoner shirt is sure to impress!

cheech and chong

Cheech and Chong's Mens "Up in Smoke" T-Shirt
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