The Best Aeroponic System for Marijuana | Aeroponic Systems Reviewed

Are you in the market for an aeroponic system but don’t know which one is best for your needs? Don’t worry! We’ve reviewed the top 8 best aeroponic systems online for your convenience. Enjoy!

1. General Hydroponics Aeroflo2 Aeroponic System (60 Sites) – $922.51

This system will allow a fine mist that has nutrient in its solution, the aeroponic has a combination of oxygen, water, and nutrient for a plants roots. The Aeroflo 60 has conditions for all of the stages when it comes to plant growth. The plants on this aeroponic system will grow right between the net cups, and hang in a shallow area that will be circulating nutrient solution that is oxygenated. This entire system comes with coco inserts, a pump, plumbing and fitting, nutrient solution, along with 36 net cups.


General Hydroponics Aeroflo2 Aeroponics System - 60 Sites

General Hydroponics Aeroflo2 Aeroponics System
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2. General Hydroponics Aeroflo2 Aeroponic System (36 sites) -$723.25

This aeroponic system for weed is made to express light for plants on the inside of a building. This device is a great choice for individuals who want to grow small crops, crops which includes; basil, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and of course, medical marijuana. Flowers and tomatoes that are grown with this system won’t grow more than three feet. This system has everything an individual would need when it comes to growing plants. In this system there is six 40 gallon reservoirs, grow chambers that are three feet, Bluestone water pump, three grow cups, and an injection manifold.


General Hydroponics Aeroflo2 Aeroponics System 36 Sites

General Hydroponics Aeroflo2 Aeroponics System 36 Sites
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3. General Hydroponics AeroFlo2 Aeroponic System (30 Sites) – $573.84

This marijuana aeroponic system has a twenty pound reservoir (pool of water) along with 30 plant sites, which will allow an individual to grow three chambers that can be next to one another. The aeroponics allows maximize growth when it comes to the lower branches and is made for those who want the perfect device with a high performance. This aeroponic system for cannabis growing is great when it comes to growing small plants and lettuce, medical cannabis and tomatoes and other plants that can be up to three feet. This system has a Bluestone pump, manifold injections, and CocoTek Coco Cups.


AeroFlo2-30 Site Aeroponics System

AeroFlo2 – 30 Site Aeroponics System
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4. General Hydroponics AeroFlo2 Aeroponic System (20 Sites) – $347.11

This aeroponic  system is a great choice for individuals who want to grow the smaller crops, such as; peppers, herbs, cucumbers, and even basil. This system is strictly for plants that can grow no higher than three feet. This is the type of aeroponic system that allows individuals to be able to put their plant or herb in front of their window in an office or even at a home. This is one of the most advanced devices when it comes to large or medium size hydroponic systems. This aeroponic system for weed growing is made to help roots grow rapidly through a flowing stream if nothing but oxygen that is infused with nutrients.


General Hydroponics - AeroFlo2-20 Site Aeroponics System

General Hydroponics – AeroFlo2 20 Site Aeroponics System
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5. Aeroponic Eight Complete Aeroponic Hydroponic System (24” x 24” x 16” – 8 Plants) – $230.70

This aeroponics stysem is a perfect size system that allows an individual to take any space of theirs and turn it right into a garden. With this system there are large net plots that are roughly around 3.75”. Each pot with of this aeroponic system will allow 25 percent more room for the roots of a plant. This hydroponic system for weed will deliver water, oxygen, and nutrients twenty-four hours a day. The nutrient is rich and will be pumped from the bottom of the pool of water, or reservoir, and will spray right onto the root system. This system includes 10 gallon reservoir, submersible pump, eight growth chambers for plants, and a hose.


Aeroponic Eight Complete Aeroponic Hydroponic System

Aeroponic Eight Complete Aeroponic Hydroponic System
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6. Botanicare- Micro Garden Aeroponic with lid – $288.89

This aeroponic system allows an individual to grow large items in a small space with microgarden. Microgarden is a growth machine that is able to nourish and water the seedlings. This system can hold around 1,020 seed trays.


