How To Become a Budtender in the Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis Budtender
Budtender in a San Francisco dispensary

The medical marijuana industry is soon arriving at its Golden Age as more State and Federal policies raise their tolerance for the botanical drug Cannabis sativa. What has been a seventy year criminalization of this herb, behind thousands of years of historic use, is now being enthusiastically accepted as one of the safest and most versatile of natural medicines. New positions are opening in the marijuana industry and one of the most sought after jobs is budtending.

Budtending Defined

Budtenders are the social networkers, customer service representatives and the teachers; budtenders are knowledgeable in the cannabis craft and are serviceable to clients. Experience speaks well over knowledge, but let that not make the impression that if you want to learn more about this medicinal drug, you must resort to budtenders. The internet is a huge place and you can find everything you need to know about Cannabis, here.

Clients are patients who have been prescribed marijuana by their doctors, and they go to the dispensary to purchase the medicine. Budtenders establish relationships with these clients so that they keep going back to the dispensary. They ask the client questions and listen to how they feel and what they want. Then, they make a decision according to what strain is best for the client's individual needs. The budtender is the main sales rep on the floor; he is the educator and the cannabis botanist. "My experience using CBD Oil for Parkinson's Disease has been good, so far," he reported.

There are classes for becoming a medical marijuana budtender in certain states, and the more cannabis is legalized, the more education will be available. To date, schooling is not entirely necessary as there are no required certificates or degrees to become a medical marijuana budtender. However, there are projects underway in California and Colorado that may change requirements in the future. These steps are preliminary but essential for becoming a skilled budtender in the alternative health industry of marijuana. If you want to learn more about the cbd benefits, I recommend you to check the Business Matters website to learn more.

Three Easy Steps on How to Become a Budtender

So without further ado, here are three simple steps to get you starting on becoming a medical marijuana budtender at a dispensary.

Step 1: Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Nothing will make becoming a budtender easier than acquiring legal authorization to possess marijuana. In fact, evidence suggests that existing patients are quite likely to be hired as budtenders. They have the necessary firsthand experience with the drug, and employers look at the legality. Although, anyone who presents themselves as capable and experienced can work at a dispensary. To learn more about how to get your mmj card, check out our cannabis college online course!

Step 2: Get Educated

Budtenders must be educated about the appropriate use of cannabis. Because the availability of medical marijuana training classes is scarce, self-education is often the best route, and this usually means reading a lot of books. Fortunately, we here at the College of Cannabis pride ourselves in being the world's first online cannabis college with dozens of online courses and ebooks to get you started! Budtenders must be able to articulate to their clients how the herb influences the body physically and psychologically. They must be able to distinguish the types of cannabis and the different therapeutic effects caused by consumption of the various types. For instance, differentiating an indica from a sativa is important for understanding their individual properties, or understanding CBD vs THC. Passionate budtenders even keep up to date with new studies and breakthroughs as well as newly developed strands for their clients, and always keep the latest CBD gummy bears in stock, being sure to have the best CBD for sleep is also a good idea. Study the craft of marijuana medicine-making. Budtenders must be familiar with the different forms and the proper dosage that marijuana can be delivered. Dry herb, for example, can be smoked or vaporized; among the most common are a liquid CBD tincture, edible foods and topical salves. Being computer literate, or at least having basic computer skills will provide a huge advantage for getting a job as a budtender. Many dispensaries use industry-specific programs for their business, and this includes working a cash register or other point-of-sale equipment, learning new software and using social networking websites.
Any competent budtender must also recognize the state and local laws pertaining to medical marijuana. The ability to navigate the nuances of state and federal regulations will steer the dispensaries away from any legal trouble.

Step 3: Go Public

What's important is to be open and sociable. Sign up for newsletters and cannabis magazines, join forums and frequent your local dispensary to get to know those already in the business. It is very beneficial to maintain an internet presence; keep social networking profiles updated and connect with people and dispensaries through social media.

Budtending is about unlocking the potential behind a natural medicine that has been considered taboo in the mainstream medical establishment. Being a budtender is not necessarily about recreation, nor is it comparable to being a bartender. It is about supplying a source of organic cannabis to the population and helping clients overcome their ills in a safe and structured way. Budtenders are pioneers on a new front of alternative medicine, and they are responsible for shaping the way the mainstream positively thinks about cannabis.

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