Top 50 Best Glass Pipes Ever Made | Smoking Pipes, Weed Pipes, Hand Pipes, Steamrollers

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Are you looking for the best glass pipes ever made? If so, we’ve got you covered! We’ve reviewed the Top 50 Best Glass Pipes for Sale Online. To purchase, simply click on the image of one of the cool glass pipes. Smoke on!


50. Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs – Large – 6 Inches – Assorted Colors – $49.99


Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs - Large - 6 Inches - Assorted Colors

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Cheap weed pipes are everywhere, but not many as cute as this handmade pot pipe. Made of tough borosilicate, these unique glass pipes are one-of-a-kind. The bright, bold, coloring on the side of the bowl shows the imagination and skill of its creator. It’s hard not to find glass pipes in most liquor or tobacco stores these days, but the selection is usually plain, and limited. The flat bottom keeps it from rolling over; a generous bowl allows for more people to share without reloading, and the raised mouthpiece makes it a comfort to smoke from.

49. Helix Steamrooler by Grav Labs – 6 Inches – $59.99

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Wow, talk about eye-catching! Here’s a pipe you can proudly pass from person to person, and if it gets dropped, no problem, the borosilicate it’s made from can take a little rough handling. One reason glass pipes are so popular is the possibilities are endless when you work in glass. Hand made by artists, this fumed rasta smoking pipe will be the talk of the table when you fill it up, and pass it around.

48. Glass Spoon Pipe with Colored Stripes – $25.99

                             (Click to purchase)

This glass spoon pipe for weed is handmade from tough glass by artists in an Texas collective. At this price, and with multiple colors to choose from, get them all, and enjoy the variety. Glass pipes like this one, that have been fumed, only get better, and cooler looking the longer you use it. The color work, marble magnifier, and deep bowl on this 4-inch spoon pipe make it a worthwhile addition to any “pocket collection.” Certainly one of the best cheap glass pipes on this list!


47. Pocket Sidecar Mini Dab Rig by Purr – 5 Inches

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You may have seen the words “glass pipes,” and “work of art” in many descriptions of spoon pipes, and then been disappointed. Not this time, you have to see this beautiful spoon pipe by Molino Glass to believe it. Hand made with premium colors from quality pyrex glass, the Purr mini dab rig pipe has a very generous bowl, and when you think it’s ashed, better look again. There could be unburned bud at the bottom of that big bowl waiting for you. It’s important to get your money’s worth, and with these glass pipes, you will for sure. The marble, and hurricane banding make this spoon pipe stand out in a crowd; the Pyrex makes it durable, and the price makes it affordable. Certainly one of the best glass pipes for sale online!

46. Six Chamber Magnetic Disc Pipe by PUK – Handblown Glass – Version 2.0 – $56.99

Six Chamber Magnetic Disc Pipe by PUK - Handblown Glass - Version 2.0

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Designed by an ex-Nasa engineer, this 4-inch PUK pipe is made from tough borosilicate, and comes with six chambers. The people at PUK are masters of their trade, and the beautiful craftmanship, plus the colored glass marble of this pipe prove it. More people are beginning to realize glass pipes are a whole lot tougher than they used to be, and this pipe would be an excellent choice for beginner’s or old pros. Surely the pipe for anyone looking for cool marijuana pipes!

45. Spiky Glass Dragon Pipe with Wings – 6 Inches – $39.99

(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)

Here’s a colorful, glass dragon pipe you won’t be losing on the table, no matter how cluttered it might get. Animal pipes like this glass dragon pipe are made to be noticed. When some people hear the words “cheap weed pipes” an image like this glass pipe isn’t what comes to mind. Raked to create a unique design in vibrant blue and crystal clear, it makes you smile just looking at it, and the borosilicate it’s made from means the smile is going to last a very long time. Made by a glass artist in an Oregon collective, the skill and imagination of the creator show in all 6.5-inches of this weed pipe.

