The Top 50 Best Weed Pipes Online | Weed Pipes Reviewed

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Are you looking for some new weed pipes for sale to add to your collection? If so, look no further! We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the top 50 best weed pipes for sale online. To purchase, simply click on the image. Enjoy your new pipe!


50. Lava Stonewear Smoking Pipes by Celebration Pipes – Assorted Colors – $99.99

Coming in on our list of weed pipes for sale is this beautiful lava stone Celebration pipe is perfect for traveling to the moon and back! This circular design is a stellar world experience, perfect for larger hits and passing around with other marijuana tokers!


Celebration Pipes

(click to purchase)


49. Glass Mini Hitter with Wood Tip by Elevate Accessories – Assorted Colors – $64.99

This is the perfect weed pipe if you’re on the go. Shaped like a little baseball bat, this one-hitter pipe is small, stealthy, and very affordable! Of the qualitly glass weed pipes for sale that are under $100.00, this is one of the very best as far as class and stealth pipes go.


Elevate Accessories Mini Hitter

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48. Long Glass Gandalf Sherlock Pipe with Rasta Colors – 14 inches – $99.99

You’ll never forget and leave this gorgeous gandalf marijuana pipe behind! It’s a perfect long stem pipe and the design is great as far as weed pipes for sale go!


Long stem black Gandalf pipe.

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47. Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs – Large – 6 Inches – Assorted Colors – $49.99

This colorful glass Sherlock weed pipe for sale has a large bowl for its size and certainly packs a punch because of this. Despite its interesting shape the pot pipe is easily held and smoked so no worries there! When it comes to cheap but quality weed pipes, few are better than this one! Like all of Grav Labs sherlocks on the market, these solid glass pipes are some of the very best!


Large Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs

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46. Luxury Wood Dugout Kit with Glass One-Hitter by Elevate Accessories – $124.99

Overall, this beautiful wooden dough-out and wood tipped weed pipe set is a must have for anyone smoking on the go. Of the weed pipes here, this particular one is a favorite to carry and smoke. This pot pipe does have a joint where the wood meets the glass and that may concern some but rest assured there it’s tight fitting and will last a life time. As far as weed pipes for sale online are concerned this is one of the classiest and most functional daily smoker pieces out there.


Elevate Accessories Kit

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45. Six Chamber Magnetic Disc Pipe by PUK – Handblown Glass – Version 2.0 – $56.99

The design of this six chamber marijuana PUK pipe is both unique memorable with it’s design and form. Though it feels more like a work of art than a weed pipe, it’s sure to impress any smokers around. It does have a 6 large bowls so make sure to invite your friends! PUK pipes are sure to please!


Six Chamber Glass PUK Pipe

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44. Handblown Glass Spoon Pipe – Teal Blue Swirl Weed Pipes – 4 Inches – $39.99

This particular weed pipe is a beautiful shade of teal accented with bold black swirls. It appears that it may be a mass produced piece because of the high quality of the craftsmanship but each is in fact hand blown and carries a unique pattern of swirls. You may say this is art, but it’s actually a pot pipe and it stands out pretty well. For only $39.99, this is certainly one of the best cheap weed pipes for sale around.


Teal Glass Weed Pipes

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43. Clear Dabbing Spoon Pipe with Nail Dome – 4 Inches – $49.99

Just the entertainment of this marijuana pipe is worth it! We love watching the smoke traveling through the tube and it has a good-sized dab bowl for loading the marijuana concentrate, too. For sure one of the best weed pipes around!


clear nail dome pipe dab tools

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42. Handblown Pink Glass Spoon Pipe With Cherry – 3.5 Inches – $39.99

This cannabis pipe is made of high quality ,beautifully colored, pink glass so it is pretty tough and a great pipe for any girly pipe lovers. The bowl is fairly large and is certainly bigger than most weed pipes for sale on the market right now. If you’re wanting to be like the caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland, this might be the perfect cannabis pipe for you!


Pink glass weed pipes

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41. Colorful Glass Wig Wag Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $54.99

These little weed pipes are very unique in form and have a very affordable price tag as well.  The bowl is specially designed for fresh marijuana and you can taste every last bit of the weed as it enters your lungs! As far as pipes for weed go, these colorful Wig Wag spoon pipes are some of the best cheap weed pipes around.


