Best Handheld Vaporizer Review | Top 10

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If you're looking for the best handheld vaporizer available on the web check this list out! Here you will find the 10 best handheld vaperizer's online, all in one place! If you see something you like just click the image for current pricing or to purchase.

10. The BoroPen - Glass and Chrome Vaporizer Pen by Grav Labs - Complete Kit - Assorted Colors

The BoroPen - Glass and Chrome Vaporizer Pen by Grav Labs - Complete Kit - Assorted Colors

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The Boro Pen from Grav Labs is truly in a class of its own because it's the only one like it on the planet. This "first of its kind" glass and chrome masterpiece is making big waves in the smoking world, and already considered to be the best best handheld vaporizer you can find anywhere, at any price. The artistry, plus technical skill involved in taking a lump of top-grade borosilicate glass, and producing this Boro Pen from it, deserves a standing ovation. Any brand can claim they have the best handheld vaporizer, but Grav Labs proves it by making sure only the best ever leaves their work shop. The Boro was designed for concentrates, and its durable nature will make it the best traveling companion you ever had. This Vaporizer Pen comes with a pleasing appearance, function, and long life built-in to it. When knock-offs start appearing on the market, as they surely will, caution is advised. If it doesn't say Grav Labs, it's not the one you want.  

9. Vapr2.0 Vaporizer Pen Kit by iPuff - Chrome or Black

Vapr2.0 Vaporizer Pen Kit by iPuff - Chrome or Black

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If you need the best handheld vaporizer you can find, the Vapr2.0 by iPuff is it. Looks may not pertain to function, but they certainly don't hurt anything either. This Vaporizer has the kind of appearance that exudes class, and comes chromed, or in glossy black, with the logo done in silver. iPuff has a talent for combining design with function, and durability. The Vapr2.0 is a multiple choice pen, able to effectively vaporize either waxy oils, liquids, or dry herbals. Three atomizers are included, so it doesn't matter what you may be in the mood for, the Vapr2.0 can handle it, and a helpful little packing tool takes the frustration out of the loading process. Without a dependable power source you could end up with a dead Vaporizer, and that's no fun at all. iPuff takes care of that worry by including a wall, and car charger so no matter where you are when it's time to feed the battery, the Vapr2.0 makes it easy. Of course you want the best handheld vaporizer you can get for your money, and this is it.  

8. Glass Fog Chamber Kit by Myster - Wax Vaporizer Pen with Hard Case - Black or Stainless Steel

Glass Fog Chamber Kit by Myster - Wax Vaporizer Pen with Hard Case - Black or Stainless Steel

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The Glass Fog Chamber by Myster is definitely worth a look, and if you are only interested in the best handheld vaporizer you can find for the price, this one is worth taking home. Watching vapor form in the Glass Fog Chamber is the ultimate of cool, but what really sets this Pen apart is the volume it's capable of. In a matter of seconds, it produces the kind of clouds that come straight from vaporizer heaven. Myster is a well-known name in smoking accesory's, and the Fog Chamber Pen will show you why after just one use. This stylish, stealthy, and extremely functional unit deserves to be called one of the best handheld vaporizer's  you can find because it is. Portability, durability, and working like it's supposed to are three things you can count on when you add the Glass Fog Chamber to your collection. Designed for use with concentrates, it comes in either black, or stainless steel, plus a cool carrying case is included.  

7. Deluxe Fogpen Vaporizer Pen by Myster - Complete Kit - Stainless Steel or Black

Deluxe Fogpen Vaporizer Pen by Myster - Complete Kit - Stainless Steel or Black

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Myster has proven themselves once again with this masterpiece. The Deluxe Fogpen comes in either stainless steel or black, and though its stylish appearance is a plus, what counts is how well it performs. Designed for waxy oils, this vaporizer has all the function of a new, and improved v.2 chamber, plus looks, and durability that help it stand out in a crowded, competitive market. Myster is proud to present the best handheld vaporizer for your money. For those times when it pays to be discrete, Myster's Fogpen offers all the stealth you need. Included is a handy dabber/poker, plus a carry case that keeps everything together, and safe while traveling. Also included is a very cool, airtight container for concentrates. It can safely be carried in a pocket with no worries about the lid coming off until you want it to. Other brands can say they have the best handheld vaporizer available, but Myster stands ready to back their claim with a product that will work as advertised.  

6. AtmosRx Vaporizer Pen by Atmos - Assorted Colors

atmos dry herb vaporizer

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One sure way to know you've found the best handheld vaporizer you can get is when you see one you like but it's been "sold out." The AtmosRx, formerly known as the Atmos Raw, is one that sells out often, but it's just as quickly re-stocked, so any wait time is always minimal. Designed for waxy oils, or dry herb, the AtmosRx is ready to vaporize either one in 5-seconds. The cutting edge technology utilized in this vaporizer ensures you always get the most out of whatever it's loaded with. A wickless, ceramic heating chamber evenly distributes heat for more effective vaporization, and the quality, Lithium-Ion battery that powers the AtmosRx has a patent pending, spring loaded connector! This discrete and durable Pen Vape is built to last, and with just minimal care, it's going to be around for a long time. Available in black, silver/grey, or blue, whichever color you choose, no matter how many other brands you may already have in a collection, this is going to be the best handheld vaporizer you own.  