44. Saxophone Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs – 6 Inches – $59.99

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Sherlock glass pipes like this are a staple of any good collection. This glass weed pipe serves its purpose very well, and since it’s made from borosilicate, it will continue to do so, year after year. A saxophone sherlock like this should be at the top of your list if plan to collect glass pipes.

43. Helix Steamroller by Grav Labs – 5 Inches – $54.99

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This is definitely another keeper made of quality, clear borosilicate glass, a sports a comfortable flat mouthpiece. Glass pipes like this add class to your collection. The detailed design of this 5-inch awesome glass pipe is amazing; and where you found such a beauty will be the talk of any table this spoon pipe sits on. Load the bowl, lay her down safely flat on her back. A must-have for glass pipes enthusiasts!

42. Dual Color Glass Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – $39.99

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Smokers like to buy glass pipes for a lot of reasons, one of them being the endless possibilities for design when glass is in a liquid form. This cool little glass pipe by Grav Labs, is made from fumed, borosilicate glass, and comes in blue-green and white. The color work on the front of the bowl really showcase the talent of the artist from the Oregon collective that made this one. All of these are handmade glass pipes and have an incredible attention to detail. This is quality, class, and function worth adding to any glass pipes collection.

41. Handheld Pocket Bubbler by Purr Glass – 6 Inches – $63.99

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Glass pipes like this workhorse are worth considering.  Just pop a screen in when it arrives, load the bowl, and enjoy. You aren’t going to find a pipe much more durable than this one, and even better; this pipe is designed to make cleaning less of a chore. This is the perfect “pocket pipe” because of it’s size. Even in places where you don’t have to worry about your marijuana smoke, why be obvious?

40. Mini Glass Concentrate Tasters by Grav Labs – 3 Inches – $14.99

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This slightly psychedelic looking, small chillum pipe, is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, in an awesome shade of purple. Finding glass pipes like this when you’re looking for simple, cheap weed pipes, is always a pleasant surprise. With fumed swirls that change color over time, this 3-inch cool glass pipe starts out already beautiful, and then gets even more so with age, and use. This glass pipe comes from proves once again, there are some very talented artists in that family. For concentrates only!


39. Handblown Clear Glass Bubbler Pipe With Green Accents – 7.5 Inches – $74.99


7.5 Inch Glass Bubbler

(click to purchase)

American Glass needs to stand and take a bow for these unique glass pipe. The fumed, green of these 7.5-inch smoking pipe  show one reason glass pipes are so popular. The detailed design of this unique pipe would be very difficult to ignore, which of course, is what most of us look for in glass pipes. This spunky pipe is made of tough borosilicate, and safe for even your clumsiest friends to use without breaking it. One of our favorite glass pot pipes for sale online!

38. Heavy Marble Smoking Pipe with Orange Tiger Swirls – 5 Inches – $49.99


Heavy Marble Weed Pipes

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Here’s another offering from the artists of American Glass Works, and it doesn’t disappoint. The skill, and attention to detail shown in this smoking pipe put it way ahead of other glass pipes in the looks department, and quality craftsmanship keeps it there. If you’ve decided to buy glass pipes, instead of wood, this gold, and silver fumed treat is worth a look. It’s made of tough, borosilicate glass, so it’s a good traveler, and at 5-inches, it isn’t going to take up much room in a pocket or bag.

37. Mini Sherlock Glass Smoking Pipe – 3 Inches – Assorted Colors – $24.99

Mini Sherlock Weed Pipes

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The high-grade borosilicate glass these pipes are made from is very durable. The talent that goes into G-Spot glass pipes is obvious, and they have outdone themselves again with this yellow, white, and red pipes. These glass pipes are in a class all their own. If you’re into the unique pipes or smoking pipes, or just plain bored with your glass pipe, you have to see these to believe it.