Colorful Glass Wig Wam Spoon Pipes by Grav Labs

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40. Mini Sherlock Glass Smoking Pipe – 3 Inches – Assorted Colors – $24.99

Pretty cheap for quality weed pipes and we have seen it in shops for almost double the price above! The reds, blues, yellows, and green colors in these weed pipes rocks and they are the perfect size for easy cleaning. As far as pipes for weed go, these ones hit smooth and the bowl packs the weed pretty well.


Mini Sherlock Weed Pipes

(click to purchase)


39. Handblown Glass Spoon Pipe with Rasta Colors – $49.99

This colorful weed pipes awesome and fun to use as well! If you like rasta style weed pipes this piece belongs in your pipe collection.  If having a stealth pipe is important to you, this weed pipe is not the way to go, this pipe proudly displays the culture of it’s birth!


Rasta Weed Pipes

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38. Dark Blue Coil Bubbler Pipe – 6.5 Inches – $49.99

If you collect pipes as I do, these unique style pipes are great to have in any collection. Not only that but they do have a really good sized bowl and look even better than the picture in person. If a solid functional bubler is what you’re looking for in your weed pipes, there’s few that are better to have in your collection of handpipes.


Blue Coil Weed Pipe

(click to purchase)


37. Colorful Dichroic Glass Standing Hand Pipe – 4.5 Inches – $67.99

I collect a lot of standing glass weed pipes and this one is smokin’ (pardon the pun)! This colorful dichroic stand pipe has a very solid feel to it mixed with a hint of Japanese ‘dragon pipe’ culture. Fortunately for you cannabis tokers, it comes with a big bowl and the design covers up the fact that it is a very simple glass pipe.


(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)


36. Multi-Colored Glass Sherlock Pipe – Handblown – 4 Inches – $49.99

If you’re looking for weed pipes that are also very fashion-forward, you might like this modern, short stem, gandalf weed pipe. Though it appears to be heavy, it’s actually quite light while still sturdy. The bowl is perfect for weed pipes this size and with the quality of herb going up and up this is what you wan’t for a ‘daily driver’.


Flowery Sherlock Weed Pipes

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35. Handblown Glass Spoon Pipe – Inside Out Flat Mouth – 3.5 Inches – $24.99

This little birdie is cool as hell as far as weed pipes go. I collect weed pipes and the design of this piece is truly remarkable. I smoked it a few times, cleaned it up and is part of my collection. I didn’t want to get it all smoked up but the bowl is more than adequate and smokes pretty smooth.


Flat Mouth Weed Pipes

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34. Handblown Glass Spoon Pipe – Snow Paw – 3.25 Inches – $39.99

Though this cannabis pipe looks a little bland on first glance, it packs a large punch for how small it is. You don’t have to worry about throwing it into your pocket and damaging it because it’s not going to break due to it’s thick glass and sturdy design.


Snow Paw Weed Pipes

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33. Heavy Five Chamber Glass Bubbler Pipe – Handblown – Assorted Colors – $149.99

If you’re into crazy awesome bubbler pipes then you’re probably going to like the design of this piece. Red and yellow tinted glass is a classic look for weed pipes but this one still manages to make it stand out. Accented by intricate color swirls on the front and bold white markings on the stem this pipe is sure to catch your friends eyes! Of the cool glass pipes on this page, few are better than this glass bubbler!


(Click to purchase)


32. Heavy Beaded Glass Smoking Pipe with Swirls – 4 Inches – $64.99

This handpipe is basically a solid, standard weed pipe — it smokes well and has a good sized bowl. What makes this special is the incredible fuming and coloring! He’s awesome and there are several different designs of these guys and the price is cheap!


Glass Weed Pipes

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31. Handblown Clear Glass Bubbler Pipe With Green Accents – 7.5 Inches – $74.99

It may be a bit artsy but what I like about this pipe is that it has two elements: crystal clear and deep green on the bowl. The bowl is good and easy to pack and the picture does not do it justice. If you look closely, you can get an idea of how flawlessly the green bowl is merged with the clear body, all weed pipes should be this quality.