5. Iolite WISPR Version 2 Portable Vaporizer - Assorted Colors

Iolite WISPR Version 2 Portable Vaporizer - Assorted Colors

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If you want to add a touch of class to your vaporizer collection, the iolite WISPR version 2 is what your'e looking for. The best handheld vaporizer's don't need looks to function, but if that were the case, the WISPR would still be a winner in either ebony black, pistachio green, grape/red, or the pumpkin orange shades it comes in. The option of personalized engraving, combined with a color of your choice makes this Iolite Vaporizer truly your own. When you see thick, smooth vapor clouds form in mere seconds, and then take your first puff, you will know you just unwrapped the best handheld vaporizer you've ever used. The easy-to-read, butane fuel gauge utilized in the WISPR is very reassuring. One full tank is good for 2.5 hours, and it's always good to know just exactly how much gas is left before you need to refill it. A flexible, fold-away silicone mouthpiece (sold separately) is convenient, but in case it's ever misplaced, this vaporizer will still function without it.  

4. Bullet-2-Go 510 Vaporizer Pen by Atmos

atmos bullet 510 dry herb vaperizer

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Meet the Bullet-2-Go by Atmos, considered to be the best handheld vaporizer of its kind by the many satisfied customers who have made it part of their collection. When you vaporize, it shouldn't be anyone else's business, but even so, there are times it pays to be discrete, and that's when people really appreciate the sleek, compact design of the Bullet. A quick heat-up time, plus one-step operation, makes this Vaporizer the one to use when you don't have time to wait on slower brands. Compatible with Waxy Oils or Dried Herbs, the Bullet utilizes a wickless, ceramic heating chamber for complete vaporization. When none of your expensive supplies are wasted, it doesn't take long for the savings to really add up. You know you've chosen the best handheld vaporizer available when you see that it frequently sells out, as this one does. The power behind the Bullet is a rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery, and in the world of Vaporizers, it doesn't get any better than that. It may be small but that is one of the reasons it made the best handheld vaporizer list in the first place. Turns out big things do come in small packages!

3. Classic Portable Vaporizer by Magic Flight - Assorted Colors

magic flight dry herb vaporizer - best handheld vaporizer

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This classic, Portable Vaporizer by Magic Flight earns the right to be called the best handheld vaporizer of its kind. For use with dried herbals, Magic Flight is designed to function silently, and within seconds of activating the battery, thick, tasty clouds of vapor begin to form. Herbs are completely vaporized, and nothing is wasted. It will fit discretely in the palm of your hand, and after you've inserted the battery, a gentle squeeze is all it takes to enjoy everything this Portable Vaporizer has to offer. Pride of ownership isn't a bad thing, and the appearance of this Vaporizer will certainly make you happy to show it off. Presented in Maple, Walnut, or Cherry colors, the craftsmanship, function, and durability of this Vaporizer is all you expect to find in the best. There is a glass draw stem included, and everything, including two batteries, a charger, and cleaning brush all fit snugly in a beautiful, felt-lined decortive tin. The Magic Flight sells out frequently, but don't be discouraged, it will be restocked very soon. Owning the best handheld vaporizer of its kind is worth the wait.  

2. PUFFIT X Portable ASTHMA INHALER Vaporizer by Discreet Vape

PUFFiT X Portable Asthma Inhaler Vaporizer by Discreet Vape

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The Asthma Inhaler by PUFFiT X is the first of its kind in the vaporizing world, and already has many fans calling it the best handheld vaporizer they've ever used. PUFFiT X has the honor of being the Vaporizer that other brands are even now trying to copy, but why settle for a knock-off when you can have the original? The latest in temperature control technology is utilized in this Vaporizer, plus it has convection heating, and forced-air flow. All you need to do is activate the battery, and breathe. In less than 60-seconds, the improved, gold-plated heating chamber will fill with tasty, thick vapor. The Asthma Inhaler design is perfect for anyone who appreciates style, discretion, and superb function all in one Vaporizer. With all the technology packed into the PUFFiT X, you might expect it to be bigger, but this Vaporizer is the same size as Asthma Inhalers available at your local drug store. The battery life indicator keeps track of power levels so you don't have to, and when necessary, rapid charge takes only an hour. When stealth matters, this unit can be used in a public place without drawing unwanted attention, and that alone is one good reason to call it the best handheld vaporizer you could own.  

1. Helix Vaporizer Pen with Complete Kit by Grav Labs - Assorted Colors - Best Handheld Vaporizer We've Ever Seen!

Helix Vaporizer Pen with Complete Kit by Grav Labs - Assorted Colors

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Trust Grav Labs to create a Vaporizer Pen like the Helix! A custom mouthpiece utilizes micro holes that not only help cool the smoke, all that swirling action makes it a party favorite. The best handheld vaporizer's should be user-friendly, discrete, durable enough to travel with, and function as advertised. Since it's from Grav Labs, there's no doubt this Helix covers all four of those areas. Designed for concentrates only, this unit comes with three concentrate heating coils, a small dabber, rechargeable battery, and a USB charging unit. When Grav Labs offers a complete kit, that's exactly what you get. Everything you need to enjoy your first session with the Helix Pen (except your concentrate of choice) is included in this kit. When you choose a Pen that comes from Grav Labs, you know you're getting the best handheld vaporizer of its kind. Congratulations to GravLabs on producing the best hand held vaporizer I, personally, have ever used. Good job folks.  

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