Botanicare- Micro Garden Aeroponic with lid

Botanicare Micro Garden Aeroponic with lid
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7. Stealth Hydroponics Aero 6 Aeroponic System – $199.99

This device is not only wallet friendly but it is also an improvement when it comes to the Aeroponic systems. This aeroponic system will mist the roots with solution that is nutrient. It allows high exchange in oxygen for the roots, along with constant feedings. This system uses eight spray heads that are constantly using 100 percent humidity for the environment, right around the root area. This system comes with six net pots that are around 3.75 inches. This system also comes with hydroton, a lid, spray system, and a powered pump.


Stealth Hydroponics Aero 6 Aeroponic System

Stealth Hydroponics Aero 6 Aeroponic System
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8. Nutriculture Twin 16 Pot Aeroponic System – $373.27

This aerponic system offers growers an incredible performance. The Nutriculture 16 pot system is 80 centimeters long and allows plants to grow incredibly in big yields. This aeroponic  system is used only for growing medium plants or short plants, not many large plants. With these system individuals has easy access to the root chambers, which will help with maintenance and inspections.


Nutriculture AR216L Twin Amazon Aeroponcis 16 Pot Large Hole System

Nutriculture Twin Aeroponcis 16 Pot Large Hole System
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An In-Depth Look at an Aeroponic System

Aeroponic systems are used in aeroponic gardening and they allow for a plant to grow without even using any type of soil. In order for a plant to grow through aeroponic techniques, the plant, the plant’s roots that are dangling, along with the lower stems needs to be sprayed with a water salutation that is rich in nutrients. Medical cannabis growers are always looking for ways to grow their plants faster and to produce plants that have higher quality. Sometime plants grow most efficiently when grown underwater, in which case hydroponic systems are used. Aeroponics is a relatively new technique that is used by inside gardeners to grow plants without soil and without being submerged underwater. Plants that are grown using this system are grown while being suspended above a mist spraying system that hydrates the roots of the plant with nutrient-rich water.

One of the main reasons why gardeners use this technique is because of the growth rate is produces. The technique used in Aeroponic systems is the world’s most efficient method of flower, fruit and vegetable production. Certain weed strands can take months to fully develop, which can limit the amount of harvests that are produced. Aeroponic systems are cost effective and environmentally friendly. Aeoroponics only require a small amount of electricity and consumes a fraction of the water used in traditional hydroponic systems. By obtaining a faster growth rate, gardeners are able to increase the number of harvests they generate each year with less costs.


botanicare aeroponic system

Botanicare Turbo Aeroponic Garden System
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The aeroponic system is composed of a grow chamber, misting lines, a Reservoir, Distributor line and Elevator stands. The plants are placed on elevator stands that are set above the misting lines and the reservoir. The misting lines are connected to the distributor lines and are positioned in a grid-like format for even coverage. Instead of watering the plants from the top of the soil, the mist supplies the freely dangling roots with the nutrients needed to feed the plants growth. The reservoir catches the excess water, and in some aerponic systems, the excess is recycled to prevent waste.

The Big Four

The four main elements that should be monitored when using Aeroponic systems are nutrients:

  1. the Ph levels
  2. carbon dioxide
  3. concentrations
  4. watering cycles.
The right combinations of these elements produces plants that grow at accelerated speeds while only using a third of the water traditionally used in hydroponic systems.
Aeroponic systems are almost always used when growing medical marijuana. Medical marijuana growers are heavily regulated, and the plants that are produced must meet specific standards of quality, potency and purity. Aeroponic systems create highly controlled environments that allow the gardener complete control of the Ph levels, carbon dioxide concentrations and watering cycles that the plants are exposed to.
Gardeners are able to guarantee the resin and potency of the plants with the strict control of the strands grown and the nutrients used. In addition to a superior product, medical marijuana growers are in the business to create a profit. The more plants they are able to produce, the more profit they are able to make. The higher quality of the plant also determines the profit on the plants. Since Aeroponic systems provides complete control of the quality of the plants while produce them at rapid speeds, medical marijuana growers can more earn substantially more per year in profits and build business quickly.

Common Types of Aeroponic Systems

There are three types of devices when it comes to an aeroponic system: low pressure units, high pressure devices, and commercial systems. A low pressure unit is where the roots on the plant are placed right above a pool of water that is full of nutrition. A high pressure device is normally used for valued crops; they use high technology systems for the air, nutrient, and purification of the water. A commercial system allows for crop rotations.

