The Best Stealth Grow Box for the Money

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So you’re thinking of growing medical marijuana for yourself or others in your collective but don’t know which stealth grow box to purchase? No worries! After having worked with dozens of stealth grow boxes in the past, we’ve settled on the top 9 best stealth grow boxes currently on the market right now. Grow on!

1. Supercloset Deluxe Hydroponic Stealth Grow Box Closet System – $3,060

Supercloset says it has been the number-one selling fully automated grow cabinet on the market for nine years and is professionally designed for ease of use by the novice. It includes 16 plants, lit in the clone/veg area by an upgraded 600-watt HPS lighting system of 48-watt T-5 lights. A total internal airflow of 460 cfm is provided by a height adjustable internal circulation fan and an exhaust fan that pulls air through an activated carbon filter. This stealth grow box promises a CO2 package that will add 30% to yields, with the RO200 “providing water quality for better growing”. It is made from 16-Gauge steel, is lockable and fireproof, and includes fans, filters, nutrients, tds meter, rockwool cubes, and hydroton rocks plus a three-year warranty. This particular stealth grow box measures 24x36x72 inches and is a must-have for any serious medical marijuana grower!
Supercloset Deluxe 600watt Co2 Ro200 Hydroponic stealth grow box Closet System

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2. Supercloset Superbox 200-watt, Fully-Automated Turnkey Stealth Grow box – $1,150

Made of 16-gauge steel, this 200-watt stealth grow box includes fans, filters, nutrients, tds meter, 1” rockwool cubes, and hydroton rocks. It grows up to 10 plants in the SuperPonics system, with top feed drip and deep water culture technologies. It has internal circulation for air flow and is odor-controlled by an internal carbon filter. This stealth grow box measures 18x24x30 inches.

Supercloset Superbox 200watt Fully Automated stealth grow box Turnkey Growbox

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3. PC Stealth Growbox Hydroponics Grow Cabinet – $495

This stealth grow box is the original, trademarked PC Grow Box for two plants and it includes a cooling system and a quiet vent system (100 CFM+; Co2 Compatible). It has two organic starter plugs with pre-installed germinating helpers. Four months of nutrients are included, with an expert nutrient pack optional, and a promise of “thick bushy plants” as the result. It offers a three-year, “no-hassle” warranty, lifetime technical support, and instructions. This affordable stealth grow box measures 8.1×18.6×20.6 inches.
PC Hydroponics stealth grow box Cabinet

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4. Supercloset Superlocker 250watt Stealth Grow Box Cabinet Closet System – $2,000

This 150-watt stealth grow box holds eight plants. It will harbor 10-clones in the cloning area, illuminated by a 20-watt T-5 light, 250-watt ballast and bulb. It includes internal circulation fans and filters for airflow and odor filtration. Plants are managed with an internal net trellis with full nutrients included. It is constructed out of 16-gauge steel, is lockable, and is fireproof. It looks like a school locker and, since it vents itself, can fit it into your closet. This stealth grow box is 15x24x66 inches.
Supercloset Superlocker stealth grow box 250watt Grow Box Cabinet Closet System

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5. SuperCloset Clone Machine, 200-Plant Clone Propagation System – $1999.95

Self-described as a “clone machine,” its makers say it “could be the ultimate in clone propagation”. It includes 192 watts of T-5 fluorescent lighting and is marketed as an addition to the Big Buddha Box Tent System, “feeding the 87 stations with rooted clones ready to be flipped to flower”. Made of 16-gauge steel, it is lockable and fireproof and can go up to 200 clones, with four super-cloners included with BubblePonics hydroponics, an instructional DVD, and lifetime technical support plus a three-year warranty. This stealth grow box measures 24x36x72 inches
SuperCloset Clone Machine 200- stealth grow box and Plant Clone Propagation System

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6. Cash Crop 2.0 Hydroponic Stealth Grow Box Cabinet – $395

This six-plant grow box is the original one from Super Secret Hydro. It is marketed as an affordable alternative, but still with quality construction and a lifetime warranty. It includes a carbon filter, is lockable with lock-and-key type snap locking doors. The self-cooled cabinet has hiflect insulation for maximum light usage and plant growth. The hydroponic grow system includes pump and oxygenator with a block and carbon filter, six net pots, six grow cubes, and nutrients. The three flowering bulbs and three grow bulbs are 60 watts each. You can order soil instead of hydroponics. It also ships with a year’s supply of Moon Dust all-in-one nutrients. This stealth grow box measures 9.5x16x24 inches.
Hydroponic stealth grow box Cabinet The Cash Crop 2 Grow Box

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7. Stealth Indoor Garden Speaker Box Grow Cabinet – $289

The stealth growbox is marketed for small living spaces like apartments and is perfect for indoor marijuana growing. This stealth growbox has an air pump, air stone, and two replaceable carbon pads. It ships with a complete hydro setup — nutrient reservoir, net pots, rockwool, and grow rocks. The box has a three-months supply of Veg-and-bloom nutrients along with the three veg bulbs and three bloom bulbs. It has a PH-testing kit, a PH-up-and-down, a 24-hour light timer, light-socket adapters, and two ultra-quiet 80-mm intake and exhaust fans. All-in-all, this stealth growbox measures 9x12x24 inches.
Stealth Indoor Garden Speaker stealth grow box Cabinet Turn Key Setup

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8. LED-Wholesalers GYO1001 Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent – $80.49