36. Long Glass Gandalf Pipe with Colorful Bowl – 13.75 Inches – $74.99


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Awesome glass pipes that have the coolness of this long Gandalf pipe are more than worth the click to take a look. If you can’t afford less than quality in glass pipes, this 13.75-inch creation won’t  let you down. The tough borosilicate it’s made from is colored in smooth black with a bright white spiral wrap, and then raked for an effect that’s awesome. The deep bowl makes this an awesome glass pipe, and its discreet size makes it the perfect traveler.

35. Pink Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe – 3.5 Inches – $49.99


Pink sherlock weed pipes.

(click to purchase)

The exquisite pink color of this spoon pipe is without a doubt, so cute you should click just to see for yourself. The design possibilities with glass pipes are endless, and you can bet cheap weed pipes like this one won’t cross your path every day. This 3.5-inch hand pipe is made of high-quality, borosilicate glass, and features color accents, plus well-done detailing on the bowl. Every single pipe is hand blown by artists in an Oregon collective, and you can bet the one delivered to you will be one of a kind.

34. Pink Glass Bubbler Smoking Pipe – 5.5 Inches – $49.99

Pink glass bubbler with white accents.

(click to purchase)

Wow, this glass hand pipe looks kind of like it would fit right in on the set of a stoner movie. Glass pipes like these are collectors items on looks alone, but fine looks aren’t all that come with this worked, and fumed beauty. Made of tough borosilicate, you have the option of either white or fumed swirls in the pink glass. Featured are clear magnifiers, appendages, plus a comfortable, lip friendly, mouthpiece. At 5.5-inches, this glass hand pipe is a good traveler, so you can load, light, and enjoy your favorite pipe wherever you go.

33. Heavy Glass Hammerhead Bubbler with Double Filtration System – 5 Inches – $64.99

Dual chamber glass bubbler.

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A lot of smokers spend time talking about the pros and cons of water filtering glass pipes. The heavy glass hammer head bubbler combines the best of both worlds with a colorful, striped, and a good-sized, colored glass bowl. The black accented mouthpiece finishes it off with a different, but very cool look. Put this one on the table, and don’t say anything. It won’t be long until everyone wants to check it out. This little bubbler is a definite conversation starter, and a really cool addition to any collection of glass pipes.

32. Handblown Glass Chillum with Rasta Colors – 3 Inches – $9.99

Rasta colored glass chillum.

(click to purchase)

This unique glass pipe comes fumed with color swirls. You don’t have to take a color just because it’s the only one available. If you’ve never owned glass pipes that have been fumed, this is a good one to start with. The high-quality borosilicate this 3-inch marijuana pipe is made of gives it durability. And the large weed bowl, proves once again, that American Glass Works have earned their place in the unique glass pipe business.

31. Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe – Black & White Spiral – 4.5 Inches – $49.99

Black and clear glass sherlock.

(click to purchase)

This awesome glass pipe is an inspiring swirl of clear and black, with color stripes, marbles, and very well-done white accents. Glass pipes like this one, made of tough borosilicate, are built for use, and you can count on it to be durable. Its 4.5-inch size makes it very portable, and its durability keeps it safe in your pocket or bag no matter where you end up taking it. These glass pipes aren’t sitting in a warehouse, waiting for your click. Each one of these glass pipes is individually hand blown by an artist from an Oregon collective, and is guaranteed to be 100% an original. The pattern may vary, such is the nature of hand made glass pipes, but the design remains the same.

30. Clear Dabbing Spoon Pipe with Nail Dome – 4 Inches – $49.99


clear nail dome pipe dab tools

(click to purchase)

These dabbing spoon pipes prove that choosing from among cheap weed pipes, doesn’t have to mean you are settling for less in any area but cost. Even the tightest budget can handle this glass dabbing spoon. Simple, basic, and classy are all words that fit this beauty. Some glass pipes can look complicated, or almost too fancy to use, but not this one. It’s not over-stated at all, and gets the job done every time. At 4-inches in length, these glass pipes are very portable and are stealthy glass pipes.

29. Glass Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Mini – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $34.99

Grav Labs glass steamroller - small.

