The Best Ash Catcher for Sale Online | Top 15 Ash Catchers Reviewed

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Are you looking for the best Ash Catcher for sale online? If so, we've reviewed the Top 15 Best Ash Catchers online for your convenience! If you find an Ash Catcher that you like, simply click on the image to purchase. Smoke on stoners!

15. 45 Degree Phoenix Ash Catcher- $75.00

phoenix ash catcher 45 degree

45 Degree Phoenix Ash Catcher
(Click to Purchase)

  The Phoenix ash catcher, manufactured by Grav Labs looks like a mini-lab all on its own. The entertainment value of watching someone stare at these ash catchers they've used is worth way more than the price of this unique ash catcher bong, which isn't much considering what you get for it. Made of tough borosilicate, the forced percolation in its stemless design is amazing. This ash catcher bong comes ready to party, so once you've loaded the roomy funnel bowl, spark and enjoy.  

14. Syn Glass Fixed Pill Bottle Ash Catcher- $126.75

syn glass fixed pill bottle ash catcher

Syn Glass Fixed Pill Bottle Ash Catcher
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  The class, and functionality of this SYN glass ash catcher show up immediately in every way that's important. The Fixed Pill Bottle design is perfect for stemless tubes, and the lab-grade borosilicate it's made from gives it a very long life. The red SYN logo on the clear tube really stands out, and the very generous slide bowl size means more trips around the table before re-loads. Ash catchers are designed to keep trash out of the water, and this one does its job very nicely. This is a well thought out, hand made ash catcher bong from North Carolina; more proof that American talent is alive and well.  

13. Sasquatch Glass- Hornets Nest Inverted Ash Catcher - $140

sasquatch glass- hornets nest inverted ash catcher

Sasquatch Glass- Hornets Nest Inverted Ash Catcher
(Click to Purchase)

  The Hornet's Next, this inverted ash catcher from Sasquatch Glass is proof they know how to put a good bong together. Made from clear borosilicate, and decorated with blue accents this is a bong you can enjoy looking at as much as you enjoy using it. Included is an inside-cut, downstem diffuser with row after row of piercings, that offers very impressive bubbling power, and a smooth hit every time. Made in Seattle, Washington, every Sasquatch Glass piece that leave's their workroom is registered in their system to preserve its authenticity. A lot of people find the idea of owning a "registered"  ash catcher bong pretty cool, and it usually isn't long before friends order their own. Some definitely think this is the best ash catcher for sale online!  

12. Grav Labs The Basic Ash Catcher - $55.00

grav labs the basic

Grav Labs The Basic
(Click to Purchase)

  The clean lines of this basic ash catcher from Grav Labs are pleasing to the eye, and the price may surprise you; remember, cheap prices never mean cheaply made when it's a Grav Labs product. Made from lab-grade borosilicate, this ash catcher bong is a bubbler, and bowl with an ash catcher which does a very good job keeping the trash out of your toke. The X-cut downstem of this bong adds strong cooling and filtration without adding inconvenient bulk, and besides all that, this is another made in America bong that is worth checking out.  

11. Grav Labs The Standard Ash Catchers- $75.00

grav labs the standard

Grave Labs The Standard
(Click to Purchase)

Grav Labs has done it again with this thin, but serious looking ash catcher. This standard, 3-piece bong features a showerhead diffuser downstem that does an excellent job of cooling and filtering every toke into smooth pleasure. Made in the USA from tough borosilicate, all you need for this little workhorse is time enough to enjoy using it, and your favorite herb in the roomy funnel bowl. The color, Grav Labs decal applied on the tube tells anyone who sees it; you know how to shop for a good bong.  

10. G-Spot Glass Bong Ash Catcher - $53.91

g spot glass ash catcher

G-Spot Glass Ash Catcher
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This bong ash catcher from G-Spot is 7.1-inches of cool and unique. Made in Germany of high-grade borosilicate, this is an accessory actually worth owning. The 2-part, pre-cooling system combines a bubble chamber, and tulip bowl chillum. This G-Spot product knows exactly how to keep icky trash out of your water, and when you inhale that clean hit, you're going to know what a deal this one truly is for the price. This is one for the front of your collection shelf, with the G-Spot logo proudly displayed; it won't be very long before someone notices it and asks to try it out. If you're looking for a cool bong ash catcher, this might be the one for you!  

9. Grav Labs The basic 90 Degree- $55

grav labs the basic 90 degree

Grav Labs The Basic 90 Degree
(Click to Purchase)

If you're old enough to remember when bongs were mostly pvc pipe with bowls, you will truly appreciate this one. Grav Labs makes science look fun with this basic smoker's tool, the bong ash catcher. Made of borosilicate glass, you get a bubbler, ash catcher and bowl in one. This design is perfect for stemless pipes. If the X-cut downstem, or being able to choose what color you'd like the Grav Labs decal applied with don't convince you to click and see, the low price certainly should. Of all the ash catchers for sale, we highly recommend this one!  

8. Grav Labs The Phoenix 90 Degree Ash Catchers for Sale - $75.00

Grav labs the phoenix 90 degree

Grav Labs the Phoenix 90 Degree
(Click to Purchase)

  Meet the Phoenix ash catcher for sale from Grav Labs. The stemless design gives this bong a delicate look, but don't let that fool you. The high-grade borosilicate it comes from is very durable, making it far from weak or breakable. The forced percolation featured in this tough little beauty makes it more than worth your time to load the roomy bowl, and put it to the test. These American-made ash catchers for sale has looks, functionality, and doesn't cost much; what else does a smoker need?  

