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At the College of Cannabis, we understand that you're a busy person. Unlike other education sites that force participants to visit them in person, we are the Internet's first online cannabis college!            

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All of our online cannabis college courses are updated on a regular basis so you can rest assured that you're getting the information you need to start your own legal cannabusiness in California. As states continue to adapt to the changing cannabis climate, so will we!

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Our knowledgeable staff continually reviews some of the best marijuana smoking accessories from top sites such as Cannsy, the world's largest online head shop. Or go here for more smoking accessory product reviews and guides.  

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"The College of Cannabis was exactly the resource I was looking for. In just a few short hours, I everything I need to start my first weed delivery service than I did in weeks of searching the Internet. Nothing beats their online cannabis college courses!"
Scott Williams
"After the laws changed in my home state of Washington, I was very interested in learning more about the marijuana industry and College of Cannabis helped me navigate my way. I give their online cannabis courses a ten out of ten for their in depth analysis and ease of use! What are you waiting for?
Greg Dawson
"I'm so glad I found this online cannabis college! I was interested in setting up a small grow operation in my state of Colorado and College of Cannabis gave me all the information I needed. By far the best source of medical marijuana information for starting a dispensary or marijuana delivery service."
Samantha White
  At the College of Cannabis, the world's first online cannabis college that is completely free, we believe that legal marijuana is the future. Until that future is realized, however, we exist to help those wishing to start their own legal marijuana dispensary or delivery service to get the resources that they need. From educational courses to the best Gorilla grow tent reviews and beyond, we've got what you're looking for at the College of Cannabis. Further, if you're looking for work boot reviews, watch reviews, dog product reviews, cat product reviews, or furniture reviews, then we've got the right places to go. Do you live in one of the twenty states where medical marijuana is currently legal? Thinking of starting a medical marijuana delivery service, or learning how to open a medical marijuana dispensary, or how to start a grow operation? Want to become a budtender in an already established medical marijuana business? Or simply looking to learn how to grow weed indoors?  If so then the College of Cannabis is exactly what you need to get started in the cannabis industry. Our online cannabis college offers comprehensive, in-depth information from experts who have been in the business for over ten years. What are you waiting for? It's the perfect time to hop into the fastest growing billion dollar industry in the country. Let our online cannabis college get you where you need to go today!