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A Brief History Of The Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporization has actually been around since about the time recorded history began, and the custom in ancient Egypt of using heated stones to release the essence of plant material could fairly be called the true birth of the first dry herb vaporizer. Many centuries later, it is now a custom in the cannabis world to use the same idea for releasing all that's good in dry herbs, with none of the bad. It took thousands of years, but now there is a much safer way to enjoy good herb. Then, in 1993, so the story goes, a Cherokee medicine man known as Eagle Bill discovered the benefits of vaporizing from a California cannabis grower by using a heat gun to vaporize THC. It wasn't long after, with a few ideas of his own, that Eagle Bill designed "Eagle Bill's Peace Pipe of the Future," and herbal enthusiasts everywhere began to hear of a cleaner, safter, tastier way to enjoy their herb of choice. Dry Herb vaporizers may have started out as simple, heated stones, but they have certainly come a long way since then. Not long ago, a female Egyptian mummy was discovered with a small bag of herb next to her hands. Heating stones weren't mentioned in the article, but it's a good bet they weren't far away. It's still possible to vaporize herbs that way, if you don't mind an extremely long heat-up time. Most people prefer the convenience of more modern methods. However, this is a technique you may want to keep in mind if you are ever stranded without your vape, but do have access to plenty of rocks, and a way to heat them. In 1994 a Canadian company designed the first electric powered dry herb vaporizer. Then, in 1995, a Dutchman by the name of Evert began hearing about this new way to utilize dried herbs, and developed his own idea of what a vaporizer should be. His creation, "De Verdamper," has evolved since then, and graces many of our collections with Dutch know-how. In 1996, German born Markus Storz developed his patented valve balloon for the "Volcano Inhaler." By the year 2000, his company "Vapormed Inhalatoren" was founded, and the Volcano vaporizer made its first appearance. Hot Box vaporizers were the first, and some claim still the best way to consume dried herbs. The safety issues involved with smoking just aren't worth the risk. You can avoid inhaling all the unhealthy carcinogens associated with combustion by simply switching to a vaporizer, and once you have, smoking will never again be as appealing as it once was.  

The Pax 2 Portable Vaporizer - Assorted Colors

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  Anyone who appreciates a beautiful sleek design and impressive performance and versatility is going to love the Pax 2. Sporting a suite of internal sensors for monitoring everything, from the temperature of the air flowing through its high capacity oven, to how long it's been since you sat it down, the Pax 2 vaporizer is the most intelligent vaporizer on the market. The elegant exterior of anodized metal combined with low profile mouth piece and bright led display lights makes for a bold statement of modern design. The Pax vaporizer doesn't stop there however as it also includes a high efficiency litium-ion battery that recharges via a magnetic cradle. The Pax vaporizer really shines when it comes to performance. With lip sensing technology and intelligent temperature control the Pax vaporizer can actually adapt to YOUR smoking style. Like to take little puffs but don't want to get wisps of vapor? Cool. Want to take long slow drags without burning your throat? No problem. It really is impressive to see how far vaporizer technology has come since vapes started going portable.  

Bullet-2-Go 510 VAPORIZER Pen by Atmos

atmos bullet 510 dry herb vaperizer

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The convenience of a dry herb vaporizer like the Bullet-2-Go is something we can all appreciate even if we don't live a particularly busy life, and especially if we do. There are vaporizers out there you need a manual to operate, and then there are those that can take several minutes to be ready for use. The one-step activation of the Atmos Bullet was designed to be user-friendly, and once the power is engaged, thisdry herb vaporizer is ready to vaporize its contents within seconds, not minutes. The power of a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery working together with the wickless, ceramic heating chamber in this unit ensures complete vaporization of expensive supplies. With no waste, this Atmos item will quickly pay for itself many times over. Being frequently sold out shows the positive public opinion consumers have of the Bullet, and it is worth discovering for yourself why it's so popular. Designed for use in the effective vaporization of dried herbs, or waxy oils, the Bullet has more than trouble-free function to offer. How well it works is an important consideration, but there are times it pays to be discrete, and the compact design of this dry herb vaporizer allows for more privacy than you would have using a larger, bulkier vaporizer. It has the kind of classy, stylish looks you can be proud to own, and its small size means you never need to worry about where your going to put it when not in use. The craftsmanship built into the Bullet, and high quality of materials used in its manufacture will enable you to safely carry it in your pocket, bag, or wherever you choose too without fear of damage. The solid physical aspects of this dry herb vaporizer make it a good traveling companion because it can take a little bouncing around, and still be able to work when you need it.  

