Best Spoon Pipes Reviewed | Top 13 For Sale Online

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Are you looking for the best spoon pipes for sale online? If so, we've got you covered! We've reviewed some of the best spoon pipes available online. To purchase any pipe just click on the image!

13. Classic Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs - Large - 7 Inches - Assorted Colors - $79.99

helix classic spoon pipe

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It is amazing what Grav Labs can do for simple spoon pipes. Attention to detail, and pride in their craft give anything that comes from Grav Labs automatic collectible status. The experience of smoking one of these classic Helix spoon pipes with the vortex of swirling action this one is capable of, will spoil you forever. At 7-inches long, and being made of high-grade borosilicate glass, this beautiful spoon travels well without a case, and you won't have to leave it at home to keep it safe.  

12. Classic Glass Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs - 4 Inches - Assorted Colors - $39.99

grav labs large spoon pipe

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Grav Labs shows the same attention to detail in a spoon pipe, as in any of their glass smoking accessories. They care about their craft, and it shows in every detail. Spoon pipes can be made from a variety of materials; however, unless it's a metal spoon, none of them will match the durability being made of high-grade borosilicate gives this Grav Labs Spoon Pipe. It has strength built-in, and you won't need a case to keep it safe in your pocket, or bag. Grav Labs glass products, including this spoon, are made to be used, and enjoyed frequently; not placed on a shelf because they feel too fragile to handle. Assorted colors are applied (as available), or you can choose to have the decal etched in. Either way, this is the kind of pipe you can be proud to pass around among friends.  

11. Classic Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs - Mini - 5 Inches - Assorted Colors - $64.99

classic helix mini spoon pipe

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Spoon pipes like this Classic Mini Helix from Grav Labs can be a pleasant surprise if you're not prepared for the effect of a venturi chamber. Micro holes in the body of the Helix Mini give this 5-inch wonder more power than you might expect in a small spoon pipe, and it easily competes with pipes many times its capacity. Due to their size, spoon pipes are naturally discrete, but beware of carrying one in your pocket that is not made from borosilicate like this Helix Classic is. All Grav Labs glass merchandise is fashioned from the same tough material, and it will be safe wherever you carry it.  

10.Classic Glass Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs - 4 Inches - $39.99

  Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.32.10 PM Looks may not have anything to do with how spoon pipes work, but even so, some people claim that burning their favorite herb in something as cool looking as this masterpiece of glass adds a little something extra to every bowl. It's only 4-inches long, very easy to carry discretely, and able to be as stealthy as it needs to be when is use. The craftsmanship, function, and durability of this little spoon pipe are never in doubt, but it's the outstanding color work itself that can bring a feeling of peace just looking at it.  

9. Hypnotic Black & White Swirl Spoon Pipe - 4.5 Inches - $49.99

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.34.41 PM Often, when a pipe this unique comes along, it will never work as well as it looks but that's not the case with the "hypnotic" glass spoon pipe. Most collectors of unusual smoking accessories would agree that the shape of this spoon pipe has no bearing on its function, and at 4.5-inches, it will fit comfortably in your hand. Comfort is a plus, but the discretion a small hand pipe offers is just as important. There's something about hand-made quality you can feel as soon as you touch it. The "hypnotic" smoking pipe is 100% made by human hands, and no pipe produced by the thousands via machine can ever hope to match it.  

8. Handblown Glass Spoon Pipe with Rasta Colors - $49.99

rasta spoon pipes

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Spoon pipes don't come much more discrete than this Handblown Glass Rasta. At 3.5-inches, it travels well in any pocket or bag without being obvious. Well-crafted spoon pipes like this one, showing so much talented attention to detail, quickly become collection favorites. What keeps them in the winner's circle though is not looks, it's dependable function. Spoon pipes always make thoughtful presents for any smokers on your shopping list, and for the low price of this cheerful little Rasta, why not give someone something they will not only appreciate, but actually use.  