7. Grav Labs The Standard 90 Degree Cheap Ash Catchers - $75.00

grav labs the standard 90 degree

Grav Labs The Standard 90 Degree
(Click to Purchase)

Here's a Standard cheap ash catcher from Grav Labs you don't want to miss. It's amazing what goes into this simple, stemless design. The showerhead diffuser adds major bubble power without adding weight or bulk. This is another example of the talent at Grav Labs, and it being made from lab-grade borosilicate means you will have it most likely forever, unless you lose it, or someone swipes it, so guard it well. Finding another cheap ash catcher like this for the price could be very difficult, so you should at least click to see or risk losing out. When you fill the decent-sized bowl, and spark it, you'll be glad you didn't skip this one.  

6. Clear Glass Ash Catcher with Built in Diffuser Downstem- $96.25

clear glass ash catcher with built in diffuser downstem

Clear Glass Ash Catcher
(Click to Purchase)

Now here's a ash catcher bong that will have people looking twice. Handcrafted by artists in an Oregon collective, the skill and imagination combined to produce this ash catcher makes it worth looking into. Made from tough borosilicate, this clear glass smoking tool has a built-in diffuser downstem which produces very satisfying bubbles, and gives you a smoother, cooler hit that your lungs are going to appreciate. Considering how little the price is, you can take the cash you save, and buy extra herb to load up that roomy slide bowl with. Of all the cheap ash catchers on the market, you'd be very happy purchasing this one!  

5. Syn Pill Bottle 90 Degree Cheap Ash Catcher - $68.25

syn pill bottle 90 degree

Syn Pill Bottle 90 Degree
(Click to Purchase)

Here's a cool little ash catcher from SYN Glass that looks like an old-fashioned pill bottle. This one will make a unique, functional addition to anyone's collection. Made from clear, lab-grade borosilicate, with the SYN label done in black this little bong is worth the click to see. Handmade in North Carolina, the 14.5mm, inside cut, diffuser in the downstem will rock your bubble world, making sure you get a cool, clean toke. Its 90 degree joint is perfect for the stemless tube design, and the roomy slide bowl is just one more reason to check this one out. In terms of cheap ash catchers, we're very confident that you will love this one.  

4. Weed Star- Pearl Diffuser- $22.69

weed star pearl diffuser

Weed Star Pearl Diffuser
(Click to Purchase)

  Weed Star has done it again with this downsten diffuser; taken looks, quality and price to make it a very attractive deal. The test tube shape of this ash catcher with the Weed Star logo done in blue, will add class to your collection, and the price means you can afford to give them for stocking stuffers if you want. Made of quality, borosilicate glass, a gift like this isn't going to be broken, and thrown into the trash within a week. In the end of the tube is 21 flame-polished piercings, and you will feel every one of them when they generate the bubbles necessary for smooth, cool hits.  

3. Pure Glass Inline Perc Ash Catcher- $150.00

pure glass inline perc ash catcher

Pure Glass Inline Perc Ash Catcher
(Click to Purchase)

  This ash catcher for sale from Pure Glass is definitely unique in the looks department. The clear borosilicate of this attachment makes it a very durable, and wise buy. It features a 9-hole, slitted inline perc, and has the clean, simple lines associated with classic stemless designs. This is what you need to keep the trash out of your water, while cooling and filtering smoke at the same time. It easily fits tubes or downstems with 14.5mm joints, and 14.5mm joint slide bowls (bowl not included.) Of course, the Pure Glass label is etched onto the piece so everyone will know where you did your shopping.  

2. Sasquatch Glass- Hornets Nest 45 Degree - $140.00

Sasquatch glass hornets nest 45 degree

Sasquatch Glass Hornets Nest 45 Degree
(Click to Purchase)

  The Hornet's Nest is an inverted ash catcher from Sasquatch Glass any smoker would be proud to put on their shelf. Made of clear borosilicate with green highlights, this scientific looking work of art comes from Seattle, Washington, and the Sasquatch logo etched into the downstem really tops off the whole look. With its unique, inverted, beaker base shape; this smoker's friend uses less water, and yet provides all the filtration power you would expect. All the multiple piercings in the downstem could very well make this one a favorite, but that's not all. This bong is registered to preserve its authenticity, and also offers a replacement program to help protect your investment.  

1. Pulse Glass Worked Shower head Gridded- $360.00

pulse glass worked showerhead gridded

Pulse Glass Worked Shower Head Gridded
(Click to Purchase)

  Wow, this ash catcher is so cool; it looks slightly like it was designed by a mad scientist, but in reality, this awesome bubbler is created by Pulse Glass. Considered a two-in-one piece, it features a fixed, gridded showerhead perc, and is worked in eye-popping, beautiful blue tones, which makes the real platinum, Pulse Glass label really stand out. The mouthpiece and female cap are both removable, plus the cap doubles as a bowl holder. Made from quality, German Schott glass, this bong is 11-inches worth of flame polished awesomeness. Besides, anytime you see one (like this ash catcher) that has won awards at both the Hightimes Cannabis, and Kush Cup, for that reason alone it's well your time to see.    

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