7.5 Inch Glass Bubbler

(click to purchase)


30. Classic Glass Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $39.99

You want to talk about a conversation starter! I have had some great comments, and people asking me about this pipe! It is heavier than you would expect and the colors have to be seen to believed!  Unlike most clear but colored glass pipes this one was not fumed to be green made of high quality green Pyrex! If unique weed pipes are your thing, this is likely the one for you!


Glass Spoon By Grav Labs

(click to purchase)


29. Classic Helix Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Small – 9 Inches – Assorted Colors – $89.99

Being made by Grav Labs and sporting a Helix attachment, this modern line of weed pipes has a great way of keeping the smoke cool. The bowl is smaller than most weed bowls but is still more than adequate thanks to the hard hitting nature of this masterpiece. The roll chamber and accent colors are awesome and have something about them that just looks dead sexy. As far as glass weed pipes go, this beauty is among the best!


Grav Labs-Helix Steamroller

Grav Labs-Helix Steamroller


28. Oversized Inside Out Latty Glass Spoon Pipe – Heavy – 6 Inches – $74.99

Being quality heavy glass it is a solid pipe and easy to clean without fear of breaking. The tight, swirling, lines of color on the body of this beautiful oversized spoon pipe speak to the care that goes in to the creation of these weed pipes. If you love the large spoon culture this piece will make a great addition to any smoke session.


(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)


27. Quick Draw Smoker Tool with Glass One Hitter, Lighter, and Hemp Wick – $24.99

This is a great little kit and comes with everything you need while traveling. It has a prefect sized hemp sleeve with room for a lighter, hemp wick, and glass one-hitter. Next time you’re on the go and need to quickly medicate, this little kit will be your best friend!


Simple one-hitter kit with lighter, glass one hitter, hemp wick and hemp carry sleeve.

(click to purchase)


26. Multi-Tool with One Hitter, Lighter, Hemp Wick, Poker, Clip, Rolling Papers – $39.99

If you thought the quick draw kit above was cool take a look at this, everything you could possible need, tokers tool kit. Being avid collectors of weed pipes, we still find this little kit gets more use than even our favorite weed pipes simply because of the convenience of it!


Multi-tool smoking kit.

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25. Hypnotic Black and White Swirl Spoon Pipe – 4.5 Inches

If you’re into hypnotic pipes, you might find this black and white hand pipes to be the perfect design for you.  It is bigger than it looks and is great for marijuana smoke sessions at parties. The glass is handblown and the pipe is light weight. And the best part? The glass bowl keeps your herb right where you want it, even if the pipe is used for portability.

(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)

24. Spiky Glass Dragon Pipe with Wings – 6 Inches – $74.99

This beautiful glass dragon pipe with a winged body can be perfect for being a portable hand pipe!  It’s cool that these weed pipes are functional and practically some of the best glass animal pipes available . It does give a powerful hit so if that’s what your looking for … this weed pipe is perfect for you!


(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)


23. Pink Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe – 3.5 Inches – $49.99

This little jewel is sweet and the pink color is choice. The weed bowl is perfect for an individual and packs well and what hooked us into buying was the simple, minimalist design. If you’re into colorful weed pipes, this pink pipe might be the one for you. And let’s be honest, you can’t beat the price!


Pink sherlock weed pipes.

(click to purchase)


22. Classic Rosewood Sherlock Hand Pipe – 7 Inches – $19.99

This unique pipe is awesome and and we absolutely love the combination of black handle around the brown body of the pipe. The bowl is good-sized and easily packed and the neck is long enough to cool the smoke. It is easy to clean and is definitely one of the best weed pipes on this list. These striking weed pipes are great for any collection or occasion!


(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)

21. Handblown Glass Chillum with Rasta Colors – 3 Inches – $9.99

This cigarette sized one-hitter is one of the colorful small weed pipes on this list that we love! If you don’t look too closely at it you may think this is just another chillum but use it and you will know this is one of the best little weed pipes around. The size is perfect and the easy grip rings on the body make it hard to drop, even after you’ve already smoked a few!


Rasta colored glass chillum.

(click to purchase)


20. Pink Glass Bubbler Smoking Pipe – 5.5 Inches – $49.99

If you’re into pink weed pipes, this little beauty is a no-brainer . Though small this excellent little bubbler hits like any regular-sized marijuana pipes. Its also a great gift for that special stonerette in your life!