7. Heavy Beaded Glass Smoking Pipe with Swirls - 4 Inches - $64.99

heavy beaded spoon pipes

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The skill shown in the color work of this 4-inch spoon pipe will make you proud to take it anywhere, and though looks do count up to a point, it's the function of this Heavy Beaded glass beauty that matters most. Thick, quality glass used in this spoon makes it a favorite road-trip companion; it can be safely stored for transport in many places that spoon pipes with thinner glass shouldn't be. A spoon pipe with this kind of appeal, and at this low a price, would make an excellent gift for some lucky smoker.  

6. Handblown Chunky Glass Spoon Pipe with Rasta Swirls - 5 Inches - $49.99

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  Glass spoon pipes can be found almost anywhere smoking accessories are sold, but not many will have the excecptional, eye-pleasing appearance of this handblown beauty. As many of us have discovered, quality, function, and looks are not always found together. It is the nature of anything crafted by hand to be an original, from one to the next. The colors may vary slightly on this little spoon, but nothing else will. Every single one of these spoon pipes produced will be an exact match in performance to the one before it, and the one after.  

5. Colorful Glass Sidewinder Smoking Pipe - Handblown - 3.5 Inches - $49.99

sidewinder spoon pipes

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The Glass Sidewinder spoon pipe works very well as an ice-breaker, and its superb functioning helps keep the conversation going. Having such a unique shape may have no bearing on how it works, but even so, the first thing you notice about a spoon pipe like this colorful Sidewinder is its appearance. Collectors of the cool, and unusual, either already own this one, or have put it at the top of their next shopping list because they know quality when they see it. If you don't have a collection of "different looking" spoon pipes, this would be an excellent one to start with.  

4. Handblown Glass Spoon Pipe - Snow Paw - 3.25 Inches - $39.99

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  The handcrafted Snow Paw, is without doubt, a beautifully done example of what spoon pipes can be. Each one produced is a match in function, and durability, but it ends there. All are indivudally made, and there may be slight variations in color or pattern as you would expect from handblown glass. This ensures that the one you get is going to be the only one like it, 100% an original. Spoon pipes are generally small, and naturally easy to travel with, but you do need to be careful where you carry them if they aren't made from the same quality materials as the Snow Paw. At a durable 3.25-inches, this spoon pipe can go anywhere you do, and doesn't need special precautions to keep it safe.  

3. Handblown Glass Spoon Pipe - Inside Out Flat Mouth - 3.5 Inches - $24.99

flat mouth glass spoon pipes

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You won't find many glass smoking accessories this size offering the chance to be discrete, and quality handmade sturdiness together in the same spoon pipe. Obviously, at a length of 3.5-inches, there are any number of places you can carry this glass spoon pipe safely, and discretely. Sometimes, stealth is a must, and with a spoon this small, it only takes seconds to slip it inside a pocket or bag. Knowing you own something that is one-of-a-kind can be a good feeling, and since the IO Flat Mouth is made by human hands, not machine, you can count on it to be an original.  

2. Handblown Pink Glass Spoon Pipe With Cherry - 3.5 Inches - $39.99

pink spoon pipes

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This little spoon pipe already looked good in pink, but even so, adding a cherry on the side gives it even more appeal. Although most people will notice its appearance first, it isn't long until the function convinces them they made a wise choice. The quality of built-in craftsmanship is proven with the first bowl-load. Other spoon pipes made by machine in the thousands may serve the same purpose as this one, but they can't match how it feels to hold real, handblown quality in your hand, or come close to the feeling of knowing you own an original.  

1. Clear Dabbing Spoon Pipe with Nail Dome - 4 Inches - $49.99

dab spoon pipes

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This clear Dabbing spoon pipe doesn't need color to make it noticeable, or be the kind people are proud to own, and show off. There is a lot of beautiful color work to be found in the world of glass spoon pipes, but for some items, clear says class, and this is one of them. Every individually produced Dabbing Spoon clearly shows the talent of the glass blower that created it. Other than a classic, clear look to recommend it, this spoon pipe was designed to work as two. It can be used with either dry herbals, or dabs, and convenience like that is something we can all appreciate.

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