(click to purchase)

Grav Labs have made quite a name for themselves in the glass pipes business, and this sweet glass steamroller pipe is a good example of why they have so many happy customers. If looks, functionality, and price are a concern, this is a nice one to consider. This pipe is made of thick, borosilicate glass, and features a no-shoot mouth piece. These glass pipes have multiple layers of clear glass magnify, and absorb colors with fantastic results. At 4-inches, this is another good traveler piece from Grav Labs.

28. Glass Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Large – 7 Inches – Assorted Colors – $49.99

Grav Labs large steamroller.

(click to purchase)

These Grav Labs glass pipes show that steamrollers are cool no matter what, and would make an excellent addition to any glass pipes collection. Made of high-quality, fumed, borosilicate glass, this steamroller pipe shows class in every bit of it’s 7-inch length. Decorated with the Grav Labs logo along the stem, this one is cool enough that Gandalf himself wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen smoking from it. Certainly one of the best peace pipes around!

27. Glass Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $34.99

Grav Labs glass sherlock.

(click to purchase)

The name of Grav Labs and quality glass pipes are words often found in the same sentence because people know a good deal when they see one. This 4-inch, glass spoon pipe is individually handmade from tough borosilicate by an artist in at Grav Labs, so you know the one you receive will be 100% original. The colors available on this thick, solid glass pipe make it entertaining as well as stylish, and the generous bowl is very convenient for sharing. The deeply colored glass and sand blasted Grav Labs logo on this double layer piece of art will look good on any shelf. Among the best glass pipes for sale online!

26. Glass Bubbler Pipe by Grav Labs – 32mm – Assorted Colors – $49.99


Grav Labs glass bubbler.

(click to purchase)

Grav Labs has done it again with this glass, bubbler pipe. Glass pipes like this deserve a special shelf of their own, to be showcased in all their glory. At only 32mm, this pipe is the perfect traveler, and since it’s made from high-quality borosilicate, you can stash it in a suitcase pocket with other items, and not worry about breaking it.

25. Black Glass Spoon Pipe with Green Beads – 3.5 Inches – $39.99

Black Glass Spoon Pipe with Green Beads - 3.5 Inches

(click to purchase)

This beautiful black glass pipe is accented with green bead work and sports a flattened mouth piece for comfortable smoking. If you’re a fan of solid black glass pipes like I am this little beauty probably caught your eye. This glass pipe has a good weight and feels comfortable in your hand. If you’re looking for a good daily driver this pipe is for you!

24. Classic Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – Mini – 5 Inches – Assorted Colors – $64.99

helix classic spoon pipes

(click to purchase)


Wow, the class in this 5-inch Helix weed spoon pipes obvious at first glance, and you can get it in different colors! Made from thick borosilicate glass, this spoon pipe  for marijuana is built for durability, and the precision fresh air jets make it very easy to just look at and admire. Glass pipes are everywhere these days; don’t be disappointed by crappy workmanship. This glass weed pipe won’t let you down though, because people know when they buy glass pipes from Helix, quality, function, and dependability are included in every hand blown pipe they produce.

23. Classic Helix Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs – Small – 9 Inches – Assorted Colors – $89.99

Grav Labs-Helix Steamroller

Grav Labs-Helix Steamroller


Here’s a glass steamroller pipe from Grav Labs that’s more than worth the click to check it out. Glass pipes made of borosilicate glass (like this one), are built tough, and at 9-inches, this clear glass beauty makes a great addition to any collection. The assorted colors allow you to pick the right glass pipe for you, and featured is a dual leg rollstopper so you don’t have to chase it around the table; it will stay where you put it. The ergonomic mouthpiece is a comfort, and it’s a fact, the Helix you get will be 100% original because each one is hand crafted by an expert from Grav Labs. This awesome glass pipe is not mass-produced, and then left lying in a warehouse somewhere, looking for a buyer. When thinking of why to buy glass pipes, think about this cool pipe!