This compact stealth grow tent (62x36x20 inches) manipulates the growing environment to achieve optimum climate for the plants. It is made of tough, four-inch composite canvas/Mylar, a black polyester canvas outer shell, with a highly reflective silver-colored Mylar inner lining. It has a metal frame structure with plastic push-lock corners, .22-inch vent duct holes, with a four-inch roof, top back, and bottom right, plus sewn-in zippers. The tool-free stealth grow box includes a water-resistant floor tray for spills, vent duct holes, and ventilation windows, with a metal grid in the ceiling for hanging lights and other accessories. It is suitable for hydroponics and soil-based cultivation. This stealth grow tent measure 20x36x62 inches.
LED-Wholesalers GYO1001 stealth grow box Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent

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9. Supercloset Superlocker Hydroponic Stealth Grow Box Cabinet Closet System – $1,900

This stealth grow box will hold up to eight, three-feet-tall plants for SuperPonics growing. This stealth grow box includes filters, internal circulation fans, and nutrients with net trellis and plant ties. Made of 16-gauge steel, it is lockable and fireproof and vents itself. It includes a three-year warranty and lifetime technical support. It has a 150-watt ballast and bulb. This particular stealth grow box measures 15x24x66 inches.
Supercloset Superlocker Hydrponic stealth grow box Cabinet Closet System

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Stealth Grow Box, defined

The popularity of stealth grow boxes is swiftly becoming quite popular, especially for medical marijuana growing in states that are in the process of legalizing the drug. If you’re looking for a sustainable microenvironment for your stealth grow operation, one that is comparatively small, commonly distinct, and especially effective in isolated habitats, a stealth grow box is what you need. Fortunately for you, most are frequently used for growing medical marijuana, using either a soil-based or a hydroponically-based system. A stealth grow box is unique in so many ways for anything you want to grow because you can set up a perfect environment for any particular species of plant. Completely enclosed, the system is fantastic for growing plants indoors or if space is an issue. Stealth grow boxes are used for a several reasons; including shortage of usable outside locations or the desire to grow what you want throughout the winter months. Because they are sealed units, they help defend plants against insects and diseases. There is nothing allowed in the stealth box unless you place it in there.

One great feature is that the stealth grow box resembles a filing cabinet or a refrigerator and smells will not go through the box, (more on that later on). Grow cabinets offer several different optional equipment pieces that will improve plant growth and higher yields. The system will allow its owner to control all atmospheric condition inside to create circumstances ideal for fast growth.


The SuperCloset Superbox

The more sophisticated boxes, such as the Supercloset Superbox 200watt Fully Automated Turnkey Growbox, are completely contained systems that in truth take the guesswork out of growing. It is truly a complete low maintenance, automated growing system. The basics are easy when using this grow box; keep the water reservoir full, typically every week or two, add the nutrients that are included with the kit and adjust your PH. You will want to make sure you do check the PH because different plants need a particular soil PH, or water PH if using the system hydroponically. Getting confused? It even comes with a DVD to watch and will answer many questions about the unit and many growing tips are included. Get this; there is an option for CO2 injection. Who cares? You do! CO2 is what a plant absorbs to grow promoting photosynthesis meaning that your plants can grow 30% faster. Give a plant what it needs and uses and it will go ballistic! It is recommended to be used and will certainly produce great results, but honestly, the SuperBox can do a fantastic job on its own. Most other systems do not control the environment as good as SuperBox because of this they need all the extra help they can get.


Supercloset Superbox 200watt Fully Automated Turnkey stealth grow box

Supercloset Superbox 200watt Fully Automated Turnkey Growbox


Odors, what odors?

How are the odors and noise dealt with? The people at SuperBox designed the professional grade filters to baffle the sounds from the fans and removes even trace odors so no one knows what exactly is going on inside the grow chamber. If that was not good enough to ask from carbon filters, the airflow from these filters is three times as much as with air filtration systems from other companies!


Customizable Lighting System

The system is complete with a full spectrum lighting system, which is also modifiable for different needs of your plants. Full-spectrum lighting covers the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet. Wavelengths that are beneficial to plant life and full spectrum is also referred to as sunlight. Depending what you are growing, the lighting is fully customizable with special timers controlling intensity, after all, plants do differ in lighting requirements. So that the lighting system would not interfere with the heating and cooling of the circulation fans, the lighting has a separate closed loop Super Cool Tube Reflector air cooling system that will keep the lights from overheating and contributing to the heat of the cabinet.

For complete air filtration, including removing any odors coming out of the system’s box, activated carbon filters which is also a great way of keeping any air-borne nastiness from entering your perfect micro-verse. They installed circulation fans in three corners and that is more than enough circulation for your botanical medicines, flowers and edibles. Unlike other boxes, SuperBox uses 4-inch fans as opposed to 6-inch, which allows more growing room in the box. They do more than just blow air around; by using them in different configurations, you can promote certain effects, for example: In the summer time, you can use them to control heat buildup in the system. In the winter, you can use them to conserve heat along with supplying you vegetation with the proper circulation they require. By the way, the fans come with a free 3 year, no hassle warranty.The side reflective panels are removable for cleaning and not only that but possess anti-mold agents! Because the stealth grow box is the perfect environment for growth it would also include mold growth but not with these panels. The panels are also completely adjustable that way no matter how you organize the growing area the panels can configure to the way you want them to be. In addition, if you are having problems understanding something during setup and general help, you get a free, seven-day a week lifetime growing and technical support.

The system brags astonishing growth rates with the ability to growing plants up to 5′ tall. The low maintenance hydroponic system has adaptable trays configuring to any space. The reservoirs and trays are molded from custom, HDPE food grade thick gauge UV resistant plastic. Thicker plastic is more stable and easier to clean.The whole system only requires a 110v outlet running on its own GFCI system and remains fully automated; it will even do the watering for you!

SuperCloset grow boxes are attractive with black powder coated finish alike to a quality gun cabinet. The cabinet itself is triple locking and intended to fit right into any room. On the back, the box has automated detachable controls and not in the front, so that the box can keep its high-end appearance, after all it was designed to be discreet!


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