The Best Stealth Grow Box for the Money

So you’re thinking of growing medical marijuana for yourself or others in your collective but don’t know which stealth grow box to purchase? No worries! After having worked with dozens of stealth grow boxes in the past, we’ve settled on the top 9 best stealth grow boxes currently on the market right now. Grow on! […]

The Top 10 Most Notable Marijuana Quotes of All Time

  Let’s be honest, we here at the College of Cannabis are huge fans of marijuana and sometimes we like to take a break from our coursework and have some fun in this business (who would have thought, right?!). It’s with this in mind that we’ve compiled the top ten marijuana quotes of all time … […]

Top 26 Most Interesting Facts About Marijuana

It’s been well established throughout the years that the marijuana plant is a fascinating and complicated one with interesting applications. From medicine to art to entertainment and culture, the cannabis plant is truly a beautiful thing to revel in and be amazed by. It’s with these things in my that we have compiled the top […]

The Best Grow Tent Kit for the Money | The Top 13 Reviewed

Are you interested in starting a medical marijuana grow operation but don’t know which grow tent kit to purchase? With all of the confusing and misleading information out there, we’ve taken the two best grow kit tents on the market, and have compared them for your convenience. Enjoy! Today we will review the best grow […]

Medical Marijuana Card and Patient Rights Logo

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card | MMJ Card Help

What is a Medical Marijuana Patient? As we learned in the Medical Marijuana 101 course, the only way to become involved (in any capacity) with the medical marijuana industry is to first obtain a doctor’s recommendation for use of medical marijuana card. Fortunately for patients, Proposition 215, otherwise known as the Compassionate Use Act of […]