Pink glass bubbler with white accents.

(click to purchase)


20. Heavy Glass Hammerhead Bubbler with Double Filtration System – 5 Inches – $64.99

We love anything unique and these bubblers are a great example of truly unique design. These weed pipes have a large cannabis bowl and come with a second filtration chamber. If you’re looking for a cool peace pipe for your marijuana collection, this is the one for you!


Dual chamber glass bubbler.

(click to purchase)


19. Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe – Black & White Spiral – 4.5 Inches – $49.99

The design of this pipe reminds us of a wizard pipe.  The bowl is perfect for about two people and is’t very hard to clean. For only $49.99, this is definitely one of the best weed pipes on our list!


Black and clear glass sherlock.

(click to purchase)

18. Heavy Glass Triple Chamber Bubbler Smoking Pipe – $74.99

If you’re into bubbler pipes, this tipple chamber bubbler pipe is certainly the kind of weed pipes you’ve been looking for. Ornamented with colorful accents, this beautiful smoking device is one of the smoothest hitting of the weed glass pipes on this list!


Triple chamber bubbler.

(click to purchase)


17. Portable Wood Stealth Pipe With Sliding Bowl Cover – Assorted Colors – $9.99

The price is absolutely perfect for this sort of pipe. We love the classy design and we think it looks great on display. The marijuana pipe has a good sized bowl that is easily concealed.



16. Chunky Glass Sherlock Pipe – Marble Frit – 6.5 Inches – $74.99

This simple Sherlock pipe is awesome with a compact size and deep bowl. It really feels good in your hands and cleans well after your smoke session. It is definitely a must have for any collection if you’re into colorful marble frit Sherlock weed pipes!


(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)

15. Curvy Wood Smoking Pipe With Sliding Cover – Assorted Colors – $12.99

We initially purchased this style of weed pipes because the design was so damn rad we had to have it! Also, we’re total Lord of the Rings fan so the decision to buy this beautiful wooden pipe was a no-brainer. As you can tell from the photo, it’s a long, layer stained hard wood, pipe with bowl hat, that is surely one of the best wooden weed pipes around. All that coolness for a great price too!


Wood pipe with lid.

(click to purchase)


14. Glass Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Mini – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $34.99

This 4 inch, clear Grav Labs pipe is a hard hitter and reminded us of a peace pipe for the modern generation. It’s made of quality pyrex with a design that makes cleaning a breeze. It has a medium-sized bowl and is perfect for parties. Pass this peace pipe along for your next tribal meeting! If you’re looking for peace pipes or steamrollers, this cheap pipe is your best bet!


Grav Labs glass steamroller - small.

(click to purchase)


13. Glass Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Large – 7 Inches – Assorted Colors – $49.99

These weed pipes, the big sisters of the pipes above, have a classic design with modern elements added like a no-shoot mouth piece! As steemrollers go, or any weed pipes for that matter, this is one of the best I’ve ever the privilege to smoke out of!


Grav Labs large steamroller.

(click to purchase)


12. Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors -$34.99

For the price, this is one of weed pipes that anyone should consider adding to their collection. Assorted colors are available to match any tokers style and with the Grav Labs name on it you know it’s going to be a quality piece.


Grav Labs glass sherlock.

(click to purchase)


11. Glass Bubbler Pipe by Grav Labs – 32mm – Assorted Colors – $49.99

Many would argue that this particular weed pipe should be in the top ten of weed pipes of all time list and I tend to agree. It’s unbelievably well-made and is adorned with the most beautiful colors in the glass. Not only does it fit perfectly into one’s hand, it has a rad etched Grav Labs logo on the body. We highly recommend this if you are looking for a marijuana pipe for sale!


Grav Labs glass bubbler.

(click to purchase)


10. Classic Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – Mini – 5 Inches – Assorted Colors – $64.99

You might be able to tell at this point, but we’re very much into Grav Labs pipes and glass Helix pieces at the College of Cannabis! For these particular pipes, each one crafted to exacting standards, the star attraction is the innovative fresh air jets that create a vortex of smoke, visible in the main chamber as you toke. This pipe has a nice curve to it and is perfect for marijuana smoking! If you’re looking for glass weed pipes, look no further!


