The Best Marijuana Clothing for Sale Online | Top Ten Reviewed

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Are you looking for the best marijuana clothing for sale online? If so, you're in luck! We've reviewed the Top 10 pieces of marijuana clothing for sale! If you find some that you like, simply click on the image to purchase. Smoke on stoners!


10. Stay Smokin Crew Socks Marijuana Clothing - $12.76

If you are looking for marijuana clothing then look no further. These black and green weed socks covered in pot leaves can make a dramatic statement. You are sure to receive plenty of compliments and stares. These marijuana socks not only make a statement, they are also functional. You will be shocked to see how warm and soft these marijuana socks are. These weed socks could be the center piece of your outfit or could be safely hidden underneath your pants. It is your choice how bold you want to be with your statement. The socks bare the statement "stay smoking" across the top of the foot in green. The tips and heels of the socks are green. The bottom of the feet has DGK on them and are certainly some of the best marijuana clothing on this list.  
dgk stay smokin

Stay Smokin'
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9. Marijuana Print Leggings, Marijuana Tights - $18.99

These black marijuana leggings are covered with pot leafs. These marijuana tights could look great worn casual or dressy and are a great edition to any outfit. Marijuana clothing can turn out to be great way to relate to those around you. These black marijuana leggings can set off any outfit. and are a polyester blend. These weed stockings are high wasted and stretchy so you can show off every curve. Although they are very durable, they should only be hand washed in cold water. Some of the best marijuana clothing for sale online ... especially for tights!  
loveliness green marijuana

Marijuana Leggings
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8. Marijuana Leaf Bow Tie - $8.50

This sleek black marijuana bow tie is covered in small but visibly detailed pot leaves. If you are looking for a piece of marijuana clothing that is unique then look no further. This black bow tie can be worn as a formal addition to any event. Do not let a black tie event stop you from expressing yourself. You can stand out in a crowd and share your views about marijuana with others. This bow tie can be a sleek improvement to any tuxedo or suit. It could even be worn with a dress shirt and some jeans for a less formal outfit.  
outer rebel fashion bow tie

Outer Rebel Bow Tie
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7. American Flag Weed Tee Marijuana Clothing - $24.99

This is a great marijuana shirt indeed. You can share your opinion of marijuana legalization by wearing this great weed shirt. Your pot shirt will appear to be a vertical American Flag. What would appear to be stars from far away are actually marijuana leaves up close. For marijuana clothing, this is certainly very unique. It is not just a simple shirt with a pot leaf on it, it is pot leafs incorporated into the American flag itself. The stars on the real American Flag symbolize the states. This shirt is very symbolic of many of the populations future hopes of medical marijuana legalization. This marijuana shirt is an excellent way to make a statement with marijuana clothing that is sure to impress. .  
filthy mens dripped weed flag tee

Weed Flag Tee
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6. MMJCO Dab Snapback Marijuana Hat - $29.99

This great marijuana hat is displays a sleek Cadillac style. You can look like a pimp in this fancy weed hat. After all every pink knows that pink and green make the world goes around. The brim and lettering of the hat is light green in color. Underneath the brim is also green. The statement "Dab" is written in cursive on the front of the hat. The green cursive letters are lined in black. The contrast of pink in green really makes both colors pop. It takes a real man to rock the color pink. You can adjust this marijuana hat. It snaps at the back with a black strap so it can fit virtually any size. A great piece of marijuana clothing indeed!  
mmjco dab snap back

Dab Snapback
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5. Rasta Themed Ganja Leaf Cozy Plush Loungepants for men - $20

If you are looking for a great pair of pajamas you should consider this marijuana clothing item. This is a unique set of pajamas. This marijuana clothing includes some rasta pajama bottoms. These unisex pajamas have images of weed leafs across the front of them. This is a cool option in marijuana clothing. The weed pajama pants are available in only this option. Of the marijuana clothing on this list, these weed pajamas are cool!  
Rasta Themed Ganja Leaf Cozy Plush Loungepants for men

Rasta Themed Ganja Leaf Cozy Plush Loungepants for men

4. High As Fuck Marijuana Shirt - $20.95

This is the ultimate marijuana shirt. If you like your marijuana clothing blunt you do not have to look any further. You will enjoy this shirt. This weed shirt is available in many different colors. It is has a V-neck lined in white and two rings around each of the sleeves. Furthermore, this weed shirt has the simple yet bold statement, "High as Fuck" across the chest in big white letters. This marijuana shirt can be a great addition to any wardrobe. Of the marijuana clothing on this list, this weed shirt will definitely help you stand out any crowd. If you are looking to offend old ladies and children then look no further. This is the perfect marijuana shirt. Just grab you friend's hoodie if you get pulled over. You don't want to make the police's job any easier.  
high as fuck

High as Fuck
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3. "Dope" Black and Yellow Snapback Marijuana Hat - $15.99

This marijuana hat is black in color with yellow letters. The 3D embroidery really makes the word “Dope” pop right off of this hat. You will be making a statement about your favorite pass time while cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers in this marijuana clothing. If you want marijuana clothing to express your views this is a great choice. The hat can be very versatile. It can be worn with almost anything.  
dope black and yellow snapback

Dope Snapback
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2. Artsmith Marijuana Dog Hoodie - $34.97

Your dog will look so gangster in his little 420 weed hoodie for dogs. Even the old people at the park think he or she is adorable for wearing marijuana dog clothing. There is nothing cooler than marijuana clothing for your pets. If you want your dog to display your views this is a great choice. This is available in white, pink or light blue in color. This has the state route sign on the back of hit with the numbers 420 in the center. Celebrate your favorite day of the year by purchasing this cute weed hoodie for the favorite dog in your life. This is a less obvious way to share your favorite pass time with your favorite pet. This is available for extra small, small medium and large dogs. This will help keep your dog warm and keep the wind of their ears this winter.  
artsmith, inc. dog hoodie

420 Dog Hoodie
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1. Grateful Dead Marijuana Shirt - $24-26

At first glimpse, this Grateful Dead weed shirt it looks just like a baseball shirt. Then with a second glance you can see that it has the Grateful Dead dancing bear logo. This is not the traditional Grateful Dead marijuana shirt. This Grateful Dead shirt is imaged like a baseball logo t-shirt. It is grey in color with the traditional dancing bear. This piece of marijuana clothing is super comfortable marijuana clothing. Do not worry. This is a knock-off band t-shirt. This is official grateful dead licensed merchandise.  
grateful dead

Grateful Dead
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