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It's news to no one that medical marijuana has made huge strides in the United States recently and it is very possible that it may be fully legal within just a few years. This gives investors a rare chance to pick up on no named medical marijuana stocks that may blow up and net shareholders a tremendous amount of green (get it?!). Many of the medical cannabis supplier companies are trading medical marijuana stocks for under a dollar per stock as of this writing, which makes it cheap but, as with all penny stocks, riskier than most blue chips. Because a large swath of these companies are pulling in less than $5 million a year in profit, the chances for growth are extremely high given the nature of marijuana legalization efforts throughout the United States. It's with these factors in mind that we've chosen the top 5  medical marijuana stocks to invest in.

medical marijuana cash for the cannabusiness industry

Medical Marijuana is starting to be taken seriously by Wall Street.

Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA)

Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) is one of the largest suppliers of medical cannabis and it only is commonly one of the most popular medical marijuana stocks to invest in. The medical marijuana stocks of this company are currently selling at only 12 cents a piece which makes it a very cheap buy. This company can only supply the few states in which marijuana is actually legal so their customer base is prohibitively low. However, in just a few years it may be able to open up this base due to changing cannabis laws in the United States, thus affecting medical marijuana stocks.  When this invariably occurs, medical marijuana stocks worldwide are likely to blow up. Be cautious, however, because even though this is the most balanced of the marijuana companies it can still go under if profits aren't maintained. Certainly up there when it comes to the best marijuana stocks.

Growlife (PHOT)

Growlife (PHOT) is the next choice in medical marijuana stocks as this company specializes in selling hydroponic equipment. This type of equipment is needed in order to grow marijuana in an indoor setting. This company sells great products that make it easy on growers to make their product and they have been building up a bigger customer base every year. However, it is another risky buy because it is only in at around 4 cents per stock so it could end up going under. Growlife has a great lawyer team as well that has been navigating the company through tough waters to keep up their medical marijuana stocks. They look like they will make it out of the penny stock range and possibly becomes one of the most profitable medical marijuana stocks on the market. Only time will tell, however. If you're looking for the best marijuana stocks, Growlife might be your best bet.

Hemp Inc. (HEMP)

Hemp Inc. (HEMP) is the next of our medical marijuana stocks and is a company that has the vision to build itself into something truly great for the industry. Not only is the plant that they grow used for the flowers that can be smoked, but also for the other benefits of the hemp plant as a whole. There is so many different uses for this plant that many argue that this was the reason it is illegal in the first place. Hemp Inc. wants to teach the world about these uses that involve everything from paper to clothing. For the history of the company and its great vision, this is certainly one of the medical marijuana stocks to be considered.

Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS)

Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS) takes a different approach to the use of the chemicals inside of marijuana. With medical marijuana stocks in mind, they are looking at different applications for cannabinoids that are the other ingredient inside the flowers much like THC. There have been found to be many different medical uses for this chemical that can help with life long illnesses or everyday pain that an individual may experience. They have been developing new ways to try to use this chemical and apply it in the worldwide marketplace to help improver their medical marijuana stocks. This is a great buy because of the implications that this may have. If this company is successful it could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars very soon. Quite easily one of the top 5 medical marijuana stocks on the market.

Terra Tech Inc. (TRTC)

Terra Tech Inc. (TRTC) is a medical marijuana company that is all about helping the people cultivate their land. Whether it is farmers or just the usual household they have the products and expertise needed in order to use every inch of land. While the population of people goes up there is less space to use everyday. When land gets more valuable people may retreat to products like this to make the most of what they have. It is an innovative company that is looking out for everyones best interest and this is why it is a good buy. Everyone could be using these products in just a few years. Certainly some medical marijuana stocks to consider.

Medical Marijuana Stocks Summary

The marijuana industry has only become bigger in the past few years and it doesn't look like it is going to stop any time soon. In order to profit from this the most invest in these great medical marijuana stocks and watch as these young companies develop into something huge. Some are working on distributing marijuana, some are doing medical research with it, and some are making essential products with it. There is simply so many applications for this plant that it is destined to be a success in just a few years. While it has a rough past these new and exciting cannabis stocks can be the most profitable decision of anyone's careers. So that's our take on the best medical marijuana stocks to invest in!
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