22. Classic Glass Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $39.99

Glass Spoon By Grav Labs

(click to purchase)

Some glass pipes are so shiny; it makes them look like they might be slippery, and hard to hang on to. That may be true for some pipes, but not this easy to grip glass spoon. At 4-inches, these glass pipes are the perfect size to slip in your pocket or bag, and take anywhere. This spoon pipes made of high-quality borosilicate glass, and its durability means it’s a good traveler. The colors are bold, and you can choose from several colors. It’s the nature of handmade pot pipes to differ slightly from one another, but with Grav Labs you can bet they all have the same quality, and function.

21. Long Glass Gandalf Sherlock Pipe with Rasta Colors – 14 inches – $99.99


Long stem black Gandalf pipe.

(click to purchase)


These guys definitely knows how to come up with some awesome glass pipes. This 14-inch, rasta style gandalf pipe has a thick neck, and a glossy black finish accented with rasta colors giving it a slightly stoner-sci-fi look, very cool. You can count on durability from glass pipes that are made from high-grade borosilicate like this one is.

20. Lava Stonewear Smoking Pipes by Celebration Pipes – Assorted Colors – $89.99


Celebration Pipes

(click to purchase)


Celebration pipes are not like common glass pipes, and that is obvious by the fine example of the imagination and talent that goes into every handmade pipe they produce. This hand carved lava stone pipe is accented with deep purple and a gold bowl making it stand out even among the best collections of glass pipes.

19. Glass Mini Hitter with Wood Tip by Elevate Accessories – Assorted Colors – $29.99


Elevate Accessories Mini Hitter

(click to purchase)


Wow, this sleek little one-hitter looks like it means business. Elevate makes some of the most stylish handmade glass pipes with wooden accents in the world. This clear and stained wood creation took thought, and imagination.

18. Handblown Colorful Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe – 8 Inches – $74.99

Handblown Colorful Glass Sherlock Smoking Pipe - 8 Inches

(click to purchase)

Sherlock pipes for weed like this make one wonder if the genius that invented these style of pipes even had a clue how famous it would become. Awesome wood pipes like this, made of layered, stained, hard colorful glass grab your attention, and don’t let go. Each unique glass Sherlock pipe is handmade and the quality, durability, plus its reasonable cost makes this pipe a “must have it” item. Certainly one of the best glass pipes for sale online!

17. Long Glass Gandalf Pipe with Black and White Swirls – 14 Inches – $99.99

Long Glass Gandalf Pipe - Black and White

(click to purchase)

Glass pipes are great but in some environments you really need a solid metal pipe. Made of tough metal alloy makes this pipe almost indestructible. It’s durability and size make it a good traveling companion, and the deep bowl on these pipes are a favorite in crowds. Of the many glass shire pipes for sale online, few are better than this glass Gandalf pipe!

16. Heavy Glass Triple Chamber Bubbler Smoking Pipe – $74.99

Triple chamber bubbler.

(click to purchase)

Wow, this glass bubbler pipe looks kind of like a little sea monster; very cool whether you love the ocean or not. Glass pipes like this one highlight the endless possibilities of design, and the pure imagination of the artist in the Oregon collective that came up with it deserves a hand. Made of fumed, high-grade borosilicate glass, this curvy little dude comes with three chambers that look really cool and add to the functionality of the pipe itself. The detailing of these glass pipes deserves a click, and see if you agree that it looks like something King Neptune himself would smoke from if he could keep it lit under the water.

15. Handblown Chunky Glass Spoon Pipe with Rasta Swirls – 5 Inches – $49.99

Handblown Chunky Glass Spoon Pipe with Rasta Swirls - 5 Inches

(click to purchase)

Here is the perfect glass Rasta pipe, and at only 5-inches long, you couldn’t get much more discreet. Glass pipes can be found everywhere but quality wood pipes are a lot harder. This Rasta pipe made from glass is handblown in the USA. This cool glass pipe also features an organic shape that allows it to be easily carried. Talk about smokin, if you keep it in your pocket, you won’t have to backtrack to find where you laid it down the last time. Made of tough glass, this durable little mini pipe could become your favorite smoking accessory!