Mini Helix spoon pipe.

(click to purchase)


9. Handblown Colorful Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe – 8 Inches – $74.99

This beautiful Sherlock weed pipe is both elegant and colorful at the same time! We’ve seen some weed pipes in our day, but we’ve never seen one that blends wood and glass quite the way that this glass Sherlock does. Unlike most other weed pipes, this piece has a 45 degree neck for comfortable use. If you like high-quality, unique designs, you might want to consider this cannabis pipe.

Colorful Glass Sherlock Pipe

(click to purchase)



8. Long Glass Gandalf Pipe with Black and White Swirls – 14 Inches – $99.99

Let’s be honest, is there a stoner out there that doesn’t appreciate a truly well made, high tech, and visually impressive Gandalf pipe? That’s what we thought. Easily making our list of best weed pipes, we adore the attention to detail and the fact that this shire pipe  is so interesting. And the best part? The experience of watching your friends eyes go wide as they take that first hit!


Long Black and White Glass Gandalf Pipe

(click to purchase)


7. Colorful Glass Animal Pipe – Fish – Handblown – 5 Inches – $59.99

One of the coolest of the weed pipes on this list, this animal pipe is spicy and hits hard! Looks great and is one of the best smokes we’ve ever had! If you’re into simple yet highly functional pipes, this weed pipe is perfect for you. If you’re into fish pipes, this is your glass animal pipe!


Colorful Glass Fish Pipe

(click to purchase)



6. Colorful Glass Sherlock Pipe – Handblown – Assorted Colors – 5 Inches – $49.99

The design of these Sherlock pipes is simply beautiful with the colorful glass accents and the transparent smoke chamber that allows you to see exactly how much smoke you are about to toke. The engineering that went into this weed pipe is simply breathtaking, as is the pipe itself. One of our favorite weed pipes of the year!


Colorful Glass Sherlock Weed Pipes

(click to purchase)


5. Handblown Glass Hammer Pipe with Frit Head – 3.75 Inches – Assorted Colors – $59.99

Do you like flavors with your cannabis? If so, this hammer pipe might be what you’re looking for! There’s no doubt that these glass hammer pipes are some of the best weed pipes on the planet!


Handblown Glass Hammer PIpes

(click to purchase)


4. Heavy Four Chamber Glass Bubbler Pipe – Handblown – 8 Inches – $119.99

For only $119.99 you can’t beat this sexy four chamber bubbler pipe for weed. For super functional design and perfect smoke, there’s not a better marijuana pipe online! Thick glass and handblown is this bubbler pipe!


Heavy Four Chamber Bubbler Weed PIpe

(click to purchase)


3. Sandblasted Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Green, Black, Blue – $44.99

Weed pipes are for sharing, and with these sandblasted spoon pipes, you and your friends can sit down to a nice, easy, smoke session together. This sandblasted glass beauty comes with a wide, sturdy, base to prevent accidental tipping and the long decorative silver neck ensures plenty of time for smoke to cool, even before it’s water filtered! With a built-in ash catcher, few spoon pipes are better than these pieces by Grav Labs.


(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)


2. Classic Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – Large – 7 Inches – $79.99

As far as weed pipes go, these beautifully crafted Helix pipes have got to make any top ten list out there for its fresh take on a classic look. As you can see, it’s simply stunning with its intricate coloring on the base that fits perfectly into any stoner’s hands! To top things off, Helix spoon pipes have a Helix logo on the front of these supremely bad ass weed pipes!

(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)

1. 3-in-1 Glass Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs – Bubbler, Spoon, and One-Hitter – Assorted Colors – $129.99

We’ve seen lots of weed pipes in our day but this multi-purpose pipe from Grav Labs is in a category of its own. Most of us have used a bubbler pipe or a one-hitter or a spoon pipe at some point in time. But have you used a piece that can be all three at once? We didn’t think so! Fortunately for you, there’s this incredible weed pipe from Grav Labs that serves all three purposes. Enjoy your new cool weed pipe!


Helix Nano Multi Pipe by Grav Labs - Bubbler, One Hitter, Spoon Pipe

(click to purchase)


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