The Top 10 Best Girly Bongs for Sale Online

Are you looking for the best girly bongs for sale online? If so, we’ve found the Top 10 Best Girly Bongs for sale online! If you like any of the girly bongs for sale that we’ve reviewed, simply click on the image to purchase! Smoke on stoner girls!

10. Glass Mini Bong with Hook – 9 Inches – Assorted Colors – $69.99


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Talk about girly bongs, this colored glass girly waterpipe looks like it belongs on a make-up table. The price for this 9.8-inch ladies friend is unbelievable, and even the tightest of budgets can handle one of these. It’s the perfect size for small areas; such as apartments, dorm rooms, etc., and if you know any girly girls that truly love pink, this is the one for them. This girl bong for sale isn’t gender specific; it hits like a tank, and the men in your life aren’t going to turn down a toke just because the bong is such an eye-catching shade of pink.


9. Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Nano Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 8 Inches – Assorted Colors – $129.99


Straight Honeycomb Bong by Grav Labs

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Wow, classy, and sexy are three words that come to mind when you see girly bongs like this honeycomb percolator by Grav Labs. Featured in many colors, refillable, liquid cooling chamber that treats you to a chilly hit without the drip of messy ice. The roomy glass bowl on this 8-inch girly bong comes with rollstoppers, and the tube is interchangeable with Blaze glass mix-n-match kits. Of all the girly bongs for sale online, this is perfect for impressing your friends, female or male, when they visit. The logo on all pieces adds a touch of class, and will look good in your collection of Grav Labs girly water pipes. Certainly one of the best girly bongs for sale to consider!


8. Glass Beaker Base Bong by Grav Labs – 16 Inches – Assorted Colors – $139.99


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What a happy looking bong this is. Girly bongs like the Basix, from Hurricane Glass, are in a class of their own. This 14.75-inch, frosted glass bong, has a six-jet cooling system, and once you start those bubbles moving; it’s easy to see why it has Hurricane in the name. When not in use, the Basix girly water pipe sits safely on three feet so you’d have to try to knock it over. The featured, revolutionary pin-hole jet cooling system, matching ash catcher, generous bowl, and lip friendly mouthpiece, all work together to make this bong a “must have.”


7. Twisted Glass Honeycomb Bong – Assorted Colors – 13 Inches – $124.99


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Girly bongs for sale can get fairly detailed, and some days you may not feel like complicated or fancy. You just need something pretty, and simple, like this Pure Glass, classic striaght-tube. Made of pink, frosted borosilicate, there’s a lot packed into this girly water pipe. Ice notches, and the slitted, downstem diffuser work together to deliver a smooth, cool toke every time. Included is a pink 14.5mm, glass slide bowl with a big marble rollstopper, and the tube features the Pure Glass label. If what you’re looking for are class, function, and economy all in one girly bong, this is it.


6. Helix Nano Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 10 Inches – Assorted Colors – $149.99


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Talk about pretty in pink, girly bongs like this beautiful bubbler make great status symbols. This beaker based, glass tube is perfect, and the borosilicate it’s made from means you don’t have to handle it like it was fragile; this bong is ready to blaze. The color work, and glass beads around the comfortable mouthpiece are very well done, and considering the price for this 15.75-inch party tool; it’s worth a click to check it out. Of all the bongs for girls, these girly water pipes are among the very best.


5. Heavy Glass Hammerhead Bubbler with Double Filtration System – 5 Inches – $64.99


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Here’s a fat little smoker that looks good in pink with black edging. Girly bongs like the Acryl fluorescent know how to get back to basics. The time-honored, simple design of this 7.1-inch, acrylic bong, its metal downtube, roomy bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet, and base are all standardized bong parts. When you look at the Acryl, it’s hard to believe how little it sells for, and it’s not going to look out of place no matter what you may have paid for the other bongs in your collection.


4. Pink Glass Bubbler Smoking Pipe – 5.5 Inches – $49.99


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Pink girly bongs aren’t necessarily delicate, lacy looking bits of fluff; at least, this one isn’t. This pink glass masterpiece, with green shading on clear, borosilicate Pyrex, can be described in two words; tough, and classy. This 19.7-inch tube girly bong for sale features a removable tree perc, gold fuming, curvy shape, and it comes with a keck clip to keep everything secure. Add all that to the slitted, downstem diffuser, a decent-sized clear glass bowl, carb hole (with a rubber stopper included!), and you get a piece worth adding to any girl’s bong colelction.


3. Heavy Glass Bubbler with Rasta Colors – 8 Inches – $59.99


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The clean, simple lines of this Black Leaf beauty add more than a touch of class, and as far as girly bongs go, this 3-arm perc tube is worth a look. Tasteful, pink accents, and a decent price, make this bong the perfect gift for any girly smoker you know. The clear, high-grade borosilicate it’s made from gives this 11.8-inch ice tube a very long life-span, and depending on your age, it may even out-live you to become an heirloom someday. Ice notches, and a slitted, downstem diffuser, combine to make every hit a smooth, chilly pleasure. Of all of the percolator bongs, this percolator is amazing for girls!


2. Large Hookah for Shisha with Carrying Case – 2 hose – Assorted Colors – 19 inches – $59.99


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This girl hookah pipe is an OMG thing of beauty. Girly bongs that look like this girly hookah from Kaya Shisha, are usually more than the average person can afford, but not this one. Its absurdly low price means if your brave enough to have more than one girlfriend you can afford one for each of them. The pink and white swirl design on the clear glass base is so cool, please don’t skip this one. Included with this 22.4-inch wonder is a complete set of seals, rust-resistant smoke column, pink simulated leather hose, and natural wood end pieces. It also comes with coal tongs, and an ash poker, so all you need is something to put in the pink, glazed ceramic bowl, and you’re good to go. As far as hookahs for girls go, this pink hookah is incredible!


1. Nano Direct Inject Honeycomb Bong by Grav Labs – Mini – 8 Inches – Aqua – $139.99


Direct Inject Nano Bong by Grav Labs

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Now here’s a unique, honeycomb treat from Grav Labs any smoker, female or male, will be proud to own. Girly bongs made from pink accented, borosilicate glass like this 11.8-incher can take a lot of abuse, and still come back for more. The 3-arm tree percolator  inside this curvy masterpiece gives new meaning to the word “diffusion,” and the pink ice notches make sure every hit is a soothing, cooling sensation. If looks, functionality, and affordability are important to you, this aqua girly bong is a definite keeper.


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