14. Handblown Wig Wag Spoon Pipes by LJ Glass – 6 Inches – $49.99

(Click to purchase)

When thinking of where to buy animal pipes made of high-grade, quality, material consider one of these wicked metal pipes instead of glass pipes. These pipes for weed are available in assorted colors, and the silver swirls against that deep-coloring are really striking. Every metal marijuana pipe is made to exacting standards and, guaranteed to be quality.

13. Giant Glass Gandalf Pipe – 15 Inches – $69.99

(Click to purchase)

Wow, to see why wood pipes are becoming as popular as glass pipes are. Even if you’re the type that normally buys glass pipes you should consider these, this one could change your mind. The artist’s skill, and amazing gift for detail shines through loud and clear on this spoon pipe. Made of tough glass, its rich, earthy coloring really causes this pipe to stand out, and the sensible flat bottom means you will never have to chase it around the table. The large bowl, and comfortable raised mouthpiece keep this one on a lot of “favorites” lists for marijuana smoking accessories.

12. Portable Glass Blunt by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – $19.99

(Click to purchase)

When smoking weed, the clear choice for most are glass pipes! With the pretty much endless variety of glass pipes around these days, it takes a lot to stand out in a crowd, but this one has no problem doing that. Made of high-grade borosilicate, this 4 inch one hitter from Grav Labs is durable, easily transportable, and can be very discreet. The are handmade glass pipes and you might notice slight variations in the pattern. Every single one of these cool glass weed pipes will perform just like you expect it to, and make a fine addition to your collection.

11. Quick Draw Smoker Tool with Glass One Hitter, Lighter, and Hemp Wick – Assorted Colors – $24.99

Simple one-hitter kit with lighter, glass one hitter, hemp wick and hemp carry sleeve.

(click to purchase)

Here’s a laid-back example of handmade glass pipes worth a look. This glass one-hitter kit come with a hemp carry sleeve, lighter, hemp wick, and one-hitter. Made of tough hemp, these cool glass one hitter kits feature an easy to travel with design, and has an easy to spot, colored stitching around the edges.. The quality of craftsmanship, durability, and looks built into these glass pipes make it a worth more than a passing glance. These glass pipes and kits are a good example that glass blowing talent is alive and well in the US.

10. Colorful Glass Animal Pipe – Elephant – Handblown – 5 Inches – $19.99

(Click to purchase)

This glass pot pipe from the U.S. based glass blowers features top quality, detailed color work anyone would be proud to display in their collection. The high-grade borosilicate this 10-inch water pipe comes from makes it a durable, sensible collector’s item. Glass pipes like this one, with coloring on the down stem, splash guard, and a color reversal design on the disc are definite keepers. If you’re into glass elephant pipes, this is the best pipe for you!

9. Luxury Wood Dugout Kit with Glass One-Hitter by Elevate Accessories – $99.99

Elevate Accessories Kit

(click to purchase)

This wooden dugout pipe is awesome, and anyway, who doesn’t love a natural look? Long, slim, and cool, this set comes in a beautiful shade of nature, with colored staining and embossed logo along the pieces included. One-hitter glass pipes are cool to begin with, but when they are made of high-grade borosilicate like this one, they are more than merely cool; they are tough enough to loan to your clumsiest friend without any worries. As far as wood tipped glass pipes are concerned, these Elevate Accessories are amazing!

8. Handblown Sherlock Pipe by LJ Glass – 5 Inches – $49.99

(Click to purchase)

This marble frit Sherlock pipe is an example of how good glass pipes can look, and how durable they can be when they’re made from high-quality borosilicate. There is a convenient carb hole on the left of the bowl, and in general, this 5-inch cannabis pipe does what it’s supposed to.