College of Cannabis’ Top Pick for an Aeroponic System

When searching for an aeroponic system, the Botanicare Turbo Aeroponic System is one of Amazon’s Top 100 Patio, Lawn and Garden products. The system is lightweight, only weighing 66 pounds and the system is a space saver, only taking about 5 cubic feet of space. But even with its small size, the Botanicare Turbo Aeroponic System can get the big jobs done as a perpetual mega growth machine. This aerponic system has 12 plant holder slots and a large reservoir so medical marijuana growers can create a fast producing turbo garden.Furthermore, this system is ideal for medial marijuana growers because it provides them with a controlled growing environment that will produce potent plants in a short period of time. Weed growers who are located in colder areas of the world like the northern states of the United States, or cold climate continents like England, Ireland and Scotland can benefit greatly from systems such as this one. Medicinal marijuana grows best in warm temperatures above 75 degrees fahrenheit. Temperatures lower than that can halt the growth spurt of a plant, and if the temperature is too cold, the plant may not be able to service. Gardeners who are producing medical marijuana need a growing environment that is temperature controlled.

Focus on Temperature

Growing plants outside in the ground are at the mercy of the environment, while plants grown inside are subject to the fluctuation of heating and air conditioning units. Using a Botanicare system gives the gardener the peace of mind knowing that no matter how the temperatures fluctuate around the plants, the temperature that the plants are exposed to are always controlled. Plants that are grown outside are not only exposed to the temperature changes, but to insects and rodents as well. Medical cannabis plant growers must carefully observe their harvest for contamination or infestation. Gardeners know all to well the amount of patience, effort and time that is required to grow high quality marijuana plants. Insects, rabbits and squirrels often find themselves prowling around in medical gardens because they are attracted to the aroma of the buds. Gardeners are able to eliminate any concerns of infestation with the Botanicare Turbo Aeroponic Garden System. The plants are protected, and the roots are never exposed to the raw air. It does not matter if the system is set up in a plant nursery, or in a garage, flies, bees and wasps can not find their way to the roots or the bud of the medical marijuana using this system.
Organically grown medical marijuana is traditionally grown using an extensive amount of soil and fertilizers. The plants are grown from the soil where the roots are compacted underneath the soil and the plant sits on top. The pesticides or additional growth nutrients are applied topically to the soil, and they must seep their way to the roots. The roots are only able to absorb the moisture that actually makes its way through the dirt and to the roots, which requires more use of the nutrient and fertilizer mixture to be used. While you want to ensure there is enough of the mixture supplied to the plant to provide adequate nourishment to the plants, a lot of irreversible damage can be done to the cannabis plants if they are overwatered. Medicinal marijuana is very sensitive, and too much or too little supply of water can halt the grown, even cause the plants to wither and die. The Botanicare Turbo Aeroponic Garden System utilizes a scientific and systematic approach to medicinal marijuana growing. Instead of relying on the soil to distribute the nutrients to the plans, the nutrients are applied directly to the roots of the plant with a mist. That mist is sprayed on a continuous basis on a timed schedule.Since the nutrients are provided directly to the hanging roots, the plants receive their nourishment without the concern of too much or too little being applied. The roots get the nourishment in consistent levels at consistent intervals to maximize the growth results.
The Botanicare Turbo Aeroponic Garden System requires much less usage of water, since there is no soil to absorb the majority of the water, the water is recycled. The reservoir not only collects the water that drips unused, but it also checks the quality of the excess water to ensure it is balanced before it is recycled. Gardeners often spend a lot of time with the maintenance of the elements involved with growing medical marijuana. The Botanicare Turbo Aeroponic Garden System takes away most of those concerns, allowing gardeners to focus less attention on the minor details, and spend more time on other tasks that deserve critical attention. In doing so, medical marijuana growers do not compromise their harvest. In fact, with a Botanicare Turbo Aeroponic Garden System, medical marijuana growers enhance the quality and quantity of their productions. Because, well, that’s the point! Good luck in your growing endeavors!

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