The Best Bob Marley Poster for Sale Online | Top 12 reviewed

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Are you looking for the best Bob Marley poster for sale online? If so, we’ve got you covered! We’ve found and reviewed the Top 12 Best Bob Marley Posters for Sale online. If you find a poster of Bob Marley that you like, simply click on the image to purchase. Smoke on stoners!


12. No Pain Bob Marley Poster - $10.64

With bold rasta colored stripes, this Bob Marley poster measures 36 by 12 inches. In addition to the eye catching colors this easy to frame poster has Bob Marley's famous quote "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" plasters across the front right next to a detailed photo of the man himself, Bob Marley. You will be able to hang this poster with ease wherever you may desire.  
bob marley no pain

No Pain
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11. Bob Marley Black and White Poster - $11.75

This Bob Marley poster is absolutely stunning. Measuring 30 by 40 inches, this fabric poster is large and size and features a black and white photo of a focused looking Bob Marley. Made of 100% polyester, this poster can be prominently hung anywhere around your home and needs to be washed in a gentle cycle and tumbled dry - to remove any wrinkles iron it on cool.  
LPGI bob marley b&w

Bob Marley B&W
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10. Bob Marley Triple Portrait Poster - $11.97

People love both the look and feel of this awesome Bob Marley Poster. The size of this piece is 30 x 40 inches and weighs approximate eight ounces which makes it simple to hang this poster without any hassle. This poster features a black and white triple portrait of Bob Marley smoking. The detail of the smoke is absolutely alluring making this an excellent gift. Made of 100% polyester fabric, when it comes time to wash the poster it will need to be washed in a gentle cycle, tumbled dry and ironed on cool to remove any wrinkles.  
LPGI triple portrait

Triple Portrait
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9. Bob Marley Smoking Ganja Poster - $6.98

This Bob Marley poster is printed onto high quality material for the most realistic and superb look. This poster measures 11.75 x 36 inches making it great for any area of the home. The face of this poster is full color and features a three face portrait of Bob Marley smoking. The extreme detail and 'Bob Marley' logo on the bottom complete this artistic look.  
bob marley smoking ganja

Smoking Ganja
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8. Bob Marley Playing Soccer Poster - $8.00

Measuring 36 x 24 inches, this Bob Marley poster is both easy to frame and makes a great gift for any music or sports lover. This three toned poster features the classic rasta colors displayed in thee distinct columns and rows. Each from features a different action shot of Bob Marley playing soccer while bottom has a meaningful quote about playing soccer. This colorful posters is the epitome of high quality.
bob marley playing soccer

Playing Soccer
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7. Bob Marley Rasta Portrait Poster - $11.78

The raggae superstar himself is artistically displayed on the front of this Bob Marley poster. Covered in red, yellow and green rasta hues in a way that is reminiscent of a water color painting, this poster 36 x 24 inch poster is a true work of art. With 3 portraits of Bob Marley this poster showcases popular art style and a beautiful array of Jamaican colors.  
bob marley colors

Bob Marley Rasta
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6. Bob Marley Splash Paint Poster - $3.49

Reggea fans will absolutely love this high quality Bob Marley Poster. The durable material of this poster can be hung anywhere and is also super easy to frame where ever you may please. The poster displays a white based silhouette of Bob Marley singing his heart out against a paint splatter of gorgeous rasta colors. This poster is both unique and visually stunning.  
bob marley splash paint

Splash Paint
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5. Bob Marley the Legend Poster - $8.82

People will love to decorate their walls with this Bob Marley Poster that measures 12 by 36 inches. The decent size makes it super easy to frame and hang in various spots around any home. The poster displays the world 'Legend' and within each letter of the word is a different black and white photo of Bob Marley doing different things and making various facial expressions.  
12x36 bob m legend

The Legend
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4. Bob Marley One Love Poster - $15.99

This Bob Marley One Love poster is both simplistic and visually stunning. The background of this premium quality poster features bold green and red stripes while the Bob Marley silhouette has a faint yellow tint to it in order to complete the patter on rasta colors. The look is made complete with 'One Love' boldly written at the top and 'Bob' Marley' displayed at the bottom. This detailed poster is both easy to frame and hang as well. If you're looking for a Bob Marley poster that will impress, this is the One Love poster for you!  
One Love

One Love
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3. Bob Marley Leaf Fabric Poster - $33.99

This Bob Marley poster is truly unique. Abstract rasta colored patterns cover this poster that is made of high quality fabric materials. In the center, you see a nice adorning silhouette of Bob Marley smoking and blends very well with rest of this poster. This fabric Bob Marley poster is double sided and made of 100% cotton.  
Bob m leaf fabric

Leaf Fabric
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2. Bob Marley Live Music Poster - $2.98

This Bob Marley poster measures 22 x 34 inches. This high quality poster is absolutely grand and makes a great piece of wall decoration. This simplistic poster features a black and white photo of Bob Marley holding a microphone and singing with passion during a live concert. People can both hang and frame this high quality poster without any hassle.  
(22x34) bob m live music

Bob Marley Live
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1. Bob Marley with Spliff and Guitar Poster - $4.82

Decorate your walls with this visually stunning Bomb Marley poster. The background of this premium poster is coated with bold rasta themed hues while a black and white picture of Bob Marley playing his guitar is displayed right on the front. This poster is made up of high quality materials and measures 22 x 34 inches. The prominent size makes it easy for people to display this poster wherever they may desire.
bob m spliff and guitar

Spliff and Guitar
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