Classic Hands-Free Box Vaporizer by Vapor Brothers - Assorted Colors

vapor brothers dry herb vaperizer

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If you are at all confused by the sheer number of box dry herb vaporizer there are to choose from, you can simplify things by just going for the brand that's been around the longest, and that would be Vapor Brothers. There may be box vaporizers by the score out there, but this classic, Hands-Free version comes from the same people who produced the HF Original (Vapor Brothers), first of its kind, and their vaporizers have only gotten better with time. The hands-free technology of this classic box is the ultimate in vaporizing freedom, and considering the support offered to registered users (free repair for the first two-years, and a limited lifetime warranty), there is no financial risk involved. There are some dry herb vaporizers out there hardly worth the postage to mail them back, so you need to be just as careful about where you shop, as which one to pick. Vapor Brothers stands behind their merchandise. Producing quality vaporizers, and treating their customers decently helped get them to the top in the world of dry herb vaporizers, and they intend to stay there. Ceramic makes an excellent material for heating elements, and that's what you'll find in this classic box. Only the best, 100% pure ceramic is good enough for a dry herb VAPORIZER like this one. The steady, evenly distributed heat ceramic is capable of producing ensures complete vaporization of its contents, and greatly reduces the wast of expensive supplies. It will be ready to use almost as soon as you activate the power, and with minimal care, this durable unit will continue producing the same kind of lush, dense vapor clouds for quite a few years. Function, dependability, and durability are all important issues. This dry herb VAPORIZER covers all three areas, and even though a pleasing appearance doesn't have anything to do with how it works, it has that covered as well with a stylishness you can be proud of.  

Classic Portable VAPORIZER by Magic Flight - Assorted Colors

magic flight dry herb vaporizer

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This classic, portable dry herb vaporizer comes from Magic Flight, a trusted, well-known name in the vaporizer market. One hand is all you need to operate this small miracle. All you have to do is insert the battery, then hold it in the palm of your hand, and squeeze to engage the power. Magic Flight designed this unit to be user-friendly, and hand-held, dry herb vaporizer don't get any easier to use than this one is. This awesome little portable comes in a very cool storage tin (secured with a tight fitting lid), and travels well in any pocket or bag. Sometimes, you need to be stealthy when using a vaporizer. The absolutely silent operation of this unit, plus the fact there is no odor, will help you stay as anonymous as you wish to be. Even heating vaporizes all blends equally well, and you will enjoy the benefits of cash savings which are the end result of this feature. A glass draw stem is provided but if you choose to, vapor can be inhaled directly from the unit itself. If the stem is ever misplaced, you can still fully enjoy all the benefits this classic portable has to offer. Obviously, consistent functionality is a must, as well as quality manufacture, dependable power, and durability; all of which you will have with this unit. Photo's can only show so much. It's easy to see the quality in this dry herb vaporizer, but to truly appreciate the dedication to a craft that went into it, you need to hold it in your hand. The first time you use this dry herb vaporizer, and see the kind of lush, fragrant vapor clouds it can produce, it's hard to comprehend how so much goodness can come out of something so small.  

Volcano Classic Forced Air VAPORIZER With Easy Valve or Solid Valve Start Set (110V)

volcano classic dry herb vaporizer

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The question with the Volcano Classic, Forced Air dry herb vaporizer is what doesn't it have to be exactly what you've been shopping for? Considered the ultimate in forced-air vaporizing, the Volcano Classic is a sure winner. Patented technology built-in to the Volcano makes it the most user-friendly of its kind, and the quality of its craftsmanship speaks for itself. Everything you can see on the Volcano, plus any parts you may never see are all made of the best materials available. Always be careful where you shop for an item like this, because often, the poor quality of what you can't see is what you end up regretting. The people behind the Volcano dry herb vaporizer take pride in their business, and nothing less than their best will ever find its way to you. In other brands, setting the heat correctly for perfect vaporization can sometimes be difficult, and frustrating, but the Volcano has a solution for that. Using its rotary dial temperature control makes getting the heat right, and keeping it there, very easy to do. The air-pump is of the same quality as the rest of the Volcano, and you can depend on it for years of trouble-free use. The pure, dependable functionality of the Volcano dry herb vaporizer is a given, and so is its durability. A stainless steel casing keeps the unit safe, and if anything should go wrong, the 3-year warranty can help make it right. The featured, illumination on its toggle buttons may not be strictly necessary, but does come in handy when the lighting is subdued. The Easy Valve Balloons (ready to use), or Solid Valve start set, were both designed with consumer convenience in mind, and operate in the same user-friendly way.  

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