7. Helix Basic Bubbler by Grav Labs – 6 Inches – $84.99

(Click to purchase)

Choice is a good thing, especially when it concerns awesome glass pipes like this, and having the option of different color combinations to choose from. Glass pipes come in such an endless variety, but if they’re not made of high-grade, thick borosilicate like this spoon is, they can be delicate. At only 6 inches in length, this durable glass Helix pipe is a good one to travel with. The featured color stringers, fuming, frit, and large clear magnifiers in the design are going to look cool no matter which color combo you choose, and you know the work is quality because this comes from a trusted name in the glass blowing business, Grav Labs.

6. Pocket Dual Chamber Bubbler Pipe by Purr – 6 Inches – Pink and Clear – $79.99

(Click to purchase)

If you don’t already Purr bubbler t in your collection this is the one for you. The detail work involved in bubbler pipe is amazing, and proves that the imagination of the talented artists. When you find glass pipes made of tough borosilicate like this glass dual chamber pipe, they’re automatically worth a second look because you already know it’s durable, and unless you lose it, or someone permanently “borrows” it, you’ll only need to buy it once. Of all of the glass pipes on this list, few are better than this cool pipe!

5. Pocket Sherlock Pipe by Purr – 6 Inches – $63.99

(Click to purchase)

It’s not surprising that this cool sherlock pipe inspires peiple. Well-known for creating handmade, one-of-a-kind glass pipes inspired by nature, this parrot pipe is simply incredible. The high-quality contents she works with make her bad ass pipes durable, as well as beautiful. The imagination and detail in this glass pipe certainly gets it share of stares, and you will appreciate the size of the bowl in large gatherings, or private ones; it would be really easy for this one to become a favorite at any time.

4. Sandblasted Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Green, Black, Blue – $44.99

(Click to purchase)

(Click to purchase)

Here’s another beautiful glass pipe! Another work of art done with impressive attention to detail. Glass pipes from this brand are never a let-down. Each one is handmade, sandblasted, and could stand as art alone, if you chose not to smoke from it; but seriously, who would do that? The high-grade, borosilicate glass used in the piece is a deep black color with glass running above it. Clear magnifiers bring the color to life, and it almost looks good enough to eat. Don’t try it though, that borosilicate really is some tough stuff.

3. Class Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – Large – 7 Inches – $79.99

(Click to purchase)

Weed smokers who like to buy glass pipes with colors like these will appreciate the artistry, and craftsmanship of this pipe. Made of thick, borosilicate glass, accented in a deep shade of burnt orange, this 7-inch beauty features incredible glass work, spiral glass, and clear sides. Glass pipes don’t always have generous bowls, but this one does. This pipe for weed is produced by human hands, by the artists at Grav Labs that have proven they know what they’re doing, not mass-produced by a machine that doesn’t care, and then left to gather dust in a warehouse until it finds an owner.

2. Colorful Glass Wig Wag Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs – 4 Inches – Assorted Colors – $54.99

Colorful Glass Wig Wag Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs - 4 Inches - Assorted Colors

(click to purchase)

These neat glass Wig Wag pipes from Grav Labs make a great edition to any marijuana smoker’s collection. Glass pipes made of quality borosilicate glass (like this one is) are known for their durability, and this colorful glass with its cobalt blue accents just drips cool. How many friends do you have with a pipe that looks as clean as this one? These four inch spoon pipe from Grav Labs is sure to be a favorite addition to any collection.

1. 3-in-1 Glass Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs – Bubbler, Spoon, and One-Hitter – Assorted Colors – $129.99

3-in-1 Glass Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs - Bubbler, Spoon, and One-Hitter

(click to purchase)

This is a seriously good looking (and versatile) glass pipe and further proof that Grav Labs definitely has what it takes to make it in the glass blowing business. Don’t skip this one, awesome glass pipes like this won’t be found on every page.  This collection-worthy glass pipe features a clear body with stained hard wood base. If you’ve decided to choose glass pipes over wood, this gives you the best of both worlds! This 3-in-1 glass multi pipe transforms into a bubbler, one-hitter, and spoon pipe!

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